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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fat jealous girl here....

Yay!!! my fitbit came in the mail yesterday so I hurried up and re-linked it to myfitness pal and charged it and.....WENT TO THE GYM... I know craziness...been there 3 times this week 4 if you count the swimming day.  So cool  this week felt awesome getting to the gym and NOT exercising outside in the 111 degree heat!
No loss on the scale.
Still struggling to not eat as much but can't help it I have been hungry.  I have started to get hungry in the morning and I think I may make oatmeal again as these shakes are no longer sufficient..so glad I made an appointment for a fill.  Its crazy how tight I was after my last fill and how loose I am now...its only a 10lb difference...I didn't think I would loosen up that soon.
So hubby invited one of his ex co-workers and kid up to go swimming tomorrow...I think I can see my green jealous head coming out.  She is single and actually helped him get his current job because he is working for her mom.  I am not jacked about her coming up for the day, I also don't like that its the bosses daughter..I am not one for socializing with your boss.  I am not normally a jealous person(at least I don't think so) but I am right now.  I will be glad when its over.  I will also be glad when I lose the weight and am not so insecure...she of course is tiny(from what I hear) so a day at the pool with a tiny single girl---yay can't wait.
Ok enough of my insecure rant.
Its the weekend and I am so happy, I am hoping to get to the gym tonight and maybe once this weekend.  I also didn't make it to BRAVE last weekend so hoping Johnny will go this weekend.  I want to see it!  Also want to see TED and MAGIC MIKE...never had so many movies I wanted to see before.  Can't believe we are entering July already---whew this is a hot month in AZ

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

From lovely Laura Belle.....
1. OMG Majic Mike looks like a total drool fest..yum yum
2.  I am going to the gym again tonight----do you hear angels singing.
3.  Went to pool with hubby and Johnny.... anxious the  whole time because johnny had to show me how he jumps off high dive...all the teenage boys gave him a double take when he went to get in line with them for the high dive...he did look cute...half their size waiting in line for the high dive....he watched me watching him the whole time...almost tripped on the top looking at me...my heart stopped as visions of him falling and smacking the pavement came to mind...oh lordy I can't handle this!
4.  I was bummed I didn't work out yesterday but Johnny REALLY wanted me to go swimming with them yesterday.
5.  No weight loss this week.
6.  So for my wedding (8 years ago) I won 5 bridesmaid dresses from the Thread collection.(entered some online sweepstakes thru Bride magazine)  I had two dresses made into cocktail dresses for me...they are size 18 but really feel like a size 16..they are black...sleeveless and oh so pretty...I want to be able to wear one to BOOBs.  I put them on and can't get the zipper up..dang it...I hope to by end of September. http://bridal.threaddesign.com/collections/
7.  I should enter more sweepstakes...I also won makeup for my wedding from MAC.
8.  I want a new purse
9.  I want a new pair of converse tennis shoes...navy
10.  Hubby wants us to build a pond in backyard....I said lets wait until it is no longer hotter than hell here. Yes it will be 111 again today

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PB2 recipe and Working out in the HEAT!

ughhh the heat sucks!  It was 90 degrees out this morning at 4:30am...ick..sticky ick.  The heat just has me moving like a slug!  I did go to the gym again last night and worked out for hour---holy buckets that is two days in row making it to the gym....mind you I just walked uphill at 3.5 for an hour and today---SORE
Sore from walking
But it felt wonderful and both days I have worked out my hubby took johnny swimming(diving) and we all had a blast and slept like babies.
Thought I would see a jump in the scale--nope, but again I think I am riding out TOM right now.  I am going to continue on my good march which is eating better and WORKING OUT!  I did get my fill appointment for Tuesday July 3---kind of sucks before 4th of july to be on liquids/mushies but really I do not like the 4th of July in Phoenix....who wants to sit outside sweating at 9:00pm...it is not the same 4th of july I grew up with in Montana...after a day at the lake in MT we put our jeans and sweatshirts on to watch the fireworks from the lawn....not what we do in AZ.
I drove in this morning with my coffee(hubby gets me one from circle k every morning--he is so sweet considering I leave at 4:45am) and what did I do..dribble down my shirt...like my lip had a leak...in fact I touched my lip just to make sure ---nope just had a problem connecting lip to cup---ding dong.
So now I look like a schlep with brown stains down my light blue top...must stay at desk all day by myself.
The outlets by my house had a great sale so I bought johnny some stuff--love childrens place.  Polos and tshirts only $1.49 and I had a 20% coupon....can't beat those prices.  I think I got like 10 pair.  Johnny has a problem spilling things down the front of him so we go thru them(hmmm wonder where he gets that from)

and I will leave you with a great recipe--I made it tasted AWESOME and the family loved it(btw--I did not eat noodles, but I had veges and chicken with the sauce)!

THAI PB2  Noodles
1/2 c. low fat, low sodium chicken broth
1/3 c. PB2 powder
3 Tbs. teriyaki sauce
2 Tbs. brown sugar
1 Tbs. lime juice
1/8 - 1/4 tsp. red pepper

6 cups spaghetti noodles, cooked
3/4 c. chopped green onion
1 1/2 c. grated carrot
1 1/2 c. broccoli flowerets, cut into thin slices
1 c. snow peas
1/2 c. thinly sliced red cabbage
4 Tbs. dry roasted peanuts, chopped

In a large bowl, mix chicken broth, PB2, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, lime juice, garlic powder and red pepper.  Place cooked noodles in the bowl with sauce and toss to coat noodles.  Remove noodles from bowl and place in a covered, oven safe dish in a warm oven.  Reserve sauce.
Pour remaining sauce, into a large skillet.  In the sauce, stir fry the onions, carrots, broccoli and snow peas for 1 to 2 minutes.  Add the red cabbage and stir fry another 1 to 2 minutes until vegetables are slightly tender.  Add vegetables and sauce to noodles and mix.  Garnish each serving with chopped peanuts

I add chicken or shrimp to this recipe

PB2 Apple/Pretzel dip

1/2 cup: French vanilla light yogurt
2 Tbsp: PB2
1: Apple

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why do Peoples Opinions Matter to Me SO MUCH!

So I had a minor meltdown yesterday.  I was talking to my mom and telling her I had made an appointment for a fill and she made the comment that she was wondering if I should, I told her my weight had stalled and I was able to eat more and not stay full as long.

She then asked how much weight I had lost(which I have told her numerous times) but I said around 30 lbs and she said "you have been doing this since February and that is all you have lost?
Do you really want to continue to do this?
You don't eat hardly anything as it is."

I was kind of stunned.

Yes I haven't lost much,
you are right I don't eat as much as I used to,
....but I think it is working it is just slow process.

You know what though---it is hard to argue with her because she is right.

In the past when I have lost weight or gone on diets I lose weight a lot quicker, BUT I always put it back on.  I keep hoping that I won't put it back on but I am not positive that it won't happen.  I am not eating as much as I used to so you would think the weight should be falling off, I don't know why it is not but it could be I am not exercising like a maniac like I used to when I diet?

I talked(texted) to MandaPanda yesterday and she reminded me that this is not gastric bypass it is not going to fly off, and by having that flipped port in the beginning it stalled my weight loss, shoot I even gained in April and it took May to take off the weight I had gained in April.

I guess it just hurts to hear out loud what I sometimes think in my head.

What was I suppose to do, throw my hands up in the air and say this is not working and go back to my yo yo dieting?

I am really trying to make this about a lifestyle change, something I can maintain and continue to do for a long period of time.  For me that is getting some exercise EVERY DAY, doesn't have to break my back or sweat buckets but at least get me moving and try to keep moving all day, make healthier food choices but something that I enjoy eating.  I don't want to eat foods I don't like, and exercise like crazy because I know I won't be able to sustain that for very long.

I did go to the gym last night and work out my frustrations, it felt great and I hope to do it again.  As for my pity party, I am trying to bring out the positive but still riding the dumps today.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Its time for another fill......

Well I am calling and making an appointment for a fill.  This weekend was out of control for me, I mean really I was hungry all weekend...I felt like I ate all day.  I had sandwhich, toast, potatoes, Key lime pie(hubby bought it because he was craving it...I caved and had a piece(only 1 mind you).  I had one PB episode...but I think I was just seeing the limits of the band..had scrambled eggs yesterday and they did not stay down.  Because I am not staying full longer than 1 1/2 - 2 hours after a meal and that meal can be pretty much anything I want (2 cups) I say I need a little fill.
I ordered some PB2 (dry peanut butter with fat taken out) and need to look up some recipes..can't wait to try it.

I planned this week out...made some chili this weekend and put it in 1 1/2 cup to go's to take with me to work.  I haven't lost any weight this week in fact I think I am up a few a pounds..ughh(weigh in tomorrow and Wednesday).  I don't know why I seem to go in cycles where I am not hungry and then others where I could eat my young..seriously am I a wildabeast--ughhh
Plus I slugged around all weekend..just wasn't in the mood to do really anything.  I cried a lot, the whole S.a.n.d.u.s.k.y trial has me just sick to my stomach for these kids that he was such a predator to find them and abuse them...I mean really they came from horrible backgrounds and he just made there life even more miserable...that is pure evil...I hope he gets his in prison.  I think I cried multiple times this weekend talking to people about it....maybe TOM is coming because I am so emotional.

Friday, June 22, 2012

anyone see a fitbit?

Yes, I lost my fitbit.  Went home last night to sync up my fitbit...and it was not attached to my bra---what the what?  I looked everywhere (bathroom) and couldn't find it.  I mean I take it off and put it right back on after my shower every morning...where could it have gone...I am still leaning towards Johnny finding it and putting it somewhere.  I tore apart bedroom last night and my car(in case it fell off) and NOTHING.
I was so depressed....then hubby emailed them and told them my sob story and they are mailing me off another one free of charge...now that is customer support...I suppose it would be bad to say---please rush it!!!!!!!!
Took dog in for comprehensive because I pay for this stupid plan thru banfield that includes vaccines and checkups but really its just a used car sales pitch because once they get you in there they try to add on a bunch of stuff.  Comprehensive checkup is included in plan so it shouldn't cost right---wrong...hubby had to drop off noodle(dogs name...stop laughing I didn't name him) because I had to go into work.  He calls me and asks me to talk to them because they just told him it would be $276.  I call them and tell them...no add ons...no I don't want noodle to have a benedryl  before they give him the shots, no I do not want them to give him local before they give him shots....it should not take two people to restrain my shitzu...really you have to express his anal glands before you can check his rectum..(I feel bad and concede to this one)....ok now its $20.71....livable so I take it...but see nothing is for free.  They also wanted to sell me special food to help his teeth, they noticed they were a little yellow, I asked if they are in going to need to be removed-no, are they hurting him-no, ...um no, he is a  dog, he only eats hard food, he does not need anything special food wise.
Hoping for a good weekend on eating and exercise...no special parties but we do have date night tonight so hopefully no extra food just extra exercise!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Its not swimmers ear....

Ah geeze well I really didn't earn the mom of the year award...it was not swimmers ear but an ear infection and a ruptured ear drum.  The poor guys cold must have been worse than he let on...I thought he was getting over his cold but actually it was really bad.  So the doctor gave me ear drops and antibiotics..I am just hoping his hearing is not damaged.
I guess I am glad I took him to the doctor and we didn't wait any longer.  I have been keeping up with the motrin and last night he actually felt better.
The dog goes in for his comprehensive today..lets hope he is not at deaths door because then I will think I am mommy doom.
Hotter than hell here in Phoenix...can't wait for some monsoon rain...hope it is rainy this year but I doubt it.
I have been really craving chili lately thinking of making up a batch..I keep hitting up Wendy's once a week...or it could be that its so hot I don't want to cook...hmmmm

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What more exercise means more weight loss?

Whew I made it thru the night....dang swimmers ear.  We picked johnny up from camp yesterday and he was not feeling that well...I could tell by the look on his face...so gave him tylenol and motrin and he passed out then woke up at 11;30 crying it hurt so bad.  I gave him more motrin and a heating pad and after about 30 min he fell asleep.  This morning he wakes up SAYS he feels better but I am nervous to send him to camp.  But today for camp they are going to a baseball game and he really wants to go...so I am thinking even if it is hurting him...he will say it isn't so he can go.  I think I am going to have to be BAD MEAN mom and make him stay home...I hate being that mom!  I am also thinking I should bring him in to the doc because I have not had swimmers ear last for 3 days before...maybe thats normal?
On the weight front---I dropped another pound this morning---so excited.  I got in 2 walks yesterday so my steps were almost 10000 which is great considering I was averaging only 5000 steps a day this last week due to my cold.  I am pretty sure that is what brought about the weight loss these last few days because I increased my exercise.  It is so dang hot out that I am glad I even got outside to exercise(113 degrees yesterday)
I cleaned up my blog list...If a blogger hasn't blogged in the last 6 mos I got rid of them.  Which turned out to be about 10 bloggers...that was kind of a bummer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I feel so pretty.....

I have been doing so well since the second day after my fill...no pb and then what...I ate a bunch of almonds too fast and  pb.  What a ding dong.  I did watch my food and it is keeping me full for 3 hours but I did notice that my grazing was a little crazy, so I am going to try to limit my snacks and make more of a meal out of it at meal time.  So got on the scale and was down that is nice.  I am not down as much as I would like to be today..but a loss is a loss.
I splurged this weekend...bought new bra and panties...and the panties...they are not cotton granny panties that I was used to wearing (and were saggy in the butt) I got some nice onces from Kohls that are comfy and cute...haven't bought cute panties in awhile....I feel so put together today...its crazy how appropriate fitting unders make you feel fabulous..at least they do for me!
My little boy has swimmers ear...woke up numerous times last night crying in pain.  Gave him motrin and tylenol and made it thru the night...he seems a little better today.  We will see how it goes today...hoping it dries up..lectured hubby that son must wear earplugs when he swims because he is prone to this..which is why he had to have tubes put in (twice) when he was younger..he poor little ears would not drain.
So this one lapbander at my clinic swears by the gladiator protein powder from smoothie king...I finally looked them up and may head over there this weekend to try it...more protein(45g per serving) for the calories than what I am using.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday

Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrations with Food.....

Give me a holiday and I will show you a family that celebrates with food.  Really?  Yesterday we went out for breakfast(I did pretty good 1/2 egg and 1/2 wheat toast with coffee...not hungry much in the am)  Lunch we did a pizza place...that was a little hard..I did a salad with italian dressing and a corner piece of pizza(no problems going down.)  Dinner........wait for it......was a cinnamon toast, havarti grilled cheese with apples...ate the whole thing...no problem.  Well I am not as restricted as I used to be.  I remember at the beginning eating a 1/2cup a food in the evening was difficult...not anymore.  I am going to have to watch how long food is keeping me full because I may need a fill.  I was surprised how much I could eat this weekend.
I gave my doctor my new insurance so I am still waiting on hearing if it covers my fills or not..may need to call today and find out.
My little boy took the swimming test so he was allowed to use the diving boards...he went straight for the high dive...good thing I wasn't with or I wouldn't have let him go....dad did.

 Mind you, we can't help or even be in the water, he must swim to the side after he jumps and pull himself out all by himself....he did this multiple times until he was ready to pass out.  Then...dad let him try the rock climbing wall...geesh..he made it up 1/2 way...again I would have been scared.  Guess there is a good thing boys have dads to let them do things moms would be too scared to let them do...unless they get hurt..then I change my statement to I TOLD YOU SO!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Where Do Sunglasses GO?

I feel like I go thru the sunglasses.  I lost another pair---its like the sock bandit.  I have a hard time even looking for glasses that look good on my round face...they always seem to push my cheek fat around...lovely image no?
My last pair I got at my favorite store...charming charlies but they broke after second day(the pin fell out) and I had to McGuyver them with a paperclip---can you say white trash?
I do like these ray-bans

At least its Friday and I have managed to keep that bonus 2 lbs off...WTH?  So happy!  I don't have much planned for this weekend.  Probably finish 50 shades of grey...only 100pages left...must finish it tonight in fact.
My band has been really friendly lately no PB's in quite awhile and I seem to be settling in with this fill.  As I have said before you re-learn everything with each fill...because the fill has set its own set of standards.  I have really been getting into fish.  Salmon, tilapia, cod, flounder...yum on the grill with lemon and spices.  Its a hot one in AZ around 107 today...so hope you are all enjoying your summer...I know I am!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skinny girl dream jeans

So I was reading some other blogs and I have to say that there are some clothes I am aiming to fit into but even when i am skinny...it may just not happen.
Diesel Jeans

I have always wanted to own a pair.  I am naturally curvy...that girl looks like she doesn't have a single curve.
I have a saved pair of abercrombie jeans that I can't wait to wear again
I remember feeling hot when I wore them last...that was 1998...I was 27 yee gawds
I also have a guess mini skirt....but that is not in style and probably won't ever be again.

Anyway...just had to share because losing this weight is making me excited to wear cool clothes again..right now I feel I wear mama clothes....ughhh
I love jeans...probably more than anything else...wonder if that will change too.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A little of this a little of that

Well I still am not feeling well but I dragged my butt into work today..probably should have stayed home with my runny nose and sneezing but I have a ton of work and not a lot of sick days left.

Can't believe it but stepped on scale today and down 2 lbs..I am thinking its just water weight because I have been taking mucinex d and that stuff makes you pee...I swear everything I drank came right out.

Have I mentioned how I love the stores rotisserie chicken?  I love it. I make stuff with it and just plain eat and nosh on it for days.  I like to make them myself but not always enough time...takes me about 2 hours to bake one at home in my clay pot.  So that is what I am having for lunch and dinner. Yum Yum

I also have been making little rollups with turkey meat, provolone cheese, mustard and a pickle...roll it up..heat it in a pan and yummy protein bites.

My friend Jay left to go home and try to work it out with his wife....felt bad for him not sure if she really is going to try or if she is just using him to set herself up to leave him.

I think I am going to have to break down and get some long shorts..its just too dang hot to wear jeans when its 105 degrees out...can you say sweat and clingy..uck!  It just means I have to shop, which I hate...maybe I won't hate it as much when I lose weight and can wear cute clothes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cold...Sniffling Nose....Cough

So I have a cold...thought it was allergies but no that drippy nose, sore eyes, sore muscles, achy shoulders and headache is cause I have a cold....dang it!  I don't have time for a cold
So I stopped to get some mucinex D last night because its the best amphetamine ever! but I had to downsize because there is no way I could swallow that pill(I swear its a horse pill) I did hesitate..do I take the pill with water(doesn't that break a banding rule) or without...hmmm....I took without water and managed to get it down.  Felt so much better.  So I am working from home today.
I only got 1 walk in yesterday...I really should have gotten two walks in but I was not motivated and just didn't feel good.
There is some drama at the office yesterday..I hate that.  I am busy--real busy and the last thing I want to be thinking about is the relationship drama at work....I am glad I am at home today...sometimes I think if everyone worked from home there would be less work drama.
Well nothing much else here so tata for now!

Monday, June 11, 2012

trying to update blog....

So I know my blog is boring....got a quick tip from my lap band girl meetup this weekend to try cute blogs (http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/) website to help me but I am a little bit challenged on getting this to work like I want it.!

I had a great time meeting up with two other bandsters for lunch at Pita Jungle(had yummy ahi tuni)  MandaPanda and Jen

I did not workout or do any long walks this weekend...thats crap..I should have..but I got a new book...50 shades of grey..oh lordy..that book is addicting.

We went to a pool party yesterday and I did feel weird.  We all sat down to eat at a big table(it was steak,potatoes and salad) I really do not eat much so they had huge plates and everyones plate was full but mine and hubbies.  I had a few bites but the steak was a little to dry and did not go down friendly...I did catch quite a few looks from people and am pretty sure they probably talked about it after I left...hubby did finish my plate.  For desert it was frozen yogurt and cake.  I only had 2 bites of cake...it also is rough for me to eat unless real moist.  Hubby even said to me "Are you getting enough nutrients?"  I told him I take my daily vitamin and I may not look like I am eating much but I am averaging about 1000 calories a day..its just a far cry from what I was eating..ughh...I did drop a lb this weekend yay!!!!! but its not like the weight is flying off.  I think I was only 3lbs last week and the week prior to that was 1lb..so I think I am ok? but boy...people can make you doubt yourself!

Friday, June 8, 2012



It’s time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer 5 little questions to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy to your own blog and enjoy!!

1. Do you know your credit score? Do you check it regularly? Does it matter to you?
I have an idea what my credit score is.  I check it every so often.  Yes it matters.  I used to have stellar credit 800 but then I short saled my home in 2009 because there was no way we were EVER going to make the money back on the house..bought house for $430000 and short saled it for $207000....it was hard for me to convince my hubby to do that he wanted to hang on to it but I kept telling him it was a business decision and he finally agreed.  We also had to file bankruptcy that year because my hubby had quite a few medical bills and my company had cut our medical so we had to pay for it.  Because there were so many bills and everyone wanted $50(over 40 bills from hospitals) I tried to negotiate with them but they wouldn't and it was physically impossible to pay $50 a month  to all 40 bills we had to file.  needless to say my credit score to a crap!  I check it every so often to watch it go back up but at one point I was down to 527...I haven't checked in 6 mos but it was in the 600's

2. What’s your go to “water-cooler-off-er” each summer? Small kiddie pool, “real” pool, sprinkler, public pool, hotel pool, or stay inside in the air and never don a bathing suit ever?
We go to the community water slides or else I turn the sprinkler on.  Sometimes I turn the air low and stay inside and watch a movie...here in Phoenix I think of our summers as WINTER.  In the winter time growing up in Montana we were inside a lot, well....that is what it is kind of like here in the summer.  But I go stir crazy cooped up too much.

3. Describe your phone cover…if you have one.

I have an Iphone and my cover is pink/purple.  I LOVE pink.

4. If you ever had a wedding, what were your colors or theme? If you aren’t married – but plan to be some day – what will your colors or theme be?
We got married 8 years ago..colors were dark red(almost black) and white...had a violinist, sit down dinner, 125 people, wine and beer included...open bar for purchase.  I loved it, had to be the best time of my life.  I didn't get married until I was 33years old.  Payed for it all with my own money I had saved.  Hubby paid for honeymoon to Bahamas...and rehearsal dinner.  I did a lot myself(flowers, welcome baskets for out of towners, invitations, center pieces, bird seed throws)

5. Repeat question: summarize your week.

Pretty good.  Quite a few downer bloggers out there..that sucks....I had a nice drop in weight today!  A few AZ bloggers are getting together for lunch tomorrow---yay!!! So excited there and yes a little anxietal to meet new people...but so is MandaPanda so we can feel awkward together!LOL!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1.  I am meeting up with 2 fellow AZ banders this weekend for lunch...lol!  Maybe we will all share one meal-bahhahhahah
2.  I dropped those two lbs I had gained from yesterday.
3.  I am going back to Minot ND to visit relatives next month and I can't wait!!! My uncle has a place on a lake and my cousins and I all conglomerate there for a week in the summer so that our kids can all play and we can visit...the kids have a blast!
4.  I just love having hubby home more..I had missed him.
5.  I would like to do a long weekend in CA go to beach maybe hit an amusement park or two but not sure I can swing it...may have to do it on the cheap.  My friend Jay and his daughter want to go so we were thinking of splitting the cost.
6.  Madagascar 3 comes out this Friday....and I secretly can't wait to see it....yes I am an adult!
7.  I got a zit on my nose.....and all I can think of is MOLE...do you remember that movie?
8.  MandaPanda gave me an exercise reminder yesterday and it actually motivated me to get off my butt and go exercise...guess what no poop episodes for anyone...sadly didn't evoke one from me either...and I put a lot of benefiber on my food yesterday......there may be an explosion in AZ later today..just saying..
9.  I need to stop by this olive oil store by my house and get olive oil and balsamic vinegar...they make it themselves and there is like over 30 flavors of each...they are so YUMMY and make great salad dressings and cooking.  Right now I have Coconut Balsamic Vinegar and Parisian Lime olive oil....its so yummy not sure what I will get this time.
10.  There are some downer blogs right now...its sad that so many people are frustrated

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Love this Laura Belle and Draz for keeping this going.
So my lovely friend MandaPanda texted me to workout yesterday and it just happens that she texted me as I was headed out to exercise.  YAY! Score for motivation(I knew she would text me any minute) My little boy was home sick from camp but was feeling better so he asked if he could ride his bike while I walked.  I said sure..then as you know it we get far far from home on a trail he has to poop.....yes poop....I beg him to hold it until we get home but he can't so I cringe and let him squat in the brush..praying no snakes.  He has the runs...seriously I should have left him at home...why sweet Mary and Jesus did I not leave him at home.  I help him get his pants back up and in the process get poop on my hands and feet..sweet lord...we head straight home to cleanup.  Longest walk home EVER.  I took our water and washed my hands and then I had to carry the bike because he was walking with a red wood tree up his butt...literally looked like an old man on a horse.
Learned my lesson...don't take sick kid(who says he is better) with you when you exercise.
I did however get a pretty good workout, we were halfway done when the episode happened and then I carried a bike home ===ummm weight lifting.  I was winded when we got home.
So I get on the scale today...WTF I am up 2 lbs SERIOUSLY I about threw the scale at the wall.  How can I eat so little and gain today?  I did have turkey meatballs(4 of them) and marinara yesterday for dinner so maybe there was too much sodium in it....I also did not have a bowl for a few days(oops sorry tmi).  I am blaming that anyway because my food is not that bad...you know though if I truly reflect...I am not getting enough water in....I am getting in about 48oz and I should be probably doubling that.  My protein count is great, yesterday 87g.  So I am going to aim for water today.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trying to figure out this fill.....

So Johnny went to a bday party this weekend and proceeded to get a cold the next day...what is with all those germies at those kid places...yuck!  He is still battling it today....when kids or hubbies are sick...its  a lot of work for the spouse...I'm tired!
Yesterday I was tight until 3 then I was able to drink my shakes and have a bit to eat.  I am going to quit fighting it and accept this.  Why try to force food down my throat when I am tight and why try to drink my shakes when it hurts.  Today...I feel fine..in fact going to try a shake here in a bit....crazy don't know any reason.  Each fill takes some getting used to for me.  Although I am good here for awhile.  I did notice the scale dropped 1/2 lb today, so that is nice.  I need to weigh in weekly to see but I think that is about 3 lbs since last Tuesday and Wednesday I usually drop some too so I am looking forward to that.
My head thinks I should see a 7lb drop due to how much I am eating but oh well...its coming off.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying to eat enough food.....

So I am tempted to name my band because boy is it fickle.  Saturday I woke up tighter than a nun on valentines day!  I couldn't eat and could barely get my shakes down...I may have consumed only 500 calories...I was a little scared that I may need an unfill and all day I was trying to figure out why.  I get the depo shot so I have really no idea when my period is...it used to be the beginning of the month so I am thinking that is what it may be.  Sunday woke up and I had no problem, was able to have coffee and shake in am and small lunch and dinner...today I am pretty tight again.  I had a hard time with coffee and shake this morning.  You would think the weight would be dropping but i have been hanging steady since last wednesday and its not like I am eating much.  I was thinking it may be protein I was averaging around 60g so I am now trying for 80g and I broke down and got the premier shakes at costco(I prefer to make them myself)..all my wls friends say they are the best and I need shakes on the go when I don't have time to make them

I did get a cute lunch box...almost got a bento box but I need to order it because I am having a hard time finding them at the stores.  I got this cute one at bed bath and beyond.  It seems big here but its not, there is enough room for my icepack and 2 premier shakes a few crackers and hummus. (I store at my desk...hate the community fridge it just stinks)

and here is my view from my desk...I am afraid of heights...In fact I don't look down ---out window often

I seem to be eating around 800-1000 calories a day on non tight days...can't really eat much more than that.  We will see when I weigh in tomorrow and Wednesday...those seem to be the days I weigh the least.  I am really needing to evaluate my diet because I have read in others blogs that 1200 calories is the weight loss goal but I am not sure I can get there!

Friday, June 1, 2012


It’s Bring Your Own Crazy time! Brought to us by the Phenomenal Draz!
Copy and paste the button above to your own BYOC and join us! We answer 5 questions to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break.

1. Are you a daily purse switcher, an often purse buyer or a one purse kind of woman? What factors influence your purse buying?

Lets see, there was the me before kids..I bought coach, dooney, fendi, prada whenever a new one came out I liked...with matching wallet of course...now that I have a kid....I don't.  I haven't bought a name brand purse over $50 in 5 years.  I tend to go to Charming Charlies (love that place) and get purses there and use it for a month or so and may get another one....I also saw the fossil store at the mall(first time at the mall in 4 years) and that was a cool store with cute purses.  I have always wanted a chanel purse...my bestie has quite a few and I keep bugging her for a hand me down...but alas they start at $3500-$5000 so I doubt I will get one anytime soon.  I like purses that zip...otherwise when I throw them in the car eveything falls out.  I like lots of compartments so that I can hide stuff and find stuff right away.  I kind of like big purses (so I can put kid stuff in it) and really small purses(so I can stuff it inside another bag).

2. What’s your favorite board game?

Not a board game fan but I love dominoes and Mexican train.  I have a couple buddies and we get together and play "bones" a version of dominoes and I LOVE it.  It gets very competitive and its all about strategy. 

3. Are you a sore loser who throws fits or a gracious winner? Are you competitive?

SO ashamed to say it but I am competitive and a sore loser...I like to win and I try hard not to pout when I lose...but my friends laugh because they all say I have always been a sore loser...luckily I win a lot :)  

4. Tell us something you are afraid of that is a physical item…like spiders, deep water, heights, snakes, thunderstorms, first dates, childbirth, etc.

I hate meeting new people.  I get all anxiousness and didn't really know I did until recently.  I also don't like snakes or rodents.  When we found out we had a rat in our garage, I wouldn't set foot in it until my hubby trapped and killed it...YUCK then he sent me a picture of it and didn't tell me until I opened it and there was the dead rat caught in a trap with his neck snapped....eeh gods that still gives me the creeps!  I also am afraid of heights and work on the 21st floor by the windows...I can't look down without getting queasy.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week.
My week was good but after answering these questions I feel like a pansy!  Finally seeing the scale move and feeling awesome restriction--yippee.

I am not quite as tight as I was the last two days..so there must have been some swelling after the fill.  Don't get me wrong I still have good restriction and at least I am not nervous anymore that I won't be able to eat solid foods!