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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What more exercise means more weight loss?

Whew I made it thru the night....dang swimmers ear.  We picked johnny up from camp yesterday and he was not feeling that well...I could tell by the look on his face...so gave him tylenol and motrin and he passed out then woke up at 11;30 crying it hurt so bad.  I gave him more motrin and a heating pad and after about 30 min he fell asleep.  This morning he wakes up SAYS he feels better but I am nervous to send him to camp.  But today for camp they are going to a baseball game and he really wants to go...so I am thinking even if it is hurting him...he will say it isn't so he can go.  I think I am going to have to be BAD MEAN mom and make him stay home...I hate being that mom!  I am also thinking I should bring him in to the doc because I have not had swimmers ear last for 3 days before...maybe thats normal?
On the weight front---I dropped another pound this morning---so excited.  I got in 2 walks yesterday so my steps were almost 10000 which is great considering I was averaging only 5000 steps a day this last week due to my cold.  I am pretty sure that is what brought about the weight loss these last few days because I increased my exercise.  It is so dang hot out that I am glad I even got outside to exercise(113 degrees yesterday)
I cleaned up my blog list...If a blogger hasn't blogged in the last 6 mos I got rid of them.  Which turned out to be about 10 bloggers...that was kind of a bummer.


Steph said...

Way to go on the weight loss! Another pound down, woo-Hoo!

I am the same way on my blogger purges. Some times you just need to thin the herd in order to keep up!

Rachel said...

I have to blogger purge too... thanks for the reminder and YAY for another pound! Another one bites the dust!

Momee3021 said...

Another pound - show off!!! LOL Im so proud of you!
I too am sad to purge bloggers... as for the swimmers ear - you can get drops and put them in and it will help but don't be a mean mommy and make him stay home
:( my guy is the ear infection king and trust me baseball or anything good that he wants to be doing can easily make him forget all about his ear pain.
You keep being awesome!!!

Z said...

just found your blog. another pound lost is great!

i'll be new bandster this tuesday the 26th!

Amy said...

I'm impressed that you exercised outside!! It has been so hot...and only gets worse from here. Eeek.

MandaPanda said...

If the camp doesn't include swimming, I say let him go. I find if my kids are distracted, they're in less pain...especially with something like ear infections which is what it sounds like he may have. Might want to make an appt with the doc if he's not feeling better today.