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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Routine to get used to

I am such a morning person that for the last 20years I have worked 5:30-2:00
Which does wonders on avoiding traffic but I do go to bed early 8:30-9

Now I am working 8:30-4:30...so hard to get used to the new hours.  Boy the night flew by last night.  By the time I got home...made dinner, got lunches ready for the next day....got Johnny his bath...it was 8:00...wild to comprehend..I am still going to bed at 9 but hopefully I will soon be able to stay up later and enjoy my evenings.  We have been getting up at 5:30 so I am also hoping Johnny will start to sleep later as well, but 5:30 is a great time that I am adjusting to.

Exercise...I have not been doing.  I need to work my routine a little while and then I will add it in.  Also cooking for 2 is different...really different.  So far I have done Salmon...and I packed the left overs and I made turkey tacos last night and Johnny is going to have left overs tonight.  I also got some frozen tilapia to have Thursday which should be a quick dinner.  I am thinking of doing chicken breast strips and turkey meatloaf as additional meals later in the week...with a leftover day each day.  I have not started any freezing of leftovers yet...but may be in the future.  Red meat is not really in my menu...partly due to the high calories and the high price...what is up with red meat prices...and I am not to keen on the lab meat they just made ..that is too weird for me to buy hamburger that has been made in a lab

I was always under the impression that really good red meat was corn fed..how do you get that taste, if it is never fed?  Weird I tell you ... just weird


Elizabeth said...

I am becoming a HUGE crock pot fan!!

Vanessa said...

Good luck with the new schedule - and meat should be grass fed..cows don't normally eat corn..its fed to them at feed lots...and other horrible places..

RockBand Barbie said...

Since becoming empty nesters I have a hard time cooking for 2 as well. It has actually been a good thing for me, because I simply just don't eat as much now that I don't cook very often. Of course that's harder to get away with when you are responsible for feeding a child :)

Sheila said...

Your work schedule was similar to mine last year when I was working FT. My day was 7-3 no lunch. I'm sure you will adjust to the new schedule, just give it time.

FitBy40 said...

I can rarely stay up past 9:30pm. most nights, and I don't get up at 5:30! I used to be a night owl but having kids changed that for me.
I'm just happy my oldest actually sleeps until about 6an. these days. It was a long haul with many pre-dawn wake up calls. We finally put a clock in her room and told her she couldn't get up until her clock said 6-something! That worked.
Best of luck with the new schedule!

Beth Ann said...

New schedules take a while to adjust. You will get there!