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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amazing what a fill does!

So I got on the scale today (2 days after my fill) and guess what I am down 6lbs...I lost the 5lbs I had gained and lost an additional pound---holy crap that feels great. I am getting close to leaving the 230's and I simply can't wait!!  I am still shooting for 219..that was my lowest during HCG diet last year so I have a ways yet.

It totally kept my 4th of July eating down because I was on mushies yesterday!  Today is the test of the bad to see how I do with real food.

It has been rainy here in PHX and my gym closed early on the 3rd and closed on the 4th so I am anxious to get back at it today...hate being off 2 days.

So when I went in for my fill my insurance had changed so I have a whole new staff.  I switched groups in my office I have a new nutrionists, doctor and nurse....it felt strange but they are really nice.  He fills me standing up(me standing up..he is actually sitting :) He put in .75cc and it gurgled going down, he dropped it down to .5cc and it still gurgled so then he did .40cc and it was perfect.  So I am officially up to 5.65cc in my band.  He had me make an appt for 3 weeks because he does not want me to stall...he wasn't to pleased that I kept at it after my restriction dropped...he said he wants me in asap if my restriction drops because he wants me to attack my weight loss as a shark(his words).  Umm ok.

Then he asked me how much I go to the gym I told him I was so pleased I actually made it 5 days last week.....he said I want to see 7 days a week 30 min of CARDIO everyday...not just walking....yep this is a new doctor...my other doctor just wanted to see me moving everyday for 30 minutes.  Good thing I am game for some more exercise!!!

On the family side my hubby and johnny got dressed in their spiderman outfits and we went to carls junior for their grilled cheese bacon burger(they got it for free if dressed up) then proceeded to share a fry and milkshake...I just watched..and was ok with it.  Johnny got a little shy when we got there and I wasn't sure if he was going to go in but he did!

and then just a fun picture of Johnny and I with his new Hulk toy!


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Great job on the 6 lbs and staying in check over the 4th!!! I can't imagine watching others eat and being ok with it...will I really get to that point?? I can't wait to get my band!!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Oh good God that burger looks divine!!

Jen said...

AWESOME on the 6 lbs!!!

AND, your family is adorable!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

We don't have Carls Jr here...we have Hardee's (basically the same thing) and I used to love, love, love those juicy cheeseburgers with the sourdough bread.

Congrats on the 6 pounds!

Jules said...

Great job on the loss! I'm so happy for you that you have a new doctor that will be proactive in helping you. He sounds like a keeper!!

JRD said...

Go girl!!! Sometimes I am AMAZED with what happens after a little bump up of a fill. You clearly needed it! IMHO, your doc seems a bit aggressive there with the 7 days of exercise. The fact that you are going 5 days a week to the gym is a HUGE deal, and frankly, sometimes when we try to commit to having to do something like go to the gym every single day, it can get overwhelming and then one doesn't go at all. 5 days is so much better than none at all! I mean, if you're up for 7 days a week, get down with your bad self, but I still think you are doing amazing by getting there 5 dedicated times. I hope you like this new doctor - and congratulations on your 6 pounds down!!! You rock!!!

MandaPanda said...

How cute are your boys?!?!? LOL!

Awesome loss! Awesome fill! Sounds like you're doing great!!!

Ronnie said...

HULK SMASH! ...ugh. I hate that toy. I may have hidden the boys'. lol

Wow, 7 days a week of exercise and no "just walking." Talk about unrealistic expectations. I know you're up to it, but that's just crazy talk to me.

Laura Belle said...

Look how cute you look!

And why did you have to post that burger. Now I want one sosososo bad!

Congrats on the loss!