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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

From lovely Laura Belle.....
1. OMG Majic Mike looks like a total drool fest..yum yum
2.  I am going to the gym again tonight----do you hear angels singing.
3.  Went to pool with hubby and Johnny.... anxious the  whole time because johnny had to show me how he jumps off high dive...all the teenage boys gave him a double take when he went to get in line with them for the high dive...he did look cute...half their size waiting in line for the high dive....he watched me watching him the whole time...almost tripped on the top looking at me...my heart stopped as visions of him falling and smacking the pavement came to mind...oh lordy I can't handle this!
4.  I was bummed I didn't work out yesterday but Johnny REALLY wanted me to go swimming with them yesterday.
5.  No weight loss this week.
6.  So for my wedding (8 years ago) I won 5 bridesmaid dresses from the Thread collection.(entered some online sweepstakes thru Bride magazine)  I had two dresses made into cocktail dresses for me...they are size 18 but really feel like a size 16..they are black...sleeveless and oh so pretty...I want to be able to wear one to BOOBs.  I put them on and can't get the zipper up..dang it...I hope to by end of September. http://bridal.threaddesign.com/collections/
7.  I should enter more sweepstakes...I also won makeup for my wedding from MAC.
8.  I want a new purse
9.  I want a new pair of converse tennis shoes...navy
10.  Hubby wants us to build a pond in backyard....I said lets wait until it is no longer hotter than hell here. Yes it will be 111 again today


Jules said...

Swimming is great exercise! I could totally picture Johnny on that high dive... making sure he had your full attention. Such a sweet image!

Sarah said...

You lost me at Magic Mike... I saw that---and was ALL daydreams! lol


Azmomo2 said...

Can wait to see Magic Mike! LOL

Yes I agree swimming is working out!

Sara said...

Ick, ponds! The house I bought had one- fairly large for a metro subdivision- it smelled, was a mosquito breeding ground and eventually broke. I filled it in, but have to figure out what to do with the space. Maybe it's different because he wants it- I decided I didn't have time for other people's hobbies! Lol

RockBand Barbie said...

You should enter a sweepstakes for a house or car or something with your luck. I bet that dress will not only zip for BOOBs, but I bet it will be too big :) Can't wait to meet you there!

DiZneDiVa said...

Magic Mike does look Yum! But Sadly... It is lacking. All the best parts are in the previews, it is sad when a bunch of gorgeous scantily clad men can't help a movie. I was so disappointed, and as always there was more female nudity then male... why does Hollywood struggle with male nudity when they can't show enough Female T&A... Sexism! If you ask me... Oh Well, enough complaining for me!

MandaPanda said...

You keep hitting the gym the way you are and that dress will zip right up. You can do it!

Ronnie said...

You'll be too small for that dress by the time BOOBs comes around if you keep up the good work. ;)

Also... enter some contests for me. You seem to be quite lucky with them, and I never win anything!