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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Routine to get used to

I am such a morning person that for the last 20years I have worked 5:30-2:00
Which does wonders on avoiding traffic but I do go to bed early 8:30-9

Now I am working 8:30-4:30...so hard to get used to the new hours.  Boy the night flew by last night.  By the time I got home...made dinner, got lunches ready for the next day....got Johnny his bath...it was 8:00...wild to comprehend..I am still going to bed at 9 but hopefully I will soon be able to stay up later and enjoy my evenings.  We have been getting up at 5:30 so I am also hoping Johnny will start to sleep later as well, but 5:30 is a great time that I am adjusting to.

Exercise...I have not been doing.  I need to work my routine a little while and then I will add it in.  Also cooking for 2 is different...really different.  So far I have done Salmon...and I packed the left overs and I made turkey tacos last night and Johnny is going to have left overs tonight.  I also got some frozen tilapia to have Thursday which should be a quick dinner.  I am thinking of doing chicken breast strips and turkey meatloaf as additional meals later in the week...with a leftover day each day.  I have not started any freezing of leftovers yet...but may be in the future.  Red meat is not really in my menu...partly due to the high calories and the high price...what is up with red meat prices...and I am not to keen on the lab meat they just made ..that is too weird for me to buy hamburger that has been made in a lab

I was always under the impression that really good red meat was corn fed..how do you get that taste, if it is never fed?  Weird I tell you ... just weird

Monday, August 12, 2013

A little late but better than NEVER!

So I am very sorry I have been out of blog land....all I can say is that life got in the way and I just was not ready or capable of blogging.
My husband passed away on June 29...very sad.  Johnny and I were coming home from the circus and we were suppose to pick him up and go out for Pizza and then they were going to the community center to hit the water slides.  Well when I called him he had passed away that day.  They are still not 100% sure what he died from...we are waiting for the autopsy report and that could take another couple of months.  They are speculating that it was heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration.  There was nothing really out of the ordinary..except it was 119 degrees out and he was found collapsed in the garage working on our golf cart.
Nothing can really prepare you for it.  We had our problems and I had even moved out but we were working on it.  I will admit I had not given up on him and I had hopes that he would get his crap together.
So I was crushed.
Johnny was crushed.
And we are still working thru our grief.  I have a feeling this is going to take quite some time.
Johnny and I moved back into the house this weekend before school started.  We were ready to get back to a routine with our own stuff.  It has been pretty good....but I will admit that I don't go in the garage and I have not driven the golf cart.  I also closed his office door and haven't dealt with anything in his office or his side of the closet...but every other facet of the house is coming back to us and has been livened up with plant s flowers and picture of Johnny and his friends(had to take down some of the pictures..not all but some)

Diet front...not really doing much
I did just start getting fills again...I am at 3cc's so no restriction..if you follow my blog I am a weird one on fills and I have been taking it slow this time so as to not do the yo-yo of fill unfill, fill because of too much of a fill.  I hope to get back close to my green zone soon...but don't anticipate it probably happening until November.

I leave you with a pic of Johnny and I from our trip just recently back to North Dakota