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Friday, October 4, 2013

Weight Loss...moving on down!

Just a quick update...things are moving along ... I am finally back on the weight loss train and have dropped another 5lbs and hope to keep it going in the loss direction...:) don't we all
I am excited to meet up with some banders this weekend and go painting...we are doing what I have seen a few others do which is take a painting class..and bring a bottle of wine to drink...well we are bringing at least 3---lol!
I am not making any drastic changes...staying in the house for awhile...not moving...and I finally got the death certificate on my hubby..turns out it was an accident...he fell and hit his head....crazy...
So I can now fill out the insurance and social security forms..thats enough to keep me busy for awhile..filling out forms!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A little bit about me.me.me

So I had a fabulous weekend.  My mom took Johnny for the weekend..at first they were going to go camping and with all the rain they cancelled that..I told her she still had to keep Johnny because I had made plans...I did and I can't tell you the last time I had a weekend without my lovely child(love him to death..just need a break every now and then)

So I rented a movie and drank a bottle of wine on Friday...yes not so great..but I thoroughly enjoyed it...the movie was Side Effects..

Then on Saturday I went and hob nobbed with the rich and famous at the lake...They own a houseboat..with three stories...I know I didn't think a houseboat could get that big...but it did...it had a/c and 3 bed 2bath...a little ridiculous but this is how the Jones's roll.  They also had a speed boat and couple of jet ski's  Felt a little out of place there...I mean come on here...I grew up in a trailer park. :)

Then on Sunday I went to the mall....I know crazy talk if you ask me...I am not a mall shopper..in fact I think its been 10 years since I went to the mall and shopped all day and had lunch all for myself.  I went into Hollister...really...this place is pitch black...I could not read the sizes...and I could not tell the black from blue or pink from red  or neon from regular but you know what that did not matter because everything fit.  I got a sweatshirt,sweat pants and a shirt
Then went to American Eagle....love those jeans got another pair and 3 shirts.  Then I hit Macys' and got 2 more shirts.  Later that night I met up with Elizabeth (Jen from What you looking at skinny got sick and couldn't make it) and we had wine and appy's  We had a blast chatting...and drinking too much...and chatting and just a fab time.

Monday woke up and picked up Johnny...we went and painted some pottery and then decided to video game it...he is liking some shooter games...I know bad mom letting him do them..but I play with him..I am the feet and he is the guns...lol...it was fun!

On a side note...got my fill yesterday so I am finally back up to 4.5cc almost to 5 where I was back in May...I can FINALLY feel some restriction!  Holy Balls...I am dying to finally get these last pounds off for good.!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Routine to get used to

I am such a morning person that for the last 20years I have worked 5:30-2:00
Which does wonders on avoiding traffic but I do go to bed early 8:30-9

Now I am working 8:30-4:30...so hard to get used to the new hours.  Boy the night flew by last night.  By the time I got home...made dinner, got lunches ready for the next day....got Johnny his bath...it was 8:00...wild to comprehend..I am still going to bed at 9 but hopefully I will soon be able to stay up later and enjoy my evenings.  We have been getting up at 5:30 so I am also hoping Johnny will start to sleep later as well, but 5:30 is a great time that I am adjusting to.

Exercise...I have not been doing.  I need to work my routine a little while and then I will add it in.  Also cooking for 2 is different...really different.  So far I have done Salmon...and I packed the left overs and I made turkey tacos last night and Johnny is going to have left overs tonight.  I also got some frozen tilapia to have Thursday which should be a quick dinner.  I am thinking of doing chicken breast strips and turkey meatloaf as additional meals later in the week...with a leftover day each day.  I have not started any freezing of leftovers yet...but may be in the future.  Red meat is not really in my menu...partly due to the high calories and the high price...what is up with red meat prices...and I am not to keen on the lab meat they just made ..that is too weird for me to buy hamburger that has been made in a lab

I was always under the impression that really good red meat was corn fed..how do you get that taste, if it is never fed?  Weird I tell you ... just weird

Monday, August 12, 2013

A little late but better than NEVER!

So I am very sorry I have been out of blog land....all I can say is that life got in the way and I just was not ready or capable of blogging.
My husband passed away on June 29...very sad.  Johnny and I were coming home from the circus and we were suppose to pick him up and go out for Pizza and then they were going to the community center to hit the water slides.  Well when I called him he had passed away that day.  They are still not 100% sure what he died from...we are waiting for the autopsy report and that could take another couple of months.  They are speculating that it was heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration.  There was nothing really out of the ordinary..except it was 119 degrees out and he was found collapsed in the garage working on our golf cart.
Nothing can really prepare you for it.  We had our problems and I had even moved out but we were working on it.  I will admit I had not given up on him and I had hopes that he would get his crap together.
So I was crushed.
Johnny was crushed.
And we are still working thru our grief.  I have a feeling this is going to take quite some time.
Johnny and I moved back into the house this weekend before school started.  We were ready to get back to a routine with our own stuff.  It has been pretty good....but I will admit that I don't go in the garage and I have not driven the golf cart.  I also closed his office door and haven't dealt with anything in his office or his side of the closet...but every other facet of the house is coming back to us and has been livened up with plant s flowers and picture of Johnny and his friends(had to take down some of the pictures..not all but some)

Diet front...not really doing much
I did just start getting fills again...I am at 3cc's so no restriction..if you follow my blog I am a weird one on fills and I have been taking it slow this time so as to not do the yo-yo of fill unfill, fill because of too much of a fill.  I hope to get back close to my green zone soon...but don't anticipate it probably happening until November.

I leave you with a pic of Johnny and I from our trip just recently back to North Dakota

Monday, June 24, 2013

what happend to my blog follow list?

What the hell...I know I have not been on here as much but my list of blogs I follow is gone.  ERGGGG.  Not sure what is up with that...sometimes that happened to me in the past..but if I hit the button a few times they popped up...not now..and I am not sure why!
Anyway.  Had a great weekend hanging with my friends it was super cool only 79 during the day and nice and cool at night...but I am back to the heat.
Johnny and I went to see monsters university yesterday..that was cute and then got his haircut and new tennis shoes for him..I was trying to wait until school..but his were just trashed so we got another pair...of course now he has an opinion and wanted nikes...I had to laugh because I know its just the beginning of him starting to have an opinion of what he wears.  I also got him a dbacks shirt...I am trying to convince him that dbacks and diamondbacks are the same team...he is just not getting it...he still thinks they are too seperate teams..it doesn't help that there uniform changes so that goes with his theory that they are different teams....
I have been trying real hard to be in the NOW and practice my zen...that takes work and I know it won't happen over night...hope it happens soon.....OHM.....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday...no gain Yay!!

Weigh In Last week 179
Weigh In this week 179
0 lost

NO GAIN...I am super happy about this....I think this is the first week no gain since my total unfill.  Never thought I would be happy to see a no gain....well think again!
I would be thrilled to maintain this for the next month until my fill....I could only dream.

So I did NOT want to workout yesterday but headed to the gym...got on dreadmill and proceeded to bust out 4miles running and walking uphill.  I walked uphill for 20 minutes..then ran for 20 minutes then walked uphill for another 20 minutes.  All in all I was pretty impressed that I was able to run for such a long time.  I am really building up my endurance so that is a great improvement.  I seem to have built up to burning about 500 calories a workout...and this is a gestimate...because I do not enter my weight I just go with what the machine says when I am done.

Eating has been pretty good as well.  I have been packing my lunch and really trying to limit my carbs.
Happy Wednesday you all!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So Yesterday at therapy we meditated....at least thats what I call it...she almost put me to sleep.  I actually came out of it light headed and feeling great.
So this morning...I meditated....I did not have those same feelings...WHY?  Is it her soothing voice telling me to feel the breath exhaling and breath in feeling the air hit my nose hairs...did I breathe deeper there..was it the harp music playing in the background..note to self get harp music..
I am going to keep trying because I want that feeling again!
Work is finally calming down a bit or I should say that it is clicking and going faster so I am not so stressed about it.
I am headed to Flagstaff for a beer festival this weekend with my two bestie buds...I can't wait.  I used to go every year and I used to organize a camping trip or motel weekend and we had grown to about 15 of us that would go...then my hubby found out he was an alcoholic and that stopped..Well not this year...this year...this girl is going and my two buds Jay and Brian are coming.  I am excited!  Road trip and all!
Cooler weather...slimmer clothes...haaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Pj's...mediums make it fun to buy!

So I got my bountiful basket this weekend...it was yummy...a bunch of sweet green grapes..and not being filled I had no problem eating them...grapes are usually a no go when filled.  It was pretty nice weekend.  Went bowling with Johnny on Saturday and we went to the lego store..everyboys dream and picked him up a set he had been saving for.  Then we went and saw Superman...I wasn't sure he would be able to watch it but he has been begging me to watch it and we both loved it..ok he loved it more than I but it was good.  I was shocked at how many people were there.  I mean the theater showed it like 20 times a day and every showing was packed.
I also had starbucks...it was a dream...love my SF vanilla iced coffee.  I was lucky and someone ahead of me paid for mine...so I paid for the guy behind me..I did ask the barista..what is longest chain we have had of someone paying for someone elses..she said 52...That was cool to hear.  I like hearing of the kindness in society..sometimes all we hear is the bad stuff..ya know?
I also went out and bought some summer pj's...did I tell you it was 108 here yesterday..and the day before..and I have been sleeping in my fleece pj's and waking up at midnight sweating!  Well it was fun to buy medium pj's...that does not get old...no plus size and not even the largest size.  I worked out 3 times last week..wish it was more but i also put in 20hours of overtime..so it did not leave me much time for working out.  Hope to put in more this week.
Tonight I am in charge of dinner...I am making lettuce wraps..I just love them.  Last night we had chicken kabobs..that were yummy with peppers and mushrooms and onions..on the grill...I also tried some coconut oil on my sweet potatoes and carrots that I roasted in the oven..not a lot of oil just enough to lightly coat the stuff..and boy were they yummy and sweet.  Not sure if you have heard but coconut oil seems to be all the rage lately and I had to give it a whirl..boy it was not cheap to buy!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Last Week 175
This Week 179
Gain 4lbs

Yuck..did I tell you I hate not having a fill....I just eat way too much...and its not bad stuff...its just way too much food. Ugghhh
So I have been hitting the gym about 3-4 times a week.  This week I have gone Monday/Tuesday and I have therapy today so I won't be there but I am planning on Thursday and Friday... so far just cardio...been running/walking up to about 4 miles in 60 minutes I do a 7 min warm up and 5 minute cool down..then I have upped it this week to run 2 minutes .... walk 1 minute.  Feeling good not as sore..but thinking I need to push myself more....always that fine line on being too sore...but I notice my heartrate is recovering faster..but around the 40minute mark...it doesn't recover as quick so I know my body gets more tired.  So I will continue out the week at this pace and see if I am ready to up it to 3min run 1 min walk....not sure.

On the food front....I stopped typing and am sitting here...waiting for something better to enlighten you all with.  I had protein drink in the am with an iced coffee/sf vanilla then lean cuisine for lunch and edamame along with chicken cauliflower soup and big salad for dinner.  Watermelon for dessert and woke up starving in the middle of the night..to 2 bowls of cheerios w/skim milk (oy vey)...today I packed an oatmeal...to supplement my morning in hopes of curbing that late night hunger.  Been drinking tons of crystal light/water..aside from the iced coffee with sf vanilla...I am not drinking my calories. But I seem to be hitting 1700-2000 calories...ughh
Oh well..onward only one month to go.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy week working..means little blogging time!

Crazy work week.  I had to put in 87 hours last week at work preparing for a release..I am exhausted.  This weekend I spent time responding to an RFP for our company which is writing...I suck at writing but it got done.
I met up with Amy and Jen this weekend for a quick bander brunch..those are always fun and we laughed and got caught up.  I cherish those moments because it is always so easy..they get it.
Johnny and I have been having fun when we can...we went bowling and had a good time, in fact I promised we would go again this weekend.
I have been LOVING my therapy sessions.  We have just recently got involved in my eating and why I eat.  It seems to always go back to my mom and dad.  My mom was severely sexually abused and beaten as a child.  I am amazed sometimes when I hear stories of what happened.   Needless to say she is not an emotional person.  Growing up we never talked about feelings.  Which is why I have a hard time expressing them and working through them.  Also I had a lot of let downs with my dad, waiting for him to pick me up for visitation as a kid..and he never showed up...when he did show up he was high or drunk and I would have almost panick attacks as a kid being around him because he was erratic in behavior and basically scared me. Well I guess those feelings again I never worked through so they manifest themselves in other ways...in how I deal with men in particular.  I always used to run away from them.  Which is why we are delving into the fact that I have gained and lost over 100lbs multiple times in my life...she thinks its because I always go back to not being able to handle the feelings and shoving them down and coping with it, with food.  Its been very interesting.....On the weight front...I am sad to report that I have gained 10lbs.  I am bummed but I know I will take it off when I get the fills going again.  I am exercising slowly..hard to do when I was working so much these last couple of weeks.  So I hope to remedy that and in turn keep that gain to only 10lbs.  Today I am going to try to set up my first fill for July 13..hopefully they will let me...its just shy of 8weeks since my EGD..but I wanted to get in a couple fills before I go back to North Dakota.  Well thats it for now my lovelies...I will try to post more this week.  I miss all of you terribly and feel like I don't know what you have all been up to so I am going to try to read up on all of you that are my faves!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NO fill for 8 weeks!

So I got a bit of bad news on my EGD.  Apparently I am really stressed...so much so that I have an extreme amount of acid in my stomach and esophogus and it is irritating my band.  So my doc says no fill for 8 weeks and I have to take some medecine to reduce the acid...ughh...I almost cried.  But I guess that I need to go to therapy even more to work thru my stress.  In fact, she is having me read this book that is called
How to heal your life by Louise Hays
Funny...this book suggests that every ailment you have is caused by you...even to the fact that built up resentments can cause Cancer....I am not done with the book yet...its a quick read and I am not sure I agree with everything she says..but she does make some interesting points.  And we all know that my stressful life right now is the cause of my band irritation.  I am going to therapy twice a week..and doing my homework..hopefully I can right myself and get myself back on track.

Johnny and I had a blast this weekend.  He got a haircut

and he road his go-kart around the yard

Which I admit..scared the crap out me..I still can't believe my parents bought him this thing..but he loves it and we supervise him while he is out there....of course, now he wants a dirt bike!

So today I packed my breakfast(oatmeal) and lunch(taco salad) and my workout clothes to hit the gym tonight.  Hopefully I can stay pretty close on track and not gain to much...but I will admit I know I will gain.  I am just eating A LOT more than I used to and will be for 8 more weeks.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend

Thursday, May 23, 2013


So I got my total unfill yesterday in order to prep for my yearly EGD (scope down esophagus to stomach to look for any slip, hernia's, gall bladder stones, or dilation) and low and behold I had more in my band than I thought..they took out 5 cc's.  I thought I had 4.3cc.  I also thought it was funny because most people think they have more in there band than they do but not me...guess the sucker is not leaking!
I also weighed less at the doctor office...I weighed in there at 162 fully clothed..that was awesome.  He was shocked at how well I had done since February (my last fill).  He told me now he wants me to maintain that and work on it for 2 years maintenance...I said whoa...I am 12 lbs from goal and he chuckled..telling me I am hard core but that he was happy with my loss and I am a star bander...made me happy to hear that from him.  It was weird to hear maintenance from him...because I can't imagine maintenance...that seems weird...LapBand Gal is in maintenance...Poonapalooza is in maintenance..but me..I am still the fluffy girl in my mind.  Oh the head games I have gone thru in this journey...will I ever think like a normal person?  Guess that's why I need to go to therapy.
Speaking of therapy..I have a session tonight with my pastor..I am looking forward to it.  I can use some spiritual therapy.
So I will say not having any fill...I had a whole wheat 6 in turkey at subway yesterday...and a diet coke...wholly yummy batman...it tasted like pure heaven having some bread and a soda.  For dinner I had pork loin and a salad..I had a snack of strawberries and kiwi....it was a good food day!
Not sure what I will have today thinking of a chipotle chicken bowl no cheese no sourcream...used to be my favorite...but I think I will skip the soda and go back to my crystal light.
So I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  I don't see me blogging again until next week.  Be safe!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Workout clothes and a loss!

Weigh in Wednesday

Last Week 166
This Week 163
Total loss 3lbs

BUT I am getting a total unfill today so I don't expect to sustain it next week....I am going to give it a try but I don't have high hopes.

I did go clothes shopping and took a few quick pics in dressing room.....not the best shots and yes it was cold in there! lol!

I will say I was pretty excited that both outfits size M....I can't remember ever buying a medium...I mean I must have at some point but I don't.  I also got a pink outfit at armour that is Johnnys favorite but I forgot to snap a pic and I also got a highlighter yellow shirt(can you say 80's bright!)
All in all I had a blast trying on clothes at Nike and Armour at the outlets.  I was pretty stoked at not getting the biggest sizes but I will say I was challenged to cover my arms up a bit.  I just don't have pretty arms and trying to keep the flaps down was difficult..wish it was not 100 here and I could do long sleeve but that is just plain silly in Phx AZ to be wearing long sleeve to work-out in.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Exercise Clothes!! Yippee!

Called my doctor office and he got me in for my EGD on Friday-that was super quick.  I am getting unfilled on Wednesday...scared to death about Thursday and Wednesday with no fill but its only 2 days..how much damage can I do in 2 days...I am already thinking about eating a turkey sandwhich from subway(ok dreaming about it) and then I get a fill on Saturday..I am sure its just to add some of my fill back not the whole 4.3oz but even if its 3 its better than being wide open all memorial day weekend...hopefully I will be back to full in 2 weeks after that.
I made a therapy appointment on Monday..figured I needed to talk to someone because I have so many emotions right now and it all is so confusing.
Yesterday I got in 2 protein shakes along with chili for lunch...I know not much but I also got in 64oz of water...that is more than I have eaten in a long time.  Today I am planning those same shakes and a small lunch again.  I am just glad I am able to get some real food in there...I have been so nauseous and sick to my stomach that the thought of food just upset me.  So I am assuming my stress level is coming down.
I am going shopping today for some workout gear..yes, I am going to start running again..and I am actually pretty excited about it.  With Johnny in summer camp I have time to work out before I pick him up..it was what I did last year...so I am pretty pumped for it to start.  I have been walking and getting in 10000 - 15000 steps a day but I was not doing cardio..and I actually plan to only do 30 min cardio and 30 min at the weights..yes adding some weights in order to try to firm up what I got.  So first step..get some cute clothes to wear-lol!  I am excited to shop..in a real store..not a thrift store...I just can't do used spandex!  I may even get new tennis shoes....I have saved up quite a bit so I can get 3 new outfits and maybe some new tennis shoes...so EXCITED!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Nice RnR weekend!

What a great weekend!  Got my car fixed and they gave me a good deal kept it under 500 and I had to replace the tire.(which was my fault) so I feel so much better driving around now.
Got my hair done...feel refreshed.. EXCEPT...she said she noticed my hair is thinning...yikes...I told her I have not been eating very well.  I am not getting in my protein and not eating..its been this way for about 6 weeks...I know bad..I need to change that.  So I brought my protein powder to work and plan on getting a shake in at lunch in addition to my lunch as that is the time I eat the most.
I also decided to call and make my EGD appointment before I lose the awesome insurance I have thru my hubbies work.  Even though I hate getting unfilled and working thru the fills...I need to do it so I might as well have it paid for.  I know my insurance is ok its just that I have a $5000 deductible which takes quite awhile to hit before they cover 80% but I guess I shouldn't complain because at least I will be covered.
On to some great pics of me and the girls and our kids at the pool yesterday..I so needed that RnR

Johnny had a blast playing with the older girls(Maya and her friends..) he asked when we can do it again!
Mac enjoyed the time we played in the grass..but he just was not into the pool...we will have to try again at a later date!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fixing those broken things!

Oh my got a busy work day today.  I have an RFP I need to read and help write to...I hate writing(ok ironic that I blog...but you all know I spell horrible and I write as I talk) that is why I chose the computer field is because my writing is terrible.  But alas I am helping write the technical response to the RFP.  I have 3 meetings today from 10-2...yep right over lunch..that sucks too.  I usually enjoy grabbing lunch and going for a walk...won't be able to do that today.
This weekend I am getting my car fixed up, touching up my hair color and cut, and waterslides with some girlfriends.  I am super stoked  because it should be fun.
I had a crappy day yesterday..it started ok but ended bad.  I thought I could pick up hubby because he still doesn't have car and is waiting on golf cart registration(he lost it) it was core knowledge night at Johnnys school and they go over what the kids have made all year.  It was cool to see what Johnny made but hubby just grilled me all night about getting back together.  I finally said I had already talked to lawyer and I wasn't interested in getting back together...he was upset..lots of tears..made me sad.  I don't want to hurt him, but I guess its going to.  Plus he will probably get served today and I know that is going to make him mad.
Water Heater should be replaced today and then I found I need to call on the washing machine..it quit working again.  We really need a new one, but because we are selling the house I am just going to fix it again  because I am sure the new owners will want the washing machine and I don't want to buy one.  I would like to list the house next week so hopefully we can agree on a real estate agent and price.  We settled finally on Johns truck he wrecked back in February so they should be cutting a check June 3 for him to be able to go get a new vehicle...that will be nice for him and then I am hoping I can get the golf cart.  I would like to keep that thing to tool around in and I don't think he will have room for it when he moves so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

First I got to have you go follow a newbie...she is an AZ blogger and is on the 6month wait to get her band...she is super excited and has been stocking the blogs..like we all did  DrrtGrl

So yesterday was quite the day.  Met with my lawyer and finished up my paperwork there, then came home and did Legos with Johnny.  He is on a big Lego kick and we have been assembling quite a few of them...he got like 10 kits for his birthday...I think we have 4 left.

I noticed my front right tire is worn way down...when hubby wrecked my car a few months ago I should have gotten an alignment because I think that is why it is wearing down so fast.  So I am going to make an appointment for some car maintenance this weekend, oil change, transmission flush, alignment, tire rotation and possibly get a new tire...YIKES I know that is going to cost me some money.  I am also a little shocked that I have not had to replace the brakes yet.  I bought the car 2 years ago and it had 22000 miles on it..it now has 70000 miles on it and I have never replaced the brakes....you would think they would start to squeak?

This weekend a few girlfriends and I are all going to the waterslides up here in Anthem I am super pumped to just lay around and gossip...plus I am getting my hair done on Saturday..yay...no moving or boxing just relaxing...I can use it!

Oh yay
Last week weigh In 168
This week weigh in 166
total loss 2 lbs
Woot woot!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Johnnys Moms day card!

I had to share this one last card I got from Johnny.  It had me laughing and crying in the same setting.
I will tell you what it says because its hard to read

My mothers name is Jennifer, but I like to call her mommy.  She is 42 years old and she has been a mom for 102 years.  She is 55 feet tall and she wears a size 9 dress.  In my eyes, she is always beautiful, but I especially like it when she wears her wedding dress.
My mom keeps our house squeaky clean.  Her favorite chore is washing the dishes.  My mom is also a great chef.  The tastiest food she makes is mashed potatoes with gravy and chicken.  When my mom needs to relax she goes to bed and watches tv.  She leaves me lots of reminders to clean up my room and she always tells me "I love you" :) I love my mom because she looks pretty.

Its so funny to see it from a childs perspective!

I am still in shock that there is only a week and half left of school...boy the year flew by!  I bought our tickets today to go back to North Dakota to visit my cousins..decided to stay a week this year instead of just 4 days so we are pretty excited.  Its always nice to get away from here in July to go back and stay on the lake in ND.  Thats about it for yesterday..it was kind of a sad day for me..I seemed to cry a lot yesterday..hoping today will be better for me and trying not to look too far out in the future.  I just hate it when I listen to music anymore or even going for my walk and seeing happy people..for some reason everything just made me want to cry...but I got to live those feelings out and not let them get pushed down with food.  Your words of encouragement meant a lot to me guys.  I don't want to always hit you with depressing blogspots so I will always try to have something positive to say.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Blue Nails...

You know I keep saying to myself that God does not give me anything more than what I can handle.  I have had some really down days..Friday was one of them. But then I worked another plan, regrouped and feel a ton better today.
My step dad tore out the water soaked stump that the water heater was on and dryed it out this weekend removing the water heater.  Thank God for him!  I had an estimate and one company wanted $3000 to do what he did this weekend.  Ridiculous how easily you can get screwed!
Plus my girlfriends came over and helped me pack up the house and move my stuff/Johnnys to storage.  I left all the furniture until John and I decide how to divey it up but at least I got out all the photo albums, clothes, toys, dishes and pretty much anything else.  I also picked up all the garbage 10bags of it.  The house needs a good cleaning but he gets out of rehab tomorrow and is planning on going back to the house so there is no sense cleaning it..hopefully he will do that.  I still have hopes of selling the house and hopefully he does too.
Johnny got me perfume and blue fingernail polish...he said every girl should have blue fingernail polish.  I told him it will be great for my toe nails but he made me do my fingernails too...he was so cute!

I know not my favorite..and don't you just love my man hands...but it made him happy.
Which makes me happy!

Then Johnny fell at the playground off the monkey bars this weekend....poor guy
So a very eventful weekend!

I did see 166 on the scale this morning so it will be nice on Wednesday Weigh In...Stress is helping me get the last pounds off!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Taking it one day at a time

Its Friday...I am going to keep this short and sweet because yesterday was a day from hell.  Johnny has an ear infection..I took him to the doctor and the doctor also said he has swollen tonsils and congestion..Johnny is such a trooper he rarely complains..Love that kid.
Hubby (Ex) finally broke down and went to rehab yesterday.  I helped get him into a facility and he has agreed to stay there a week.  No I am not going back...rehab is just giving him another chance at life..hopefully he didn't lose his job or he is in a world of hurt.  Then I went to the house..yikes..the water heater had burst and he had turned off water to the house...it STUNK..no running water means he has been using all 3 toilets for a week and not flushing.  So his dad met me at the house and we turned on the water long enough to flush toilets and I took out all the trash I saw around the house and decided I would get all my stuff out this weekend and try to pick up the house so that I can put it on the market on Monday.  I called the warranty company and they should be sending someone out to the house hopefully today to assess if I need a new water heater...which I am sure I do.  So I will need to fork over the dough for that.  Yesterday had me exhausted but I feel a little better today with a plan on what I am going to do.  I just really want to get this house sold so that I am not maintaining this household and I can go get a rental for Johnny and I.  The sooner we start to get a routine in a new house the better for the both of us....but this is probably going to take a few months.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and Mothers Day!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Waxing..the good the bad the ugly

So I went and got waxed...my eyebrow and upper lip..I haven't done that in months..well the lip probably not in years...my upper lip has blonde hair on it and I don't like how "furry" it can get...well if I didn't break out..I have little zits all across my lip..I look like a leper...what is up with that?  And the lip hurt like hell!  The eyebrows I am used to so they were not bad and look so much better.
Mom and I decided to go get pedicures on Mothers day as we have not gotten one at all in probably 6 months..I used to get them monthly but again I am not one to splurge on myself too often.  I am looking forward to the pedicure...don't get me wrong..I do take care of my feet I just do it myself :)
I went back to work yesterday after being off all last week.  It was awesome to see my work buddies and they did a great job of cheering me up.  I was surprised how energized I felt during and after work and so much more peaceful yesterday...I thought routine was good for Johnny but it was also great for me to be back in the swing of things.
I read that Governor Christie got the lap band .and got it on my anniversary day(February 16).  It will be interesting to see how he does with this.
He needs to lose the weight for his health and I hope he succeeds.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Johnny pics of waterslides and birthday!

Well I sure had a busy weekend..First a recap of Johnnys birthday. It was HOT 102 to be precise...and I had an outdoor party planned..yikes! but the kids had a blast and a few times we got out the hose and sprinkled everyone!

Johnny loved his bouncy and we played games and gave out prizes...had about 15 kids so it was just right if you ask me.

This weekend was opening day at the waterslides up here at the park..Johnny has been waiting all year for this as he was finally tall enough to ride them...and ride them he did for 3 straight hours..till I told him we had to leave because I had burned the tops of my feet...OUCH!
I did go get a scale and its not exactly like my other scale

Last Weigh In 170
Sunday Weigh In 168
loss of 2 lbs

I am down in the 160's which is great!  I think this Wednesdays weigh in will be more accurate with two weeks in a row on the same scale

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Just a quick note to say I moved out on Sunday and Johnny and I are living with my mom.  I don't have much info I want to divulge here as this is going to probably be very messy.  As soon as I am able to continue blogging I will.  I did notice I dropped into the 160's on the scale..but now my scale is back at the house and I don't have access to it yet....Hope to remedy this in another week.
I am reading up on your blogs when I have time but I am not able to keep up like I used to. I miss you all terribly and hope to be back at it shortly.  I have realized that I have a TON of friends who are hear to support me and the common thing they have all said  "What took you so long"  man..that makes me sad to hear it and glad to know that I am not making this stuff up in my head.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Ready for a Birthday Party

Well its birthday weekend.  I am doing my best to get this house ready for the party.  I got 12 kids RSVP'd for the party so far.  I think having it on Sunday did detour some people..but that is ok with me!
Food has been pretty good and exercise is still happening.

There has been a lot going on personally that I don't want to delve onto in here but I am thinking about trying a trial separation with hubby, I have just been pretty miserable at home and don't think it should be that way.
You should know I am serious when Johnny and I would have to move in with my mom.(Guess I would really lose weight then!)
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday..Yay! a Loss!

Weigh In Wednesday

Last Week 172.5
This Week 170.0
Total Loss 2.5

MAN SO CLOSE To 160's   I was hoping I would hit it but I guess this is not the week.  I was happy to see the loss, especially because I went out to eat so much this weekend, and last night...
Its the dogs birthday today...we actually do a little celebration..buy him a pupcake and a dog bone and the whole nine yards..Johnny loves it.  I think he loves it because he know his birthday is a week away.  I still have a lot of house cleaning to do until the party..but I am kind of waiting until last minute because my house gets dirty quick..doesn't take much.  The floors are really the worst..I swear they get SOOOO dirty.  Mopping once a week is a must..sometimes I sweep twice a week.  Grass seems to get tracked in by everyone.  Hubby and Johnny got me a cute couple of necklaces..One is a heart and the other is a tag that says BELIEVE..I also got  a gift card to Kohls and a new journal.  I LOVE it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

42 and proud!!!

So its my birthday today...I am 42..Yikes..can't believe I am 42..I still feel like my 20's at times.
I remember last year at this time.  I was recouping from my second surgery to fix my port. I remember thinking yay me....sitting there, was this going to work, at this point I was doubting it because I hadn't really lost much weight and I was a couple months out from my original surgery with no fills and eating pretty much anything.  I was pretty down.  I wish I could have told myself to relax and realize that I would be 170 at my next birthday..down almost a 100lbs, I would be living in size 10's flirting with 8's  I never thought I would get here...I had hoped to be under 200 but I always had doubts.
Well I don't have doubts anymore.  I did not give up...and there were many times I wanted to.  I kept doing what I saw so many other successful banders do.  So for my next birthday..I plan on being at goal at 150.  I plan to be at maintenance and I am looking forward to this new year and new me.  I think this is going to be a challenging year for me, but I am ready!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Does weight resituate..over time

I am sitting outside enjoying the sunshine....I  must let you know...because summer is coming and then I will be holed up inside the house with the A/C cranked...yes my A/C is running now..I don't like it above 80 in the house :P
I had a lovely weekend  meeting up with some friends for lunch.  I met up with my first friend on Saturday, she had band done same time as me, looked great..didn't recognize her its been about 3 months since I seen her.  Although she says she had only lost 4lbs in that time her weight looked different..like it had re situated itself.. I wonder if weight does that?  I would love to do plastics but I am not sure if I want to wait a year after goal and see what everything looks like.  Her daughter got the sleeve done same time as us...get this she  was 467lbs and she is now 189..she did just got back from Mexico getting new boobs, tummy tuck, arms and something else trimmed up..but that is an insane amount of weight she lost...she is a just a shimmer of what she used to be.
On Sunday, I had another great lunch with my bander blogger friends...Jen and Elizabeth..we tried a new place Chelseas Kitchen..in Arcadia and I was not a fan of the place..and it is famous...I thought my food was bland.  I didn't even ask Jen and Elizabeth what or how there food was....we gabbed the whole time...almost 2 hours of gabbing...I love them girls

Thursday, April 18, 2013

long hair gets everywhere....

So I have been growing my hair long since I started my journey..not sure if there is a correlation but I seem to think I need to be thing with long flowing hair...lol!  Lately I find that hair everywhere.  I had a strand I pulled out of the back of my pants...not knowing it was journeyed thru my butt crack and hooshie crack..lets just say pulling that string of hair let out a whoop!  I get globs of it catch the drain everyday..I usually have to clear the drain every other day.  Hairbrush I clean once a week..and the hair on the back of my shirt that I clear off before I walk out the house...at times I wonder if I am going bald..but I don't notice any difference in thinness I think with it so long I just notice it more..short hairs fall away..long hairs get wrapped around everything.  I also find that now that I have lost the weight I don't sweat so much at night..I used to wake up in the middle of the night and have to change my shirt because it was soaked....that has not been the case, which means I wake up and my hair is dry. bonus!  Well sorry to boar you to tears!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No loss Wednesday

Last Weeks Weight 172.5
This Weeks Weight 172.5

Stayed the same.  I would say that a plateau was in order..but in reality..my food has not been spot on.  I have indulged in more than a few items I should not...BREAD and my calorie count was higher this week.  I wish I could have a few bad days and still lose...but my weight is so tightly tied to my calories.  So back to concentrating on my protein.    I am going out to lunch a couple times this weekend and my mom is taking Johnny camping so we have a date weekend...this is going to be a challenging weekend for me to stay on track with food.  I hate when I go out to eat a bunch..the calories are always higher no matter how hard I try to keep them down.  I will increase the exercise in hopes of counterbalancing the calories.

Oh an EGD is when they take a camera down your esophagus and check out your band to make sure no slips or enlarged pouches or dilation in your pouch.  Its just done by my office yearly to make sure the band is looking ok.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Random Pants Tuesday

Random Tuesday.

1.) Friday we hung out with some friends and their kids..the kids had a blast..we put up a tent outside and bbq, smored and shot off fireworks..it was good fun....I call the lady the bush master because last year at the pool she had so much hair down by her privates it was overflowing outside her suit...I know gross..visual..eh?
2.) On Saturday I met my friend Jay at Wildflower bakery and had the potato soup..It came with two hunks of bread..didn't think I would could eat it...not a problem when you are sitting talking for 3 hours...and eating it slow...but boy that bread was nummy
3.) I bought two pair of size 8 pants well one is a pants..one is capris.  I got them on..but have a bit of a muffin top so I need to drop about 10lbs I think to be comfortable in them.
4.) I am taking this Friday off to go thrift shopping...I am in dire need of some shirts ...I am really short of shirts and with the nicer weather I have even fewer short sleeve shirts.
5.) I mailed in my check yesterday to the state..yes..I waited until the last possible second.
6.) My work left a case of diet coke in the break room and said take what you want...I took 2 cans...I don't drink soda because it gives me a wicked shoulder ache...why did I grab 2?
7.) My doc said its time for my yearly EGD..that requires an unfill and then a outpatient procedure and then you start to put your fills back...it took me so long to get green I don't want to do my EGD..thinking about putting it off for another couple of months...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Back when I was 319......

So I got the book LapBand Girl talked about...even though I didn't win it...well it was only 1.99 to download onto my nook....really how can I bitch about that!

I read it last night...its a short read.
It was a really good easy read...as she said..I think I need to read it again.

The major thing I picked up in it.  RELISH THE NSV's I don't do that enough.  I feel like its bragging and that I may even jinx it if I talk about how great I feel.  But I need to change that.  So I got my fat picture out

here I  am at 319 in 1993 in Cancun....If you recall.  I started out on this journey at 267 but that is frankly after my HCG diet I was on.  I really started out at 319 and then I lost a 100lbs on HCG and then started to regain which freaked me out because I always start to regain so I called the Weight Loss Center about the LapBand(I was tired of this weight and when you gain...you always gain even more than when you started and that scared the shit out of me)...So I was a little burned in that picture above..I think we had done a booze cruise that morning and I was drunk and sunburned..but to me that was heaven
I remember that girl at 319..she was miserable.  I could barely fit in some chairs.  I hated myself.  I felt out of control.  I used food as a friend because I was living in MN and I didn't have a lot of friends..I had moved there out of college and to make up for the lack of friends and family..I ate..and ate a lot.

Well I know I share a lot of my emotional struggles, but I want you to know that I am so much more comfortable in my own skin.  Just moving around is easier.  Back then I just wanted to be invisible...I wanted to be left alone.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do you have a plan to combat your bad food choices?

You know it makes me wonder when I see other bloggers blog about bad food choices.  I see them blog about it but I don't see a plan following it.  Its almost like they think that they will just have better will power next time the urge hits.  I don't think this is a smart move on their part.  You really have to figure out why you did it in the first place and then make sure you have a whole arsenal of ways to stop it from happening again. Possibly, bring more snacks, don't let yourself get so hungry, don't drive there in the first place, call a friend, text a support buddy, go running...something.  There is a reason we make bad choices, especially after we have been doing so well...and everyone is different so its important for us to figure it out for ourselves the facts of why we do it.  I always carry a protein bar with me..my favorite is the questbar..its tastes great microwaved for a few seconds

The peanut butter and jelly is good too warmed up.  I also have a serving of nuts in a baggy in my purse and a crystal light drink packet with a bottle of water in my car... because usually I am just thirsty.  Sometimes I get so far as to be in a drive thru lane...If I get there..I usually want something so I limit myself to one item, and then promise exercise when I get home.  Sometimes I just call my friend and talk to them..because the craving usually hits when I am driving or watching tv.  I am not saying this always works, but you wouldn't believe how many times it does work!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Am I still the strong woman I used to be...

Last Weeks Weight 174
This Weeks Weight 172.5
Total Loss 1.5lbs

Slow and steady wins the race....

Yesterday while I was out walking on my lunch break I noticed I have gotten more timid now that I have lost the weight.  When I was heavier I knew I could take down just about anyone.  Shoot I was bigger than most.  Now when I am walking I am constantly looking around and making sure that I am not walking in an unpopulated area..its a weird feeling.  I don't know quite how to put it or analyze it.  Did I damage my self esteem by losing weight..that seems like a ridiculous thought.  Yet, as I peel back the layers during this weight loss I seem to  'see' myself differently and I don't see myself as this strong person anymore..I guess I see myself and all my faults more clearly?  I have always been proud of my accomplishments at work and I have let that define me, but anymore work is not who defines me...I am not really sure what does...and is that because my weight defined me and now I don't really "know" me....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Updated Photo and a day in my belly

Boy did it get cold yesterday..I have a feeling it is one of our last cold days until after summer..so I LOVED IT!  Plus the rain just washed everything clean.
Thanks again guys for all your support.  I sure do enjoy reading your journeys and getting your feedback!  Sometimes I wonder what it was like before my blog...life was different...I was different.
I decided to post a pic because I think its been about 10lbs since my last picture post.

Of course its a bathroom shot...and these are my 10 jeans from my last post...cause I LOVE THEM.  My top is a Medium.  I am sporting a 172.5 today so I am feeling pretty good and excited to soon hit 160's.  I am kind of waiting for a plateau..I had a bad one in the 190's so I imagine one is headed my way soon.  I haven't gotten a fill since the beginning of February and I still feel this is my green zone.

I have successfully weened myself off of coffee in the morning.  I noticed the acidity was giving me heartburn so I am now just having water or a glass of juice.  I do miss my starbucks but I don't miss the extra calories. If I do bring back coffee I would like it to be black with no creamer.  I have days where I am tight and days where I can eat anything.  My tight days are related to allergies, stress, if I fight with hubby..I tighten up instantly..If my mom comes over..I tighten up instantly, TOM..that is when I go back to soups and shakes.  But on the other days I eat my usual 1/2-1 cup of food at meal time.  I am pretty snack free, just eat my meals.  Last night I had taco meat, with fatfree sour cream and hot sauce with a sprinkle of cheese.  Slice of watermellon for dessert.  For lunch I had chilli.  I did have some popcorn during the Basketball game last night, but only about 1 1/2 cups.
It gets a little mundane to talk about but I do still log my food on myfitnesspal.  I do still wear my fitbit and try to get my steps in over 10000 everyday.
What do you do to be accountable?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sugar dumping...bad......

What a crazy weekend.  So took Johnny to the zoo with his class on Friday...just so happens that other schools had the same idea...so 20 bus loads later and a deposit of 2000 kids we were ready to rumble.  Holy smokes I was exhausted after spending all day there...you would think Johnny would be too..and maybe ready for a nap...ummmm.no go...he went home and proceeded to play the rest of the afternoon...when all I wanted to do was curl up on the bed and sleep.

Oh another thing happened...so I have been cutting back on sugars..only allowed fruit sugars for the month of April...and I was doing well..until Friday at the zoo when I had a 32oz icee....not good to do..it went right thru me and it was not pleasant! Holy smokes I could not get to the potty fast enough....yes...I did not make it...talk about embarrassing...I actually threw away my panties...Drazil...sorry for this...I had a dumping episode and I have never experienced that before....ever since I have been craving terrible things.  We had a birthday party the next day and I had hubby take him because I wasn't sure I could turn down the birthday cake and ice cream!
I have been reading a ton..finished a couple books and I literally jonesing for TV!  I thought the TV was bad...until I had that sugar now I am just a whiney mess wanting sugar and TV.  I guess the good thing that is coming out of this, is I have been cleaning the house and organizing..well what else do you do when you have all this free time not watching tv or EATING YUMMY SUGARY things!
So first week is down...I had the icee slip up...lets see how this week goes.
On the weight subject...I think this will be good for me as I am noticing that my clothes are fitting looser and I think I hear 100lbs down calling my name!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

WLS is NOT easy and is NOT the easy way out.

So I read a facebook post today from a few girls I follow blogs on.  I will say it made me really sad.  The girl was actually quite mad that her friend was getting WLS when clearly all she was doing was eating garbage and not moving enough.  This is the exact type of attitude from someone who does not know what they are talking about.  Yes I did get that large from not eating right and not exercising enough but it wasn't for lack of trying for about 30 years....I could drop 100lbs but I could not maintain that loss.  Losing the weight was not the problem..sustaining the loss was the problem.  I was a yo-yo dieter and that is not healthy.  I truly believe that this is not an issue for some as it is others.  I also believe when you have been overweight your whole life it is hard to keep that weight off.  I guess I don't think of WLS as the easy way...and I don't think anyone who has had it..think that.  In fact I don't know a single WLS person who believes it was easy.  The only people who think its easy are those people who don't know much about it.  Yes, there are those that gain weight back after WLS...thats because it is a tool...its not easy and requires lots of work on your part.   I spent a lot of time making the decision I did to have WLS and it hurts me when someone can be so flippant about someone elses decision....fine if you don't want to do it don't, but don't SHIT on someone elses day forcing your beliefs on them!
I am not sure why she really felt the need to rant on FB about something she really doesn't understand..it hurt my feelings.  Mainly because I LOVE her blog, she is hilarious and funny and I followed her religously...I don't think I can do that anymore.

On a side note, I am giving my buddy Elizabeth from InsidevsOutside a shout out...she is still recuperating from her surgery(got her port replaced) and the poor girl can't take pain meds..only tylenol...I heart you girl and hope you feel better soon!!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Last Week 176
This Week 174
Total Loss 2 lbs

Well...it keeps coming off.  I am pretty stoked.  I had a not so good Easter day.  I was tight as hell.  Probably because my mom and her husband came over and I always get tight around my mom because she is judging me and watching me like a hawk.  I set up dinner to be at 2 because I am the loosest at that time and I thought I wouldn't have a problem eating...not the case...I was only able to eat a couple bites of potatos and a few bites of ham.  My mom gave me many a disapproving look.  The next day I stopped by her house to pick up some eggs and mind you I didn't have makeup on..neither did she.  She tells me I look haggard and malnutrition--REALLY...how rude.  I would never tell someone that.  She proceeds to tell me not to lose anymore that I already look sickly.  Sigh........I was bummed for most of the night but I am over it today.
On another note..I am no longer Obese..just OverWeight!  and in 10lbs I should be normal....yikes! that is exciting.
Johnny did great in his chess tournament..he only lost 1 game out of 5..the part I hated was one of the refs said he would get a trophy so we stayed for the trophy..he ended up not getting one because the quality of people he played was not high enough....why oh why could they just have not opened there mouths and said he was going to get a trophy..the let down of that was so sad to see the tears in his eyes..but he refused to cry.

Friday, March 29, 2013


1. What’s your first reaction when you get really angry?

I swear like a sailor...I will say it takes me awhile to get angry but when I do...swearing commences and grinding of my teeth....speaking of which, I am getting sick of punk ass kids.  Driving our golf cart back from picking up Johnny last night 2 boys around age 13 were walking and yelled some rude things our way...I literally almost stopped the cart and got out and gave them a piece of my mind...instead I think I said something like "f*cking little sh*ts"...yes with Johnny in the cart....oh my...I blame my Irish ancestory on my moms side!

2. When is the last time you cried in sadness or in joy?

I cried in joy because we were at grandparents day last Friday and they were showing each of the kindergartens telling their  favorite times with their grandparents....it was so dang cute...and when Johnny said he loved camping with them...I know a few tears escaped....I am a sucker for crying..I do it wayyyyy to frequently.  You know I never used to cry at all and since having kids...I cry at the drop of a hat. shoot...I can cry at a commercial.

3. If the stars aligned and everything was perfect from your partner to your job and income and everything – how many kids would you choose to have?

LOL-I would probably have 3.  I don't have anymore right now because KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE! and I would need my hubby to be more stable..sad...don't want to talk about it.

4. If you won the lottery – what is the first purchase you’d make?

Probably a new car. I miss the smell of a new car...and it would be anything I want...not the most convenient for the family...or for gas...or for insurance..then it would be to go on a trip.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

I will be glad when this easter candy gets put away...damn its hard to turn down!  My eating has been challenged this week.  I really need to commit here and buckle down to get these last 26lbs GONE!  Hubby and I spent wayy to much on Easter toys this year for Johnny....wayyyy too much...but only one chocolate bunny..but he was so cute and perfect for Johnny

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Thanks to the lovely Laura Belle..I have a blog today!

1.) Still haven't done my taxes...yee gawds!
2.) Hubby decided to go off his meds and is driving me bonkers....
3.) Got some flowers for my pots yesterday...I just love flowers...they brighten my mood.
4.) I ate too much yesterday...so shovelling food at my emotions.
5.) Work is picking up so I have more to keep me busy.
6.) I picked up following some new bandsters...I love the excitement they have..it reminds me of where I once was!
7.) I need to pack some eggs to hide for Johnny...trying not to buy much candy so I may use dollar bills...is that bad?
8.) What is with the smell of the candy aisle at a store....it literally calls to me as I walk in a near proximity of it.
9.) I miss MandaPanda..blogging...and a few others...its like I don't know what they are doing and I really do miss them.
10.) I am in 762nd place in the Yahoo bracket ....which I am surprised I am doing so well!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Last week 177
This week 176
total loss 1 lb

Ok I need to really buckle down on eating better and not drinking my calories...had a few bad days this week which is why I did not see a big loss in the last 2 weeks.  Hubby wants us to go with no tv no sugar for the month of April...I thought that was a little drastic and asked for just one week and he scoffed at it.....I am most worried about the TV not the sugar...bahahaha....I have no idea what I am in for.

I am hosting Easter at our house this weekend so I have been getting some cooking ideas on the net.  I love Ham and scalloped potatoes...its just home good food... but oh so bad for you!  I will throw in a salad but that does not make the other food all good..yikes...I will keep on looking at recipes!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

mmmm nachos!

I really need to probably take a few days off..I am just in a funk and bored with coming to work..partly because we are on hold from really doing anything and all I have been able to do is training...that gets old after a week for me.
I gave a girlfriend my size 14 jeans last night..it felt great to be giving them away knowing I will not be going back to a 14...I am firmly in my 10's now..even my 12's are baggy which is awesome to have 12's as my "fat" pants for days I am feeling bloated.
Last night I made turkey burgers with cooked onions..boy were they yummy also made a small side salad.  For lunch I had potato soup from the cafeteria so all in all a good eating day.  I am pretty much tight until 11 then I can eat.  I usually try to eat my dinner by 6 so that I am not eating or drinking after 6..that seems to be working well for me.  I will admit I had a few bad days where I got some nachos and I drank a few calories having a pink lemonade freeze, but still managed to stay within my 1000 calorie mark.  I have weened myself off of coffee in the mornings.  It was upsetting my tummy.
I am planning on doing my taxes on Thursday..I actually feel better about it now that I have a plan!  I have been getting in around 12000 steps a day which is pretty good.  I accomplish that with a walk at lunch and a walk in the evening.
Johnny is at the community center this week but has been fighting a cold...hope it does not turn into a full blown cold..I don't want to be sick!
I leave you with a pick of Johnny and his angry birds

Monday, March 25, 2013

BYOC on monday

Yes, I missed BYOC on Friday but I am doing it today--so there!

1-What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? Is it still on today?

• I am a little embarrassed to say the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles...and my son loves it and watches it...

• I used to love the music and dance to it...and yes..I still do..but now its me and my son dancing to it!

2-Describe your favorite piece of clothing.

• I have this jean jacket from high school that I can not seem to get rid of.  I know its not the style right now but I just love it.  I used to have a favorite sweatshirt but it literally fell apart at the seems and disintegrated before my eyes.

3-In the hopes of convincing Summer to arrive – I’m asking this question. Name a summer tradition you currently have or a tradition you want to start for every summer.

• I started a tradition a couple years ago to take Johnny back to North Dakota to visit my relatives.  We stay at my uncles house on the lake in the guest/boat house.  We have a blast doing what I did every summer..playing from dusk to dawn outside never once turning on the tv.  Go fishing, boating, tubing, jet skiing, shooting off fireworks..playing all sorts of games with the cousins.  Good ole fun that my city boy son does not get a chance to do.

4-For all of the newbie bloggers out there getting to know everyone – let’s answer this one. How long have you been blogging, what is your theme and how did you pick your name? Why did you start blogging? What kind of blogs are your favorite to read and follow?

• I started blogging back in 2011 before I got my lapband in 2012.  I did it to be accountable to my weight loss journey but it has grown to so much more.  I love the therapy I get from it.

• I am not creative which is why I went with the generic background and I am just and AZ bander for living in Arizona.  One day I hope to have a design done on my sight but I literally do not know what I would choose as a theme?

• My fave blogs are all kinds..I have my bander blogs..I have my non bander blogs.  I find that I love a good laugh and any great blogger can entertain me more than you know!
5-Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life for us:

• My week was busy with birthday parties and gearing up to keep Johnny busy during spring break.  I also had a blast volunteering at my sons school.  I think I also cried once or twice about how happy I am to have lost the weight that has held me back from doing things...even the little things like dancing with Johnny and playing at the park with him!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1.)  I am volunteering at my sons school tomorrow for Grandparents day!  Should be fun.  I am looking forward to it.
2.) My dogs ears are 10 times better today after a day of medecine
3.) I made these lime refried beans last night that were really yummy  I added some red sauce and mexican cheese

4.) It was a mexican theme yesterday eating.  I had pazole which was yummy..the cafeteria over here makes it fresh every once in awhile

5.) I really need to do my taxes!
6.) I was cleaning out my desk at work and found these old pics of me trying on my wedding dress...oh boy..quite fluffy here.
7.)  Going to see the Croods this weekend with my girlfriend and her little boy.
8.)  Got another birthday party to go to on Sunday
9.) We overseeded and spread manure over the grass last night...lets just say that the backyard is oh so sweet smelling.
10.)  March madness..yeah  I have my bracket done--go Indiana!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday--Loss!

Last Week 177.5
This Week 177
Total Loss 0.5

Its only a half a pound but I will take it!  A loss is a loss.  So not much going on here..work is constantly changing but I keep rolling with it..never sure what I am going to be doing from day to day.
Weather has been fantastic. We have been babying our lawn..I let it go dormant here this winter..which means I did not overseed with Rye and I am dying for some nice lush green grass to go roll around in.
Johnny has decided he wants birthday party at home this year so he can invite everyone he wants..I told him if we go out he is limited to 10(it just gets way to spendy with more) so looks like I have to get the house in shape for visitors...I am not one to invite people over much because I just don't keep my house as clean as I used to and feel that the house needs to be spotless if guests are to arrive.
My dog has an ear infection he has been shaking his ear all night and laying by my side wanting loving, poor thing he gets a ear infections so easily.
Yesterday I went and got my depo shot and the nurse said I look great...which is kind of funny because I don't recognize her and she didn't weigh me but she said the weight is recorded in my chart and she can tell that I weigh a lot less than my last recorded weight in July in the 240's...I guess so thats about 60-70lbs ago.
Happy hump day people!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Is it worth it to be right?

Its weather like this in Phoenix that is just to die for.  It was beautiful this weekend.  I got my hair cut and colored on Saturday..thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed myself

Sunday was a great day with church and Johnny had a birthday party at the park.  I went to my Coda meeting(codependents anonymous) and two points hit home.  One lady said how she hates teasing(sounds like my hubby), I have found that I grew up with a mom that teased me a lot..and the teasing actually got a little barbed, I think she used it to get her points across but it was almost mean..I find that I do that as well.  Hubby tells me this and actually I have had another person say that as well.  I am going to try to really work on thinking about what I am saying prior to saying it.
Point 2, its ok to be right and not say it...maybe I should phrase that another way...being right all the time is not always good.  I find that I need to validate my worth by showing others I know what I am talking about..sometimes it comes across as bragging and then other times why can't I just listen without giving my two cents.  So this week those are two items I am going to work on myself with.  Listening more and not trying to always be right and limit the teasing.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weigh in Thursday

Weigh in last week 182.5
Weigh in this week 177.5
total loss 5 lbs

Woot Woot!  I am in the 170's  Which feels great!  Well maybe not great...The chaffing has started.  I have rashes folks!  Not pretty.  I went out and bought new bras and underwear in hopes to stop the red rashes I have developed.  It was nice to now be buying size 5/6 in underwear from 8/9 and size 36C in bra instead of 38D.  It is amazing how great you feel when your unders fit!  My mom said to try monkeybutt so I may stop at the store tonight and pick some up.  Powder works for a couple of hours but then it hurts again.  I was using my GLIDE running stick but it is rather expensive so I am looking for alternatives.

I took my glass class yesterday and had a blast assembling the lamp shade here are a few pics

I still have about 4 hours of soldering..all I did was tack it together so that I got the general shape secured.  I love the green glass..it really shows the light pretty cool.  I hung it just to see if it was level..but it will go on a post not hanging.  There is a crown also on the top that is not shown here
Yesterday was beautiful...went home and sat out on the porch reading a magazine and sipping iced tea...great day off.
Johnny fell asleep..with captain rex costume on..thought it was cute

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Those jeans are WAY too tight!

So I got some good news.  My weight loss clinic told me they wanted to spotlight me in the newsletter next month and there online website.  They spotlight someone every month who is at goal or close to it.  Its always fun to read about them and see how inspiring they can be....I am a little dumbfounded that is me...I mean I know I have done well losing weight but I don't feel like inspiration to others....very weird feeling.
I also wasn't sure I wanted to be "out"  being on there website and newsletter is pretty public and anyone can read it..in fact I will give you all the link when it comes out.
And on a disappointing note.....
I showed my mom my before and after pic(of me in my size 10 jeans) and the first thing out of her mouth  "oh..those jeans are way too tight"  I guess I keep hoping my mom will become a great supporter..but she just hasn't been.  She is quick to point out my flaws and not quick to give a compliment.  She always has to tell me how she would never do the lapband, she enjoys food too much.  I just shake my head because that is exactly when you know you have a food addiction...your overweight and don't want to give up eating.  It makes me a little sad..no it makes me a lot sad because she is carrying a lot of weight and that is not good for a 62 year old woman.  Still love her though.
I am excited for weigh in I have dropped into the 170's and that is spectacular!

Monday, March 11, 2013

First Chess Tournament Down!

Oh boy...nobody warned me that at chess tournaments the parents wait outside while the kids play chess in the gym...I wasn't allowed in the gym but to walk him over to his spot.  It was cold and rainy here and I didn't dress prepared to be sitting outside for 6 hours.  He won his first game..which he was so excited to win and then lost his second and third...on his third game loss...he came out with tears running down his face...poor guy..he really wanted to win.  I kept telling him it was his first tournament and at least he won one game...he can improve on it for the next tournament(don't think it helped much).  It was a great family time though..we all went mom and dad and then we went out for lunch (which we rarely do) and had a good time all around.
Here he is playing
His lip is still swollen from the dentist..looks much better today!

Then I volunteered for the egg hunt up here and that was so much fun..it was 4 hours of hiding eggs and helping the kids..I loved it!  We then hung out and played at Anthem Days on the bounce houses and toys for the kids.  It was gorgeous out on Sunday.
Johnny then drew me a picture of the cake he wants me to make for his birthday(not until May 1st mind you).

If you can't tell its an angry bird cake.....
I had a couple NSV's this weekend, we ran into some friends briefly at Anthem Days and the wife didn't recognize me...like I could see a blank look in her face when I said Hi and gave her a hug...I didn't bother explaining ...she probably thinks my hubby got a new wife.
I also had another friend who I hadn't see in awhile give me a big hug and said I looked great...I never get tired of hearing that!
Hope you all had a great weekend! A big Cheer to losing some weight this week!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Size 10

So I got the jeans from Terrie in the mail last night and all but tore open the package to look at the beautiful size 10 jeans...beautiful..she even sent me some with bling on them..I have never worn fancy jeans before and these were all Really Nice.  She even thru in a size 8.  Well I went to try them on not really thinking they would fit and 3 pair of the 10's fit......No fooling.

here I am trying them on!  I swear that grin on my face lasted all night long and still this morning.
Not sure if I posted here but I had lost my jacket a few weeks ago and was super bummed because it was my only jacket in my new smaller size, well I found it....in the lost and found at Johnnys school.....not sure how it ended up there...just glad I found it!
I am taking Johnny to his first chess tournament this weekend..try to stay awake!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday!!!!
Thanks Prego--Laura Belle!

1.)  Johnny did great at the dentist..but his lip and cheek were numb and it bothered him so he pulled on it until it swelled...now his lip is huge.
2.) I picked up weeds yesterday for over an hour.......so many weeds.  I know its going to rain tomorrow so I am hoping the weeds don't all come back!
3.)  I went to my stained glass class yesterday.  Here is a lamp similar to one I am making.
4.)  All we did was cut the glass yesterday using the mortons glass cutting tool below..it helped me cut the pieces exactly to match.. I have had one of these tools for years and never taken it out of the box because I wasn't sure how to use it.
5.)  Entered Johnny in a chess tournament this weekend...oh boy that ought to keep me on the edge of my seat...bahhahahahah
6.)  I forgot to post yesterday but my weight is still 182.5....I haven't lost any this week.  I am cool with that as I am coming off losing almost 14lbs in two weeks
7.) I am sick of my protein shakes.  I used to get the ones at costco and have one every morning....I am sick of them..they just don't taste good anymore....need to find a new one I like.
8.) Got an oil change yesterday...I hate going and sitting while I wait for them to change my oil...and then try to sneak an extra charge in.....
9.) Got some new PJ bottoms at walmart only $3 each..they were on clearance...a little childlike but oh well they are soft and warm...they are hello kitty and spongebob...
10.) My mom wants my ringsize because her work is giving her a ring and she doesn't want it so she is going to give it to.  I have not been wearing any of my rings because my fingers shrunk..I used to be a size 10.5 in my ring finger...12 on my middle finger..but none of them fit..I will need to go get sized.