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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update...still losing!

Just wanted to give a quick update.
I am finally back down to my lowest 162lbs
Its great..although I hear my doctors words last year...you still need to lose 50lbs..that was when I was 175.
Yes, she wants me at 125...that blows my mind.
My lowest was 150 in high school.  I have lost 10lbs since Xmas which is nice.  I am going for it to try and drop down to 125...this year..we will see.
What am I doing...not eating much more than 1000 calories a day.  I don't eat breakfast...usually eat lunch at 11:00..and early dinner at 5:00..nothing after 6:00pm if I can help it.
I am not exercising...just getting my 10000 steps a day in.
So as you can see...I am not killing myself with exercise and I am eating..don't really care to eat much more than that.
I do miss my lattes in the morning..but it just doesn't work for me because the coffee gives me heartburn without having any food in tummy....I have my latte in the afternoon if I am really craving it.
Here is Johnny before our doubles tournament.

I have been busy keeping Johnny busy.  I really don't want him to put the weight on ...and I am not putting him on a diet.  But the trick to keeping my 6 year old active...is to keep me active. So I am doing my best not to come home after work and veg!  That has been real challenging...so easy to lay around..its what I have done for years.  I do say I don't exercise..but I do..its just not traditional exercise...its playing at the park..soccer, tball, basketball, tennis..riding bikes..walking

So I guess...I just want you to know..we are doing ok....I am not gaining any of my weight back....I am not as strict food wise as I used to be...but I haven't let myself go!