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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In Speck Challenge

You know us in the speck challenge should have a button or something to put on our page..wish I knew how to create them!

Last Week weigh in 205
This Week weigh in 203.5
Total loss 1.5 lbs

Yeah!!!! So excited I had a loss this week.  I was worried!

So I got a notice from school that a child left with strep throat yesterday...groan.....Johnny had his earache night before last and woke up crying and when I picked him up from school...it still hurt.  So we are taking him to the doctor today.  He is so worried he is not going to be able to go trick or treating that he is acting like he is not sick but the fact that he is quiet and behaving well.....that is so not him..so I know he is sick.  Lol.

I love watching all the kids come to the house dressed up...well most...I don't really appreciate the teenage hoochie mamas that come by in some skimpy outfit..we have them every year and I seriously don't know why moms let them do that.  Showing a bunch of skin at 15 is not cool.

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Amazing Run Yesterday

Ok, I have to admit that I am not seriously working out like I used to.  I am only hitting the gym for a run 3 days out of the week..which is a far cry from the 7 days I was doing.  I am still walking tons though everyday.  Anyway, I hit the gym last night and ran and ran and ran...seriously people I couldn't believe I ran for as long as I did.  I will admit I did as Leigh had mentioned and tried to suck in my gut while running...holy shit batman that is HARD.  I am taking my hat off to you Leigh, YOU DO THAT ALL THE TIME?  You rock.  I couldn't do it for very long but I did try numerous times...got me winded faster too.

Today I peaked on the scale and am down those dreaded pounds I put on and then some...so I am happy about weigh in tomorrow.  The scale is my friend again....my hubby is shaking his head because he does not like how I let the scale rule my day.  Its sad I know but I do.

Tonight I have the PTA meeting after work, hopefully this meeting will not be a sale job by the Vice Principal.  I find that I am not caring for that guy.  Me and Julie got the newsletter done but now he has decided he has come up with a format for us to use and I lost my enthusiasm...especially because I had asked him prior to us doing it and he never mentioned he was working on a template.  So I essentially wasted my time..arghh.

Halloween is tomorrow--holy crap I can't wait.  I love handing out candy and watching all the costumes go by.  We get a ton of kids.. literally every year we run out of candy..I bought $50 in candy this year hope it is enough.  Johnny is excited to go out and take the golf cart..I think they may dress up the cart for the trick or treating trips...too funny.  BTW I have not had a single piece of candy...that is a miracle.  I hope to keep it that way.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Had a great weekend...I overindulged on Friday..turned out we had an impromptu date night and so hubby and I did not have the best food choices and I ate more than I normally eat....I have been slowly taking off the 2lbs I noticed gained on Saturday morning on wake-up---sheesh...crazy how one night can derail me 2lbs.  I surely don't want to report a gain this week so I will feverishly keep working on it.

We found the beeping...it was not a smoke detector that was installed...after we replaced all the batteries and vacuumed them..and reset them..it was still beeping..then we remembered this fancy one my mom had gotten Johnny that talks and we never had installed it...it was in my cabinets upstairs...and that was the one beeping Thursday into Friday...ughhhh....

Saturday we got up and Johnny had a birthday party at a play fort here in Anthem..he had a blast..all sweaty and happy...I was happy that I turned down the pizza and cake offered...but after my friday night eating frenzy it was only fitting I turned it down.  On Sunday we went to my moms and carved pumpkins, like we do every year and that was a good time!  Thats it for me this weekend and I hope to continue my better eating this week.  Oh, I did get in lots of walking this weekend so exercise was bueno!

Friday, October 26, 2012


First off, You all made my day yesterday...throughout the day I received your kind words and encouragement.  I swear I was smiling from ear to ear all day with the beautiful words you sent me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now I have been up since 1:30am this morning due to .......wait for it......

smoke detector old battery was going off and you know they wait until the middle of the night to go and of course you don't have the ability to change it and you THINK you can go back to sleep...I even got up looked for a battery found one got the ladder out and went to change it and couldn't get the battery door open..took me 10min probably because I was half asleep and when I put the battery in, it kept going.  I woke hubby up...that was not a pretty sight..he stumbled around swearing and couldn't figure it out so he said to just go back to sleep, which he proceeded to start snoring about 1 min later....WTF or as drazil would say I want to shank you.

Johnny then woke up about an hour later and asked what the noise was told him and asked him to try to go back to sleep, which he did...dammit people why can't I be a heavy sleeper..I used to be.  So I hooked up my ear buds and played some Dave Mathews thinking that would put me to sleep and at least shut out the beeping...no.  I listened to the whole CD...then my alarm went off at 4...and here I am all bright eyed and bushy tailed   I woke hubby up at 4:30 to get coffee and he is bright and happy then (asshole :) and doesn't remember the exchange of words at 1:30 and swears he will take care of today while I am at work.  I told him to replace them all.

So normally I used to change all of those batteries on the 4th of July every year...this year..I spaced it out.  I am so OCD I can't believe I spaced it out.  I want to shank myself!

On a cute side note we got ding donged last night by johnny's buddy Charlie.  He dropped of a bucket of Halloween goodies with a cute poem.  He rang the doorbell and ran and by the time we opened the door he wasn't there...way too cute..I will have to steal that idea..well the poem says to pass it on to two other people so we are going to do the new girl across the street who moved in a few months ago and Johnny's other favorite pal who gets back into town this weekend Breeanna...I think that I will just hit up target and get a bunch of cute Halloween $1 stuff---I love how target puts that crap at the front of the store and it always suckers me in.

boy..sorry this is winded but I guess I had a lot to say.  We have a birthday party, church Halloween party and the fair is in Anthem this weekend so I think we are going tonight...hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everyones Journey is different!

You know I have to remind myself lately that everyone's journey is different.  I get pretty discouraged when I read other bloggers who say they really haven't changed anything about what they eat just in smaller portions.  I so wish that could be me.  I know I shouldn't compare but I just can't help myself sometimes.

I changed and am changing so much about myself.  I have totally changed the way I eat.  I really don't eat many carbs or sugars and try to limit my fat.  I keep my calories around 1000 in order to lose.  I don't eat out very often...even with the semi healthy choices they are usually high in sugars and if I eat out I usually don't notice a loss at all.  I have to move more.  I am such a sedentary person if given a choice.  My job is sitting all day in front of a computer.  I have to make the choice to go for a walk on my breaks...to take a break...and to do exercise in the evening of at least 3-4 days a week...more and I feel like a rock star, especially because I try to choose things that I enjoy doing so that I will continue to do them.   I monitor everything.  I record my food, exercise and lately...my water intake.  I reflect on why I am eating and try to change that bad habit of killing my emotions with food and celebrating with food and letting food be my best friend.

Which brings me to my big disappointment yesterday.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself after my doc appointment, my doctor said I am doing fabulous I had the best lost I have ever recorded there losing 12.5lbs in a month..we decided no fill and to keep going as I am doing.  He asked and I was honest saying that actually things have been pretty great since my last fill.  It doesn't seem as difficult to make good choices..the weather is cooler so I notice its easier to get in more steps a day and therefore be more active.
...then I run into the secretary at the printer..with three other developers...her and I have never really gotten along....long story but I have worked here 12 years and our office is small in my division..only around 20 of us in the office in my department and most of us have all been here a long time so we are very familiar with each other.  Well she said "You are looking great, what are you doing to lose the weight"  as I start to reply "Everything"   she raises her eyebrow and says "right, it must be a magic pill your taking"   I shake my head (not about to tell her or anyone about my band) and the other people around the printer are looking at me.  I know my smile quickly faded because she never really let me explain she just kept going on about it must be a magic pill.  I pretty much just gave up grabbed my printout and went back to my office.  Then preceded to let it bother me the rest of the day...put me in a bad mood... effectively robbed me of the personal high I was riding.  A part of me does believe there is magic..this band has allowed me to do something I couldn't have done on my own.  But I have done a lot to help because without me making changes..the band would not have gotten me where I am at.

I know I have read others of you post about not telling anyone about your band..and I really haven't either.  Yet I don't feel completely honest not mentioning it.  I know she really didn't want to hear anything I had to say and it was not the place to go into it...it just got me thinking last night and I knew I had to put it out there today and share with you my experience.  I will admit I was mad as hell at her...in my head I called her all sorts of names...but later as I reflect there was truth that she was spitting and it sometimes is hard to hear, when I am not ready to give my full story.

I do believe that at some point I will be honest and tell everyone what I did and what I had done to get to goal...because I want to be truthful in hopes that it may help someone who was in the deep dark place I was prior to surgery.  And I will remember that everyones journey is different and not the same as mine.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In....Speck Challenge!

I had a great anniversary yesterday.  Hubby got me a beautiful card.  No gift..that was my plane ticket to see Ellen!  I got him a wallet at the coach outlet up by my house...awesome deals by the way.  Then we went out to dinner...now let me say..I have not PB'd in quite awhile and we decided to go to our old favorite Buffalo Wild Wings and get wings...I haven't had them in ages.  I thought no problem, they have sauce its brown meat so its juicy---boy was I wrong.  I even took it slow..it was a no go.  I ordered 10.  I ate 3 and PB'd...now maybe I ate the three two fast but I thought I was taking it slow and I thought it was going down but nope  I had to go to the bathroom.  Felt like a fool...should have stuck with a salad.  Hubby also had problems because he is having dental work done so his gums are really sensitive and he couldn't eat because the sauce killed his gums...we were quite the pair...only Johnny ate his Chicken strips...ugghhh.

Which brings me to my next point, I go in to the doctor today and I am not sure what he is going to do.  I don't think I need a fill its been about a month and I think I am down about 8 lbs since my last visit which is on average 2lbs or less a week, so he may just leave me as is.

Weigh in time for Miss. Specks Challenge

Last week 206
This week 205
loss of 1lb

I will take it.  I had frozen yogurt last night as well so I was up a bit in my calories and its TOM so there may be a little retention there.  Next week I hope to bring back the 2lbs but hey a loss is a loss.  And I have had many weeks of no loss and this has been the longest stretch where I consistently have lost every week.

Do you know if other bloggers are going to do a XMAS gift xchange?  I think that would be fun..maybe keeping the gift to $10 or so ?

Speaking of $10..my birchbox is coming...I am so jacked to get my box of samples...Thanks to Jen and Elizabeth for getting my caught up in this beauty sample kit sent each month.  In fact I think it should be coming this week---ooooh hot diggity!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding Anniversary today -- 8 years

I cannot believe its been 8 years that we have been married...yet I can.  My single life seems so far away and different than my life right now.  Boy has it changed!  And in a good way.  Things that were important to me then or no longer important and things that really mattered to me as well as people are still there.
I feel that I have grown up a lot in those 8 years shoot I have been with hubby for 10.  I was 31 when I met him and 33 when we married.  Then my little Johnny came along 2 years later.
I remember saying in my twenties that I would never have kids...then I remember in my 30's saying I want kids I don't want to die alone..I want big christmas's and holidays and I want to go to soccer games.

So I still have not decided what to do for dinner tonight..I don't have a babysitter so it will have to be with johnny and probably will involve pizza and salad....if I had my dream..it would be benihanas(my fav) and a bubble bath and early night... but it will still be great..just a little different

Here is our engagement photo in 2003(see me hiding my big booty behind him..I actually weigh less now!)

and here is our wedding photo

Hope you all have a great day!!!!

Weigh in is tomorrow I am crossing my fingers for a loss

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap!

What a beautiful weekend.  It was nice a cool(88 degrees max high and low of 63) I did get a walk in everyday this weekend..took the pooch and Johnny.  Managed to keep my steps at 10000..didn't quite hit 15000 but that's OK I kept pretty active all day.

Saturday birthday party was OK, no real drama.  Which made me happy and Johnny happy!

My hubby spent all day yesterday at his grandparents helping his grandma out because his grandpa was sick.  So Johnny and I went to my moms and visited, played with the chickens and road on the atv's

I really kind of got bummed with some Facebook messages of some of my "friends"..they seem to always be so doom and gloom and never really anything positive...I say some because not all my "friends" are like that.  And I will admit that the little sayings that people re-post get a little old.  I really like Facebook to keep in touch with people and not for them to send me quotes of the day from someone else...just me personally...it seems like more garbage to sift through.

I managed to stay off the scale all weekend, I think my food has been OK  I do notice that my calorie consumption went up on the weekend than during the week but it still stayed within my 1200 mark.  I really tried to get my water in too and I definitely did a better job at that.

I loved seeing the pics from the other AZ banders for the neon color run they did on Saturday, they all looked so cute and seemed like they had a fabulous time.  I did not join in because I will be honest--night time runs just don't interest me when they are far from my house.  I know when night time comes around, I am not going to want to head out there (it was over an hour from my house) and I really wouldn't want to drive home after.    But I wish there was a star trek portal I could have used because the camaraderie was missed!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Plans...birthday party with Psycho

So I was putting lotion on my legs and felt my bone on the front of my calves..not sure what bone that was but I realized how thin my legs are getting...that is so cool.  I put on my size 14 skinny jeans today and just feel great---skinny day!  I love waking up and feeling good about my weight.  I want to celebrate..not with cake mind you :)

I got my water in big time yesterday, around 80 oz lets see if I can do it again today.

I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow...its my friend Jay's boys birthday.  Oh boy..I haven't seen Athena since the whole debacle at our house.  I hesitated even going but as my hubby says this is for Braedon(jays son) and Johnny to grow up knowing each other because lets face it Jay is my closest friend and its important our sons get to know each other now that we all live back here in Phoenix together again.  Johnny did ask me to be nice and not make Athena mad...that made me a little sad that he thinks I caused the pyscho to run from our house screaming but he is too young for me to explain it to him so I said I would be on my best behavior.  Plus its outside at a splash pad so I should be able to steer clear of her for the most part and just hang with Jay and his family....bet you can't wait for that recap!

Not much of anything else this weekend.  Taking the pooch in for a cleaning and doing the normal household chores.  Got the vacuuming done yesterday(hubby did some and I did some) and I plan on washing the car this weekend.  I may get in some organized exercise or I may just try to do a walk with the family each day...I would like to take the dog out as well for some exercise(he is getting a little chunky :)

Oh and I got some new fingernail polish  that I am excited to try..I also want to get some army green color too but haven't found the shade I like yet!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 things thursday

1.  I love how cool it is here in the morning and I am going to work outside this am as soon as the light comes up...I start work at 5:30 and the sun just isn't up until 7:00 ish
2.  Why must I try the envelope of pasta.  I tried a lean cuisine thai pasta dish and it got stuck.  duh.  I will say I have been pretty bold lately.  Had jumbalaya in LA with rice and it went down no problem  If I take my time and follow rules I can eat pretty much anything... but not pasta...duh duh duh
3.  My dog is stinky and needs a bath...I hate giving dogs a bath..I always end up smelling like them.  He is a shitzu and I normally take him to a groomers every month but I was going to let his hair grow a little longer now that it is cooler....but I don't think I can take it. any. longer.  I saw an episode of Housewives where the lady got in the bath and shower with her dog..it grossed me out.
4.  When will I stop getting acne...seriously I am 42..and I still get zits..its so embarrassing.
5.  My car needs a good wash...I can't even remember the last time I cleaned it...I am sensing a dirty theme here.
6.  My floors need a good vacuum
7.  I am still struggling getting in my water...I am aware..I am not as successful as I want to be
8.  My Story telling at work sessions are pretty successful..but slow.  It is a lot of work.
9.  I love reading blogs...its such an addiction that I enjoy doing almost every morning.
10.  I am glad its Thursday I want the weekend to be here already!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In......Loss--score!

Weigh in day.....

Last week 208
This week 206
Total 2 lbs

I am so thrilled with another 2 lbs loss.  I was worried because I indulged a bit in California and I was hoping that would not affect my weigh in this week.  I got in more exercise last night and did a bit of texting again with MandaPanda!  Love that we remind each other about exercising and I love how she is preparing for her warrior dash...I really want to do that some day.

I finally got my invite to BirchBox....I got the idea from Elizabeth (inside vs outside the journey to make them match) where you get a sample box of products to use for $10.  I can't wait!

I also need to send SPeck money for the weight loss challenge she has going on from now to Thanksgiving...challenges are what keep me motivated and give me goals.  Without goals the motivation is not as strong.

I have to set up my fantasy football lineup this week after losing last week to really Phillip Rivers and his sucky playing against the broncos...damn Drew Brees and his bye last week.

I got in a little more water yesterday...not much more but another 20oz...I think that means I got in 68oz's not including coffee---16 oz...which some people say negate the water---oops.  I am shootting for 80oz today we will see if I can do it.  My steps have been pretty good around 15000 steps a day I have been averaging.  With it cooler now I take a quick break at work and go for a walk..this has pushed me up from 10000 steps to 15000 which I think is awesome..thats around 5 miles a day.

Doing some new stuff at work using an Agile Scrum development methodology which has me doing research and reading up how to do it.  Its a little stressful but nice and challenging and the day flies by.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Exercise and not drinking enough water!

So I got in my workout last night, it felt so good to be back at the gym.   I can't believe its been almost a month since my last workout.  There was hardly anyone at the gym...almost thought it was closed.  I kind of missed seeing others workout.  I found an old ipod that I had lost and it had a bunch of music on it that I had not listened to in awhile so that has been fun going thru and listening to it.  But I have decided that I need to add some new workout music.  That is always motivating for me, listening to new tunes while I workout.

I had a pretty stressful day yesterday and ended up with a splitting head ache not sure if it was from stress or lack of water....I did not drink water all day until 4:00pm ...what was I thinking.  Water is really hard for me to get in .  I made it up by chugging down 3 bottles but I probably should have had more..the headache went away after the workout and water which was great.

Last night after I showered I went thru my closet and tried to find some pants to wear and low and behold my pair of 14's fit.  That made me super excited.  I still have all the loose skin in the middle that kind of spills a little over the top but really I am not sure when or if that is going to go down.   I am pretty much retiring my 18's, had to clean those out of the closet because they just bag out so terribly.  My 16's are nice and loose and I probably could get more 14's but I am not willing to spend the money yet.

My eating has been really good lately and I have been happy keeping it just under 1000 calories a day.  I feel pretty good today and it is a little cooler out in the morning so that is nice.  I ordered my bountiful basket this week...I did not do that last week and I really missed it.  I love how it forces me to really eat more fruits and vegetables.  I have a doctor appointment scheduled for next week...can't believe its been almost a month since my last fill.  I am not really thinking I need a fill so it will be interesting to see what my doctor thinks.  He encourages appointments monthly just to see how we are doing.

My 8 year anniversary is next week...not sure what to get hubby but thinking about a wallet..he needs one, his last one is all beat up and he doesn't even use it anymore.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ellen Recap

Lets just say everyone should spoil themselves once in awhile.  I had a blast jet setting(jensetting as Sofie calls it) to Burbank, California for the Ellen show.

First off, Let me just say that I am a bit OCD.  I follow the rules and Jen is my other half.  I called her the rule breaker.  When we went to board Jen jumped up to get in line and I made her sit down until they called our zone...even when there was no one in line....and it was our turn next....Jen and I talked the whole way on the plane..she brought magazines but literally we chatted the whole way.  I was the navigator...and lets say I was not the best..just getting my phone to work on maps was challenging to me..thanks Jen!!! At one point on the freeway I said "get over...over...faster...faster"  and Jen replied "I am going as fast as this corrolla will go! lol"  She kept my stress down and while I had her phone for navigation I learned that I have no friends..she gets text messages every 10 minutes...dang it I am lucky to get 10 texts a day and they all come from hubby or other bloggers!

We went to THE GROVES to go shopping..well Jen shopped I just window shopped but it was loads of fun and we lucked out and saw a taping of EXTRA

We were trying to decide their age...boy was I wrong.  Did you know Mario Lopez was 39?  and Maria was 34?  neither did I....crazy they looked awesome!

It started to pour down rain while we were waiting in the parking garage...man it got chilly for these Arizona girls but I loved the change in weather.  I met up with my friend Theona whom I work with and was my maid of honor in my wedding see below.

It was cool...she moved to LA almost 2 years ago so it had been awhile since I had seen her...good friends though never take long to get back in touch with!

At Ellen she had Joel McHale as a guest...he was hilarious

The band was The Script with Will.i.am and they were awesome

The special guest Anthony Robles from ASU..they gave us the book..he is truly inspiring..I started reading the book and it has me in tears as I read it...great book!

They also had some Dancing with the stars folks Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel--boring...

Then before we knew it, it was time to head home..here we are below a little tired

I just have to add that I came home early and hubby picked me up with no incident and the house was clean and laundry done....it was the icing on the cake.
I am going to start exercising tonight so I am looking forward to getting back at it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Last Day Before ELLEN!

Weigh In Day!!!!!

Last Week 211
This Week 208
Total Loss 3 lbs

That rocks!

I am totally thrilled to be out of teens in even closer to Onderland---So close I can taste it. LoL!

I had a great day yesterday.  I know that my faith in my hubby has been strengthening every day..he is working on making me feel secure about leaving to go to the show.  He has a sobriety plan for while I am gone that is awesome.

I went to the PTA meeting yesterday.  I was going to make cookies..as a joke to Ronnie who went to her PTA last week, but I got busy and that didn't happen...instead I brought a tray of fruit.  The meeting was interesting not sure how I ended up with the quarterly newsletter...but I did.  I think I have my other mom friend to thank on that..she volunteered us.  I am pretty excited about it though.  Creating the newsletter should be fun for me, more so than some of the other opportunities of planning parties (I am just not a party planner) Never having done a newsletter for a school, I am going to have to do some googling...any ideas?

I probably won't blog until Monday next week due to leaving tomorrow morning bright and early at 6:30am and getting back Friday morning at 11:30.  We have swim lessons on Saturday and then the swim center is having a fall party with a jump house and waterslide, pumpkin carving, crafts and food for the kids that we plan on taking part in Saturday evening.  Sunday I am working with Julie(mom friend) on the newsletter..wanted to get a draft done by end of month in hopes of getting it out sometime in November.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I will let you know when they air our show..we won't know until we are there who is the guest or when it will air.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Got my glasses

Well they came in and I am wearing them sometimes....I know should probably wear more often but its hard to get used to....feels weird having something on my face

So family life is not the greatest...don't want to drag on about it.  I am really struggling.  Hubby hasn't drank since the incident I came home to.  At AA they call it a relapse.  I am totally nervous about my Ellen trip...even though I am only gone for 24 hours.  I have his AA buddies saying they will check on him and we have a plan that we have layed out, so I guess here comes my faith..which I have been praying about seems like every hour.

Not sure if I mentioned but I had a broken dishwasher, fridge and washing machine when I got back from Chicago.  We were nursing them along so I kind of expected them to go.  I am still waiting on the maintenance man to fix them.  He is scheduled to come this Thursday.  I guess I live pretty far up north here in Phoenix and I have had 2 maintenance guys cancel on me...which is why it has taken this long to get someone to fix it.  Also garage door broke yesterday, but I got a guy to come out same day and that is now working.  I have this maintenance plan American.Home.Shield that you pay a monthly fee for and then when something breaks you just call them and pay $60 and someone will come fix it.  I haven't used it all year but I am getting my moneys worth this month!  I will feel so much better when I am not washing dishes everyday and using my fridge in the garage.  I have been making hubby go wash clothes at his buddies house so that hasn't bothered me too much.

I haven't worked out.  With hubby going to all his meetings there hasn't been anytime and I will admit I haven't made time.  I will soon but not sure when.  Luckily stress for me does great things about eating.  I can tell I am losing weight.  Tomorrow is weigh in day and I think it will be a loss and right now that is all I am hoping for.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Still have cold and sick of the heat!

I seriously want this cold to go away....I hate being congested.

Its almost asthmatic because my breathing is so shallow from the congested...should I go to doctor..probably.

This weather is killing me.  I got spoiled with Chicago weather and then I come back to 100's  really...this is fall?

I have had a few requests to google+  I know nothing about it.  One request is from my aunt and I really don't want her reading my blog the other was from a fellow blogger Kristin...not sure how to set up google+ so that the two don't meet.  Hubby said something about setting up circles but I guess I need to figure out how that all works

I am having lunch today with a girlfriend I haven't seen in almost a year.  She is really the one that gave me the final push to get the  band.  She had gastric bypass and told me she wished she would have had the band because she feels stretched out and knows there is no adjustments she can make.  She got pregnant soon after she lost her weight and gained back a few pounds.  Personally I think she still looks great!  But I understand the side effects(dumping and such) suck.

I am so excited...next week ELLEN!!!

Have a great weekend

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Old Woman here....I need glasses

Last Week 212
This Week 211
Total Loss 1 lb

I forgot to weigh in yesterday so I am a day late.  But hey, I will take that 1lb loss considering I was on vacation and there was food and drinking!

I loved all the support and emails, texts and comments from you guys.  You warmed my heart, really.  Today is a better day.

I found out I missed my depo shot the end of August so I have to go in for a pregnancy test before they give me another depo shot..actually they are requiring two tests in the next 2 weeks.  Can't believe I forgot for over a month..oops..wish my doc sent a reminder.

So when I was in Chicago I had a hard time reading text messages.  I have been in denial lately that my eyesight is going because then I would have to admit...I am getting older.  I always had awesome vision but lately when I read at night the letters get blurry.  So I enlarged my font on my reader..but then it has now affected my text reading.  I made an eye appointment a couple weeks ago and found out that its really just my left eye that is deteriorating the right eye is perfect vision.  She said I could just get 1.25+ readers but I find they give me a headache...so I went in and picked out some frames...they should be in Friday..YIKES.  Picking out frames WAS HARD.  I wish I had some of you girls with me to help me know what looks good.  I will post pic when I get them.

I got a new monitor at work it is 22inches..my last one was 17 so this is quite nice...and great for my poor eyesight! LOL!

I have not exercised all week...I am surprised I lost weight.  I am still not trusting at home to leave Johnny so I haven't gone yet.  I will get there, I promise..just not ready yet.  I have been watching my diet though, very strict with that and as Ronnie and MandaPanda have said losing weight is really 90% diet.

I will say SPECK had glasses in Chicago and looked really cute in them, actually she rocked them and gave me courage to order mine, now if only I can look as good as she does in a pair!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chicago Recap

Sorry I haven't blogged.  I came back from Chicago to a mess at my house.  I was not sure how to blog about it but have decided to be honest but I don't want it to be a downer.

My husband is a recovering alcoholic..sober for 2 years..well I came home to a drunk, my first clue..nobody picked me up from the airport and when I called him he told me to take a shuttle. I called my mom and she picked me up.  Got home and saw right away that he was drunk, I confronted him on it and he denied at first but then admitted to it and started crying.  I had him call his AA buddies and they came over...so did my moms husband who proceeded to chew him out.  I took Johnny to get dinner and when I got home his AA buddies said they were taking him to a meeting and that they would drop him off at my moms house to sober up.  It was really devastating, and I am just kind of numb.  He has since been going to AA meetings everyday and meeting with his AA buddies.  He is apologetic and says that he was miserable the whole time and realized what a mistake it was.  Not sure what to believe.  A part of me says to take Johnny and leave, but the sad thing is I love him.  I have decided not to make any decisions and give it a week.  I hope that is the right decision.

I also came down with a cold...darn plane and germs.  I met some fabulous ladies in Chicago, it was truly amazing how we bonded.  I was surprised that there were some ladies that were not there to meet anyone new.  They really had already developed there friendships and stuck with there comfort zone.  They missed out on some really cool newbies that's for sure.  I was amazed how important food seemed to be for some on the trip.  Being the food addict that I am, I am really struggling to not let food be my driving decision maker.  I was not there to try all the foods of Chicago..I was there to meet some ladies who I have bonded with in the blogger community.  It was really neat to meet my core bloggers that I wanted to meet, because I did and they were everything I expected and more. Laura Belle, Ronnie, Speck, RockbandBarbie, Jen, Beth, Andrea, Sofie..to name a few.  I also over committed ..there just was not enough time to hang with everyone. I really tried but it just didn't always work out.  I met some awesome mom/daughter teams that had me in stitches.  Deb-Kagead  was a total sweetheart and an unexpected treasure to get to know because I never really followed her blog but she was a sweetie.  Clara was hilarious, Catherine I called the homecoming queen because she is just as pretty in person as her blog and she went out of her way to talk to me and get to know me as best as you can with 32 women involved!  I know I am probably forgetting someone but I truly met some great women.
And now some pics