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Monday, July 2, 2012

Support Weekend for Family!

Its Monday and it actually may rain this week in the lovely AZ...gosh I hope so, we need to cool down!  another 113 degree day yesterday at the pool.
Went and saw Magic Mike....I must have a small mind...because I liked it...Made me laugh!  Kind of reminded me of the crazy party style of my younger days and I did go to a few parties with strippers and the stripper life style is so different!
Hubby cancelled the pool play date with his bosses daughter...it was kind of tense on Friday but I told him AGAIN how I was kind of dreading her coming up, he said he didn't want me to feel uncomfortable and he cancelled.  That was nice of him and I felt instantly better when he told me.
We did pool/gym on Friday---yes I think I actually made it to the gym 5 days(1 day just swimming) and it felt GREAT!  Plan is to hit it again this week.
My hubbies brother came over Saturday because his new bride got cold feet and told him she thought she was too young to be married....I guess you get that when you marry a fresh young twentish girl working at hooters....sorry kind of catty remark.  They have only been married a few months and just bought a house.
The other brother came over on Friday talking about starting a tattoo business but mad that his dad wanted to be involved(he was going to put up some money)   I had to leave that conversation or I may have said something I shouldn't have.  So it was kind of just a support weekend for family.
Eating was terrible.  I did try a bunch of PB2 recipes...but that lead to eating more than I should.  Goal this week is to work out 4 times and get my fill and control my eating.  Like most say weekends are harder than during the week, just not structured and prepared at home.  I prep for the week on Sunday but its only for m-f so Saturday and Sunday I am usually not prepped with good food.  I need to rethink that because then we eat out more on the weekend than we should.


Z said...

Kudos to the hubby canceling!

RockBand Barbie said...

So glad your husband canceled!

I wish we would get some rain. It has been 110 here and we are NOT used that..and it's very humid here. We have actually been setting all time record highs here for the past couple of days. My pool feels like bath water!

Sarah G said...

Glad hubby came to his senses!

I want to see Magic Mike too but will wait until it comes out on DVD or Ondemand.

Hope you make good choices this week! :)

Laura Belle said...

I'm going to Magic Mike tomorrow!

Jules said...

I'm glad hubby canceled! :D I went and saw Magic Mike too, some great moves! Yummy moves! teehee

Ronnie said...

Weekends are so hard! I hate them. Let's put them in the middle of the week. Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday... yep. That works.

I'm glad your husband cancelled the swim-date. That was very considerate of him.

And, jeez, I'm sorry about your BIL... that's horrible. :(

Banded With Favor said...

So glad hubby took your thoughts into consideration...Good job Hubby!!! Looked for that PB2 stuff could not find it, but I did find at trader Joel's better then peanut butter...yummy and cookie butter!!! OMG that cookie butter is delic....if you don't like ginger snaps you won't like it but, yum yum yum!!!!