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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic-speedos---LOVE IT!!

Exercise felt fabulous last night!  I am a music person and this is the time I get to listen to MY music.  Hubby always turns on alternative when he gets in the car but I like a little of everything.  So I put on my Pandora and jammed away on the treadmill last night!  Sweated up a storm and loved every minute of it.
It payed off on the scale today took a peak and I am lowest I've been in awhile..but official weigh day is tomorrow so I can't record it--whore that I am!

Food was great...made good choices yesterday and stopped the night time munchie monster from coming out.  I started uploading pics from trip yesterday and I am thinking of putting a book together.  I love walmarts hard bound picture books you can make(<$20).  I think they are great it just takes some time to put them together...we will see how motivated I get tonight.

Watched some olympics yesterday and was alittle ataken back by the mens sync diving...everydive the guy about lost his speedos...saw a lot of butt crack last night...giggled like a school girl each time they jumped.  I did think the brit Tom Daley is HOT sorry he didn't get a medal--look how tiny the speedo is ---REALLY?

Laura Bell does this all the time...hope I didn't lose you guys...I know I am drooling

Also watched those volleyball players...man they are good and moms and in great shape

So thats it for me...I like catching the olympics!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Endless Pit!

Did you see that hippo?  Because he ran through my kitchen eating everything in sight--doh it was me!

Holy cow people --- where did that hunger train come from.  Yesterday I could not get full.  I was so hungry I got tired of logging my food.  I am not sure where it came from.  Maybe I was a little tight on my trip which is why I ate so much yesterday?

Boobs girls had a few challenges...I failed on all accounts.  Challenge 1-meditate each day this weekend.  Friday I tried meditating and fell asleep(I was behind on sleep)  Saturday I tried meditating but Johnny kept interrupting me...couldn't get 10min of quiet time---REALLY!!!.  Yesterday..did not try and I should have because hubby finally made it home.  He was suppose to get home Saturday morning but plane and getting bumped caused him to not get home until Saturday night at 9:00pm and he was sick---ugggggghhhhhh

I hate sick hubbies---just means more work for wifey!

Challenge 2 eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables---couldn't do it ===should have tried it Sunday because I ate everything in house but I did not have enough fruit and veges to do so.  What a scmuck---guess I get back on the wagon today!  No Excuses.

No exercise this weekend.  UGHH it was raining and I just did not feel like going.  I will break that mold today.

I am scheduled for a fill tomorrow and all I can say is thank God!

I did some school supply shopping yesterday for Kindergarten for Johnny and couldn't believe I spent $50...I thought there was suppose to be all these sales out there?  It adds up quickly!  Still need to do some uniform buying for him as well.  My mom bought him a pair of tennis shoes so at least I don't have to buy them!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm back from Vacay!

Don't have pics ready yet but wanted to get back to blogging...boy I missed it and missed ready about all of you.  I did get to stay in touch with my fellow boobs girls because there were NUMEROUS emails and challenges that came and went.
So I think I did pretty well on my vacay.  I really tried to watch my portions and what I ate...I did indulge here and there but only 1 bite.
Had a couple sad moments too.  Its amazing to me, how what I eat is affecting my mom.  She is pretty negative about this journey and I never expected it.  I will explain thru some examples.  The second night they had spagetti and I only have 2.8cc in my band so I thought I would be able to eat it....um no.  pasta is just bad...I even ate it slowly and small bites but got stuck and had to throw it up...I was so embarrassed because we all eat dinner together(uncle, aunt, mom, stepdad, and cousins(10) of them) and they all noticed I had to leave the table and that I didn't eat much spagetti.  My mom especially.  Later we were watching fireworks and eating popcorn and my mom said "are you sure you can eat it"  yes I was able to eat popcorn.  I explained again that this is a learning process and I should have stayed away from the pasta but she just disapprovingly looked at me.  Then I told her about an article I read about Rex Ryan losing 100lbs and giving credit to the lapband and we also talked about alcohol and how some banders switch their addiction to alcohol when they don't have food which leads to other problems with their marriage and such, she then says "well, I have not seen anybody turn out hot from the lapband, they all still have extra weight"  wow--I just didn't know what to say.  I was floored that she could discount someones loss.  Too me I interpreted that as great you lost weight but your still fat.  I share so much with my mom by talking to her everyday that I am sad that I am unable to share this journey with her.  She makes me so sad and upset with her comments that I am really going to have to pull away from her on this.  I love her to death  but this is actually really upsetting me.  My nutrionist suggested I start seeing a therapist because my mom is such an influence in my life and she is so negative about the band,  I think he may be right.  He thinks her comments will sabotage me from reaching goal

Anyway...I did take a peak at my weight and I have lost since last week and that makes me happy.  I am trying to make Wednesday my weigh in days so I am going to wait until next week for official weigh in.  I did lots of walking on vacay and no snacking.  My meals were not always the best but they were not terrible.

So I will tell you more fun stuff about the trip once I get my pics in order

Friday, July 20, 2012

WHAT TOO FAT TO RUN? That is what Doctor told me~!

So I got my fill.....2.8cc WTH it is less than what they primed my band with during port surgery...guess I will be needing more of those.  I was hungry as hell last night...ate way more than 1200 calories and that is nuts!  Let me preface this with I switched docs last fill and this new one I am taking a bit to warm up to.  Mind you he has the band himself and has lost over 100 lbs...he has had the band for 5 years.
He told me I was exercising for too long of time I should do 30 minutes everyday not hour long sessions 5 days a week.  I don't like doing that.  I feel like it takes about 30 minutes just to get warmed up.  Then he tells me I should not run because I have too much weight still---WTH I ran a 1/2 marathon at this weight in 2005.----then he says well you said your feet hurt--thats cause you are pounding the floor running with too much weight...shoes won't last you but a couple months with that----WTH WTH WTH
That was demotivating
I have really enjoyed getting to the gym 5 days a week for 1 - 1 1/2 hours a day...but my feet do hurt.
He also told me to stick to the eliptical or bike.  Ok I like the bike...I hate the eliptical..just don't enjoy doing it.

I guess I should try it his way before I toss in the towel right away, but its hard because its not what I want to do.

I leave for vacay on Sunday...plan on getting a couple more days in the gym before I go.  I am not going to weigh myself until I get back--that will be interesting.  We will see how I feel about exercise when I get back from vacay.  This is my last post peeps until I get back from vacay----I will miss you all terribly!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fill'ER up!!!

Its fill day!!!! So excited..I made it and I did not gain all my weight back!  Not sure how much he will give me today but it has to be better than where I am at.

On the gym front, I hit it again last night--can you give me a Woot Woot!!! but my feet hurt, I need new tennis shoes and I think socks.  I want some moisture wicking socks.  But of course I take back seat.  Johnny needs some new school uniforms so I am spending money there first and then I will get me some new workout clothes..now that I have stuck with it pretty much a month at the gym I think I can splurge on some sports bras---didn't have any, socks and running shoes.

I usually am a Nike shoe girl but I let my hubby talk me into some Asics Gels..they just didn't last that long. I think I am going to go back to Nike, plus the Asics were a little clunky, I like a light shoe with good arch support.  I may hit the running store...that would be cool..haven't been there since I ran my 1/2 marathon in 2005 (I think they are still in business-bahahah)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BOOBs challenge---bring it chickeees!!!!

Whoa hold the horses---two blogs in one day...sorry girls I was just so excited had to post.

So I signed up paypal and sent Draz money then I knew I had to do the dreaded before pics..so I decided to put on a tshirt I bought last year that when I got in the mail(yes ordered on amazon in a drunken stupor one night an XL and thought it would fit-bahahaha) and when I got it I could not get it over my head it was so tight....well today I got it on...its tight but I got it on and I can't wait for it to fit by the end of September!
So I start the challenge today at 235.5

sorry for the scowl...I really hate pictures

the side shot is what surprised me...I am not sucking in and my fat tummy used to stick out way past my boobies....

Hate the fat girl sweat!

Well I am totally excited to go and get my fill back tomorrow.  It has been hard being unfilled and able to eat anything!  I have exercised Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and the plan is to finish the week out.
Today for some reason my heels are really tender to walk on.  Wonder if my shoes are bad...kinda thinking they are if my feet hurt
I am the same weight I was yesterday so at least I have not added to my weight gain.  I will admit I was hoping for a slight loss today but it is what it is.

Today I am going to go thru my clothes and decide what to bring on my trip....not looking forward to this because it will involve me trying on some clothes to see what fits.  That always causes me to sweat.  I hate sweating..I will be glad when this weight is off and I don't sweat so much...shoot I sweat shopping, my hair gets soaked and that tends to add to the reasons I hate shopping...it just is not a glamorous process for me.  I feel like a pig the whole time.  I also usually get a back ache from walking around the mall...I think it is from  carrying my purse---oh and that tummy in front of me.....yes shopping sucks.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dropping those LB's

So I made it to the gym yesterday for a crazy sweaty 60min of exercise....LOVED it!  I was running a little late due to my mammography appointment but I made it.

Got on the scale and dropped 1/2 lb so that was nice.  Going to repeat the process again today.  Eat well Exercise.  I know I post this often but the week is so much easier for me than at home...god forbid if I worked from home full time----I would be the size of a house.

I am going to get my luggage out tonight for my trip.  Made reservations for Noodle(our little shitzu) for the country club--I mean dog kennel because both hubby and I are going to be gone next week.  So I reserved the small room (did not go for the suite---because the dog only wieghs 15lbs he would get lost in a suite) comes with a tv---how nice is that!  Luckily hubbies work pays for it..again how nice is that.

I can't WAIT to leave this heat for a week.   And where am I going.......the lovely state of North Dakota...yes Minot here we come....or should I say Lake Sakakawea.

Although this is what you normally see in ND...so many oil wells

School starts shortly after we get back....can't believe the summer is almost over....but BOOBs is almost here yeah!!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

fatty made yeast rolls this weekend....yea, you heard right?

I have the Monday blahs!  I am going to fess up that this weekend was not a good choice weekend.  I think it started Friday....I did not work out.  I have no fill and I have been HUNGRY so I have eaten more towards 1500-1800 calories...ughh and I gained 6lbs  Pretty much in two days.  I did work out Sunday but the bad weigh affected the rest of the weekend.  Today I am trying to get back in control in hopes of salvaging something.  I am going to hit the gym each day until my fill on Thursday.  My guess is he is only going to give me a little and I won't have much restriction which I can live with because I already have my next fill for Monday after I get back from vacay...which I leave for this Sunday.
I am a little disappointed because the family I am going to see pretty much is not going to notice much of a difference in weight and they know I got the lapband so I am already imagining what they will say...god I hate my internal voice..its so negative.
We cleaned out the garage to make room for the golf cart which didn't take long because the garage was pretty organized already just needed to move some stuff around.

I got my small travel size stuff and I can't remember if I can take a disposable razor with me or if that is considered a weapon? hmmm need to look that up.

I got the cousins some little Arizona trinkets(scorpion paperweight and Arizona flashlight key chains---the boys should like that)

Today after work is my yearly mammogram...I hate getting old

Its so weird to going back to eating more food.  I now HAVE to eat breakfast---brought back the oatmeal, and lunch and god help me at dinner so I don't inhale the whole pantry.

My pastor had a sermon on his grandmothers yeast rolls and how it relates to god...I then went home and made yeast rolls...the house smelled divine(lol) and I proceeded to eat 2 rolls---shoot me now.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gym again....yes sirreeee...

Well I did it...made it to the gym everyday this week so far....hope to hit is today too!  Had a friend unexpectedly come up yesterday..thought I might have missed the gym...but I just took him with me.  He worked out while I did and hubby and johnny did their usual swim thing!  FELT wonderful
Can't wait for fill...think the swelling finally subsided...cause I am hungry!  Really trying to hold it together until next Thursday.

Couple of Rants

I hate the robot breaker on peoples logs...half the time I type it in wrong or something...it just is a pain and I wish everyone would remove it.

I hate it when bloggers reply in a blog to a comment...I NEVER GO BACK TO THE BLOG POST

I got new followers..holy crap last I looked I was at 48 now I almost 60---can't believe anyone wants to follow me....but WELCOME to my journey

No real plans this weekend, going in for a color and trim nothing new just an update.  Trying to hit gym this weekend......

Got the paycheck...finally Hubbies paycheck from this week came in with this weeks paycheck...about time!

shopping anyone..............

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Riding that Exercise Train

So I was actually excited to hit the gym yesterday......on queue MandaPanda texted me to see if I was going and I told her I was looking forward to it...and I meant it.  When was this turning point?  I think it was my moms statement to me that she was wondering if it was worth it because I had not lost much compared to other diets I had been on...I started to reflect...which I am good at...I mean I am a girl right?

All my other diets I exercised my butt off why was I not doing it here?  I mean I was getting walking in but not everyday and never got my heart rate in the zone.  I think I was trying to see what the band could do?  On HCG I never exercised and I lost 1lb a day...thought it was awesome and I think I thought I could do it here....ummm no.  I was not losing anything and it really was due, I think in part, to not getting my heart rate up doing some exercise as well as watching my diet.

I started exercising after my mom said that and the first two weeks at the gym it was hard to motivate me, sometimes I wanted to not go and other times I didn't want to keep my heart rate up and in my burning range but I did keep going(fake it till you make it).

Well this is week 3 and it is like a whole new me,

I am looking forward to the gym,

I am running on the treadmill,

I am mixing it up with the bike and eliptical and just love coming home drenched from working out...I do not prespire or dew....I sweat like a pig in heat!

I am sick and weigh before and after and usually lose about 5 lbs in water--then proceed to drink it right up again..but it feels so cleansing.

So when it comes down to it, was it that my body was ready to step it up?  Did I need my mom to give me some tough love to basically say I need to step it up?  Or did the stars just align and it all work out(hubby did step up and takes johnny to the pool while I am working out).  I think it was just a combination of all the above.

I hope this keeps going  for awhile..I know I am going to hit some burnout phases...I always do but I am going to ride out this exercise thing for all its worth.

PS---I love how my clothes are fitting, when I work out I feel I look good, I can tell things are getting smaller---why because my skin is so dang loose it shakes and billows like a sail....my arms have gotten so saggy its scary --- don't ask me to wave or I will knock myself out!  Also, my legs have gotten so flabby I need my spandex to keep it together...I can't imagine what it is going to look like in another 80lbs..oh lordy!

But I am loving how skinny is feeling!

I am so in for the BOOBS challenge but not sure how I am to pay for it because I don't have a paypal account.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goal not to lose weight before fill..

So I was real worried that now that my band is empty I am going to put the weight back on.  I mean it happened in April when they found out my fills were not working and I had a flipped port...I gained 6 lbs before my port revision.  I spent the rest of May losing those 6 lbs.  I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN...it was like I lost 2 months.  This time not as drastic I was emptied on Saturday and my first fill will be next Thursday.  I know I can do this.

I went to the gym yesterday and worked my butt off for 1 1/2 hours...it felt glorious.  I sweated buckets.  Then went home and had a protein shake took a shower and went to bed.  Nighttime is my worst and snacking at night time means I must stay away from the kitchen at all costs.  Night 1 was successful.  Sunday doesn't count I was on liquids.

So after my last fill last tuesday and my unfill Saturday I had lost roughly 10lbs.  I think some of it was dehydration so I figured I would gain a little back and when I weighed on Monday I had put on 3 lbs but the nice thing today was those three pounds are gone and I am back to my lowest.  Woot Woot.

My plan is to use vegetables to fill up and to use exercise to burn those calories.  I am planning on being at the gym all week.

On the personal front....still no check from hubbies work.  I am quite amazed and hope they don't screw up this Fridays check too(he gets paid weekly).  They are a huge company so you would think they can get there act together.  I bet they will combine the two checks and then I will end up with less because more taxes will get taken out..ugghhhh

So I think I mentioned that we bought a golf cart this weekend at an auction. Its a fixer upper for sure but I can't wait to fix it up and tool around up here.  I plan on painting it and my mom and I will recover the seats and put new tires on it....fun fun!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Total Unfill

So I had a crazy weekend.  I got a fill on Tuesday and looking bad I should have gotten a fill half the size of last time but I didn't I got just slightly less than last time 0.40cc from 0.50cc  Then I was on liquids and mushies for two days then on Friday I was able to eat.  I went to my moms and had bbq ribs(they were too dry) and potatoe salad.  I had just a tablespoon of salad and a couple bites of pork...got stuck.  Then for desert I had made peach cobbler...should have said no but I had a tablespoon...got stuck.  So I figured Saturday I would go back to liquids because in the past after getting stuck I am a little swollen and a day of liquids gets me back to feeling normal...not the case this time.  On Saturday I started to tighten as the day grew.  By 5 o'clock I could not keep water down...mind you by this time I had dropped 10lbs since Tuesday I was nervous I was going to be dehydrated if not already...I didn't want to go to ER but I wasn't sure what to do and I didn't think I could make it until monday to get an unfill.
So I belong to this Facebook group of lapbanders for my clinic and I posted and asked them...they gave me an afterhours number and told me to run it by our doc and see what he says...so I call him, he says to get into the office asap and he will unfill me he didn't want me to hurt the band or dehydrate myself so I go in and he takes out ALL my liquid.  I am in tears now because I for some reason blame myself.  Looking back I am not sure I could have done anything differently except I should not have eaten dry pork and potatoes being as tight as I am.  Ughhh
So I have to wait 2 weeks before I start fills again....back to the drawing board...On top of that hubbies work screwed up paychecks and we still have not gotten paid..should have been paid Friday then they said they would have it Saturday or the latest Monday...neither happened...I guess I am glad I don't live on the east coast because hubbies boss was still out of power on Friday and then she woke up to no check as well.
Not sure when they will get him his paycheck so I had to withdraw it from savings which I hate doing because it never makes its way back there.

We entered an auction bid for a golf cart on a government site and won!  Its an old golf cart but hubby is going to fix it up.  Our community up here is the kind where a lot of people drive golf carts around and with hubby now working full time from home I would like to cut back on gas and use the golf cart more.  So I am pretty excited to see it...we pick it up Wednesday

Friday, July 6, 2012

Down another 1 1/2lbs!

Its Friday!!!
Well I got on the scale and have dropped another 1 1/2 lbs---holy crap that is awesome.  I am really excited , seriously no doubt because I am losing the weight.
Hubby's work screwed up and we didn't get paid today...bummer...they think they MAY get this fixed tonight but no promises----can you say suckola
Going to see spiderman tonight..hubby is not a movie person but loves comic books and johnny is at the rents house tonight for a sleepover.
I may need to dig thru the closet this weekend looking for some more pants/shorts to wear I am down to 2 pair of jeans.ughhh and its too hot for jeans!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amazing what a fill does!

So I got on the scale today (2 days after my fill) and guess what I am down 6lbs...I lost the 5lbs I had gained and lost an additional pound---holy crap that feels great. I am getting close to leaving the 230's and I simply can't wait!!  I am still shooting for 219..that was my lowest during HCG diet last year so I have a ways yet.

It totally kept my 4th of July eating down because I was on mushies yesterday!  Today is the test of the bad to see how I do with real food.

It has been rainy here in PHX and my gym closed early on the 3rd and closed on the 4th so I am anxious to get back at it today...hate being off 2 days.

So when I went in for my fill my insurance had changed so I have a whole new staff.  I switched groups in my office I have a new nutrionists, doctor and nurse....it felt strange but they are really nice.  He fills me standing up(me standing up..he is actually sitting :) He put in .75cc and it gurgled going down, he dropped it down to .5cc and it still gurgled so then he did .40cc and it was perfect.  So I am officially up to 5.65cc in my band.  He had me make an appt for 3 weeks because he does not want me to stall...he wasn't to pleased that I kept at it after my restriction dropped...he said he wants me in asap if my restriction drops because he wants me to attack my weight loss as a shark(his words).  Umm ok.

Then he asked me how much I go to the gym I told him I was so pleased I actually made it 5 days last week.....he said I want to see 7 days a week 30 min of CARDIO everyday...not just walking....yep this is a new doctor...my other doctor just wanted to see me moving everyday for 30 minutes.  Good thing I am game for some more exercise!!!

On the family side my hubby and johnny got dressed in their spiderman outfits and we went to carls junior for their grilled cheese bacon burger(they got it for free if dressed up) then proceeded to share a fry and milkshake...I just watched..and was ok with it.  Johnny got a little shy when we got there and I wasn't sure if he was going to go in but he did!

and then just a fun picture of Johnny and I with his new Hulk toy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Only Five and he loves the ladies!

So exercising last night I decided to throw the bike in...only lasted about 10 min for a couple of reasons.  The bikes look out over the diving pool and I was watching Johnny dive.  On one dive he didn't swim over to the side when he was done but he instead swam across the pool.  At first I thought --oh no, he is disoriented and going to tire out--I hope he makes it---I leaned closer to the window and then I see it....there is a girl by the side at the other end....and....he starts talking to her.  WHAT he swam all that way just to talk to a girl....oh no...I am in for it, he is only 5!!!!!!!

I then moved on to the treadmill and walked and ran for another 30minutes.  So I only got in 40 minutes because my hubby and Johnny got tired and wanted to go home.  But 40 min is 40 min of good quality gym exercise and sweat!

Today is my fill so I am pretty excited.  I had my annual at the doctors office yesterday and she asked how everything was and then said she hopes to see me skinny next year!  Wow that would be cool.
I stopped off at Desert Ridge to try Mr Smoothie Gladiator that my friend told me about....I was not impressed, it was $5.50 for a small (20oz) and it had 45grams of protein and 400calories..too many calories for my liking.

Our community is shooting off some fireworks and hubby bought a bunch so we will light some off before the community does...if...it...is...not...raining.  And it looks pretty dark right now.  I am looking forward to a few sparklers...love writing my name.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Support Weekend for Family!

Its Monday and it actually may rain this week in the lovely AZ...gosh I hope so, we need to cool down!  another 113 degree day yesterday at the pool.
Went and saw Magic Mike....I must have a small mind...because I liked it...Made me laugh!  Kind of reminded me of the crazy party style of my younger days and I did go to a few parties with strippers and the stripper life style is so different!
Hubby cancelled the pool play date with his bosses daughter...it was kind of tense on Friday but I told him AGAIN how I was kind of dreading her coming up, he said he didn't want me to feel uncomfortable and he cancelled.  That was nice of him and I felt instantly better when he told me.
We did pool/gym on Friday---yes I think I actually made it to the gym 5 days(1 day just swimming) and it felt GREAT!  Plan is to hit it again this week.
My hubbies brother came over Saturday because his new bride got cold feet and told him she thought she was too young to be married....I guess you get that when you marry a fresh young twentish girl working at hooters....sorry kind of catty remark.  They have only been married a few months and just bought a house.
The other brother came over on Friday talking about starting a tattoo business but mad that his dad wanted to be involved(he was going to put up some money)   I had to leave that conversation or I may have said something I shouldn't have.  So it was kind of just a support weekend for family.
Eating was terrible.  I did try a bunch of PB2 recipes...but that lead to eating more than I should.  Goal this week is to work out 4 times and get my fill and control my eating.  Like most say weekends are harder than during the week, just not structured and prepared at home.  I prep for the week on Sunday but its only for m-f so Saturday and Sunday I am usually not prepped with good food.  I need to rethink that because then we eat out more on the weekend than we should.