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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

STUCK from a protein shake....and BOOBs

So yesterday I really felt hunger pains...not liking that one bit.  When I got off work I raced home because I was H U N G R Y.  I made myself a protein shake which I did contemplate making because I was looking forward to digging into some black beans(thanks Saucy Lisa!) ...but hunger won out and I drank the shake and I needed to pick up Johnny from school so I drank it pretty quick...I drank 16oz in 10 min and that was just to quick for me.  My chest hurt for the rest of the night..couldn't drink or eat anything after that.
I have been lucky that I have been able to sleep on my side (either side) since the day after surgery using pillows...last night it hurt to sleep on my side.
This morning...pain, it hurt had to wear baggy pants because I put my jeans on and the pain was even worse so I put on same baggy slacks and a sweater...I drank some tea and I just got a tall coffee the heat seems to help.  I have my first post op appointment today so I am pretty excited but he doesn't do fills until 6 weeks post op so I have some time before that.
I saw the BOOBs post and I really am thinking about going, it would be cool to meet the people I read about all the time...how many out there of my followers are thinking of going?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Band...what band?

So my honeymoon phase is over...I am now hungry..damn!  I thought I could ride this out my whole 6 weeks until first fill.....no such luck.  I have been really watching what I eat because as you have all told me...here comes the will power because the band won't help you much right now.
I have been logging into myfitnesspal ---jennxaz not sure how to link any people to it
It makes me more accountable so that I can watch my calories...so easy to let those creep up.
I was watching dr. oz and how we all eat hidden calories that we don't think count but add up quickly.
A lick from the bowl of brownies or cookies we are making...the last crumbs at the end of chips or crackers...I did notice when I did my hcg diet how much I like to nibble.  So I am making a good effort here not to do it.
I had
1 shake in the morning
1/2 c up egg beaters with 1 tblspoon colby shredded
1 cup of mashed potatoes for lunch with a tblspoon of colby shredded
6 teaspoons of cottage cheese for dinner
1 shake in the evening
sf popcicle
2 sf jellos

Saturday pretty much same thing just instead of potatoes I had refried beans and instead of cottage cheese I had onion soup.

So I am looking forward to adding some real meat to my diet but grinding it all up does not sound appetizing for me so I am going to wait till this Thursday when I can add it in ---yeah...maybe it will keep me full longer.  I notice that if I don't eat every couple of hours my stomache starts making noises and seems to yell at me to eat...as soon as I eat a little something it shuts up.
I have been doing well at not drinking while eating and waiting about 30 min after I eat to drink so that is going  well.

I hate that my pants ride on my incisions...I kind of want to wear a mumu so that there is no rubbing on my incisions but that would not be attractive work attire and I really don't want to ..... can you imagine good lordy.

My post op appt with doc is tomorrow and I am going to beg for a fill in 2 more weeks rather than wait another 4 but I hear he is strict and that it will probably be futile but oh well...I have to TRY!
I am also a little concerned because most people say they don't feel their fills until the 3rd or 4th fill...YIKES  I am not sure my will power is that LONG LASTING.

Watched oscars last night we made kind of a night of it and printed off the categories and picked who we thought would win with the winner taking $40....I won...that was fun!  I did whoredevores for the hubby and johnny and I just had sf jello and sf popcicles.  I loved it when the girl from the help(name?) and the guy from the fockers(name?) introduced there little schtick was sooo funny.
Hope you all have a great monday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

On to mushies...Yippee

I actually get to move on to mushies today!!!!

I thought it might be beneficial for people to see the portions of what I have been eating.

1/2 protein shake(made with 16oz skim milk 1 scoop protein)
1 cup of egg drop soup--just broth
1/2 protein shake
3 16 oz crystal lights throughout day

3/4 protein shake
1 cup hot and sour soup--just broth
3/4 protein shake
3 16 oz crystal lights throughout day

3/4 protein shake
1/2 c egg beaters(southwestern) 2 tblspn colby cheese

I have not been real hungry this week...which is good and bad.  I know I am not getting my protein in and I know I need more calories.  Prior to tuesday it was broth and sf popcicles ...I couldn't really get a protein shake down without it hurting so I stopped doing them.
I can feel my appetite picking up today but I am going to try to follow my nutrionists plan which is 1/2c of food 4 times a day and 2 shakes as supplements...I don't think the first few days this next week I will be able to get all that down but I am aiming for it and making sure I measure it out because I really don't have a firm grasp on 1/2cup.
I did try to go for an hour walk yesterday but only made it 45minutes and I was exhausted...tried to hitchhike home but nobody would pick me up...I was sweating buckets probably not attractive--jk.
Today I am sore from walking and lucky me....TOM arrived...I haven't had that in over 2 years but then my doctor made me miss my depo shot in January so I knew it would come.  So are the cramps from TOM or surgery...really?
I did go shopping yesterday, its so warm here that Johnny needed some new shorts and tops so I hit Childrens place and power shopped...I ended up sweaty but he needed some clothes.  Today is first day back at work (I should say virtually as I sit in my recliner) already a few stressful moments and I could feel the tension in my shoulders.
I have a new friend...my band talks to me ALL DAY LONG..its so noisy.  My hubby actually can hear it and at times ask me to repeat and I have to tell him its my tummy talking not me! LOL! 
I am down another couple of pounds.  I hit 253 today so I will update my ticker.
Thats all folks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Its a new day and I am feeling better

So I haven't posted in awhile and need to give some honest feedback on my recovery.  I was feeling pretty terrible nothing tasted good and I didn't want to eat(drink) anything broth tasted like ass and I got really dehydrated which resulted in barfing(which was really just a succession of burps no actual puke).  I then realized I did not want to hurt the band or go to the doctor so I needed to do something this was Monday afternoon.  So I decided to get some egg drop soup from my favorite chinese restaurant and I filtered out the chunks.  I had about a 1/3 cup and it was heavenly.  I suddenly felt so much better. As the day went on crystal light and water started to taste better.  So then yesterday I woke up and my shoulder and tummy hurt...instant alert to gas so I walked around the house and made my son some breakfast and the gas disappeared.  I then had some more chinese broth and felt a lot better.  I really started to feel good.  Tuesdays I take my son to tennis after school and because its just me I quit the pain meds so that I could drive(had to pick him up from school and take him to tennis) well the pain came and it didn't help that it was gorgeous 73 out and I was sitting in the sun during practice I started to sweat a little and the cuts started to itch and burn a little.  I wish I had brought myself something to drink...I didn't what a mistake.  When I got home I was thirsty and I knew I needed to get more protein in so I made a protein drink and drank it to fast and ended up with tummy and chest pains.  Will I learn to slow down on my sipping?  So this morning I woke up and I was thirsty so I made a protein shake and I sipped about 3/4 it and yeah...no pains today.
So I guess what I am getting at is that I must be a slow learner because I really knew all this stuff...I have read it in blogs but then I seem to have a brain fart and forgetten it.
I am going to try to walk today for about an hour. 
I am going to try to remember to sip slowly today.
I am going to try to go with no pain meds today.
I did drop another 3 lbs...need to update my ticker.
Love you guys .... move on to mushies tomorrow and I am a little excited...I have my egg beaters ready and my mashed potatoes on hand...am I ready or just headed to shoulder and chest pains....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

feel like crap today

I was doing so well until today.  I think I ran out of gas.  I have been nausuous all day today.  I took the patch off because my eyesight was so blurry I couldn't read anything and now I can see but feel like I could hurl at any moment.  I have tried to hurl a few times but it just comes up as a ton of burps.  I think I am gassy.  I know I am not hungry and I was not expecting that.  I guess I thought that I would not really feal any restriction until I have a few fills.  I find I need to slow down drinking or else it sits like a pill in my chest and hurts.  This is bad because I feel like when I drink I can feel an air bubble going down and that is uncomfortable.  Nothing tastes good. The broth is bland, the crystal light tastes like a watered down cocktail to me.  I did manage to sleep for 3 hours this afternoon and on my port side no problem.  I also got to take a shower which felt awesome but I just which I could get myself in a better place...closer to normal.  I can't drink a whole protein shake, I can only seem to have 1/2 of it and that takes me awhile to get it down.  My hubby got me a decaf skinny vanilla late...venti yesterday and I finished maybe half today I told him to get me a tall but he brought home a grande and again I only could finish 1/2.  I am wondering if it is too hard on my tummy.  Tomorrow I am going to switch to  no coffee and see if this helps my mornings better.  I have been taking about 4 gas x strips a day but maybe I need to take more not sure.  The noises from my tummy are crazy loud and my hubby laughs at them a lot, its almost like its talking.  Well I wanted to get out a post to let you know today is not a good day and I am hoping tomorrow will be better.  Luckily hottie hubbie is home with me tomorrow.  I have a wonderful friend who took Johnny to lunch and a movie with her boys and hubby went golfing so that is how I was able to nap for 3 hours this afternoon.  Sorry to be a downer I just really thought I would be doing better than I am right now.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm finally banded!

So here is my banded story.
I got a call the night before that they would like me to go in early by 1 hour ..I'm thinking great because I originally was suppose to go in at 12:30 AND couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight...really I am already on the liquid diet I know I am going to hungry.  So I get there at 9:30 and wait wait wait.  They bring me back.  There is this one lady who goes to my surgical center and we found out we were having our bands put in the same day an hour appart so we have been text...kinda cool.  I met her in the prep area and wished her good luck.  oh wait for the crazy Friday night fiasco.
My moms husband called her at 1;00 to say he dropped a sledge hammer on this leg and needed her to come take him urgent care...well they get to urgent care and the doctor said he didn't have the tools to soderize an artery so they took off the Mayo clinic...meanwhile mom thinks the amount of blood he was losing was too much.  They ended up carterizing the artery and stiching up the whole....yuck.
I pick johnny up from school and both eyes are red and pussy....pink eye!  I just about lost it. So I call his doctor and can't get in until 11:30am Thursday.  I told hottie hubbie just to drop me off at the surgical center and come back in the afternoon.  I would have liked to have had someone sitting there with me but o-well...
I did have my new friend so I shooted the shit with them for about an hour before they wheeled her in.  I ended up being wheeled in at my oringal time 12:30(seriously...they made me sit there for an hour more than needed)  I didn't care i was so damn excited like a kid in a candy store!
I woke up and was sicker than a dog and noticed that it was 3:00 wow didn't think surgery was going to last that long..maybe i took awhile to wake up.  Then came the waves of PAIN...wholly shit it hurt...I could feel the gas but couldn't burp.  That is when I realized that I really never burp I always swallow my burps not a good idea here...that hurt even more...then I threw up and couldn't stop and visions of ruining my band kept popping in my head...my puking really just turned into burps and dry heaves.  They gave me some anti-nausuous shot in my IV and that lasted a few hours.  I only slept for an hour at a time..so I am going to bed right after I post this!
I had broth and orange jello for dinner...the warm broth tasted wonderful because my throat was so sore and wraspy.  I started walking right away to help with the gas and it worked wonders.  I talked to another lady who was there getting the sleeve.  They were taking my vitals this morning and I noticed my heart rate was 43.. I didn't think that sounded right and neither did the male nurse so he checked my pulse the old fashion way with his fingers.  Turns out it really was on 43 but that worried my doc so he came in early and then he noted that I am usually 65 heart rate so he said it was nothing to worry about but he would keep an eye on it.  I asked for more pain meds--she gave me a double shot and I really started to feel better as the day went on today..  I have a little bit of pain getting up out of a chair but really I am surprised how GREAT I feel today.  I think walking does wonders for relieving the gas.
I lost 10 lbs during the preop diet so I was pretty excited about that.  I haven't been hungry at all today but I did have a bit of broth and a protein shake (that took me a long time to drink)  I was gulping my drinks adding more gas to my problem.  I really needed to take sips...once I did that it helped a lot.
So, I think that is about it.  After this week I can see how bandster hell is going to come in
here are my guidlines
1)liquid only (shakes, broth, decaf coffee/tea) one week only
2) blended thicker soups, and same items above..I can also have ground up turkey, chicken or tuna, egg beaters
3)all the above and then some lean protein cut up.
4.) back to eating but try to keep calories at 1200
So I can see some torture in the future
My doctor wants to see me in 2 weeks and then a fill in 6 weeks(6 weeks is like forever)
I can't believe I am finally on the otherside.....It seems like I started this so long ago..then again it seems like just yesterday
Overall it was a great experience and I enjoyed taking with the fellow banders that were there and the nurses were fabulous.
I guess I better do a few laps in the back yard before I get ready to go to bed....chow guys!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogging Thing Need Help

I noticed that when I leave comments on peoples blog they reply back by sending me an email which I just love.....
How can I do that? duh...me stupid

Happy Valentines Day! I hate it when plans change.....

So I got a call from the hospital yesterday getting me ready for admittance on Thursday and they said to pack a bag?  what?  I said why I was told its out patient..."Umm... No Mrs. Thomas, your insurance approval is for inpatient only"  Seriously!  I was planning on being out late afternoon...now it won't be until probably late Friday afternoon...bummer....but also kind of nice.  Con: my co-pay on inpatient is $500 where out patient is $150.  I have to explain to Johnny why mommy is not going to be home that night.  If you remember when I went into the doctor for my EGD Johnny burst out in tears at school and that is just not like him because he was worried about me. Pro: I get some peace and quiet and taking care of before I hit home with the boys.  I am kind of an anal person(you will soon learn this about me if you haven't already) I kind of think that is what makes me a good software engineer...but I digress.   I had planned on a few things on Friday because I thought hottie hubby and I would be home on Friday so I scheduled the pest guy, our dogs yearly comprehensive exam, and landscape guy to come out.  Also there is the matter of dropping johnny off at school and picking him up.  Cooking dinner/breakfast..packing lunch...you know EVERYTHING.  but I gues its time for them to pull their big boy britches up and fend for themselves....I will warn his teacher at school just to make sure.
Now I have to regroup on what I am going to bring to the hospital...I had only planned for an afternoon I had not researched what to bring overnight....oh the anxiety is building already...and I probably will be released same time Johnny gets out of school...I better sign him up for aftercare just in case I need my mom to pick him up....love her to death...not sure what I would do without her!
So here is my list tell me what else I should bring
  • Face wipes(to clean my face)
  • jolly ranchers (for dry mouth)
  • chapstick
  • comfy pants/sweatshirt...should I bring another pair besides what I will be wearing in..I assume I will have the gown on the whole time
  • my nook
  • nook charger
  • phone
  • phone charger
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • pony tail
  • hairbrush/comb
  • slippers
Can you think of something  I should bring??????
Love you ladies and all your support

Monday, February 13, 2012

Almost there....surgery Thursday~!

So this is my week!
I am so excited, it seems like each day it becomes more and more real for me.  I can say I am ready for some real food...I miss vegetables and fruit.  I think one of my favorites are the sf popcicles...they are actually really good and if I am not sick of them in a few weeks I may continue to have them as a treat!  What is getting old DECAF.  I am so ready for some full on lead.  I am dragging donkey butt this morning.  Really every morning seems to be like this....I am not sure how I am going to continue no caf for 6 months AFTER surgery...I can't remember why he has me do this.  Is caffeine bad for the band?  or is it that it stimulates your appetite? hmm not sure.
I did take a very cool glass blowing class yesterday, I made a flower and I get to pick it  up today.  I would really like to get into that.  I do glass fusing but not the same by any means.  I would really need to rent time in his shop because to get my own stuff would be too expensive.
Also, decided to get a landscaper this weekend.  Got tired of yelling at hubby to clean up the yard and our grass looks like crap.  He is going to come once a month and tidy everything up which should be sufficient.
I have been walking everyday...still doing the challenge.  My weight is funky I get no movement for a few days then drop 2-3 lbs for a couple days than nothing for awhile...I think I am down about 8lbs still but I am not adjusting the ticker until I weigh in at the office.
Have a great monday people!

Friday, February 10, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for BYOC! Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer 5 questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break. Copy to your own blog if you wish and ENJOY!  Thanks Drazil

1. Name a Valentine gift you would NOT want to receive.

A kitchen gadget or cleaning tool.  The first year my husband and I were dating he got me a vaccuum cleaner for Valentines day!  I am not sure how I married it, definately not because of his gift giving skills!  I also would not want lingerie...too much a fatty to own looking good in one...black would not cover it unless it was a bed sheet...mmm.sexy!

2. What’s your vacation personality? Do you act/eat/talk/do things differently or completely opposite from when you are not on vacation?

I love vacations.  I have always said I would make a good rich person because I love travelling and experiencing new things.  Now I stress.  Very much when I travel.  I am so anal I have to have all the arrangements made, BUT I do like to play it by ear what we do everyday.  I may give like a $100 a day budget for each person but then we wing it on where we eat and what we do...because I just don't know what I will be in the mood to do and I don't want it  all planned out...just the important stuff as hotel and transportation.

3. Describe yourself in 5 POSITIVE words.

....boy this is hard....
...only positive eh?
....still thinking its been 10 min

4. Do you have any phobias or irrational fears or dislikes?

I hate it when I or anyone else are late.  I get kind of closterphobic in tight spaces and heights.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

Real life has been good.  I am on the pre-op and actually doing pretty good.  No more hunger pains and I seem to be dropping the weight...weighed in today at 260.5 which is down about 6.5 since last week...won't adjust the ticker until weigh in with doctor.

Blog life has been awesome.  I enjoy reading new blogs and the support.  I cried yesterday reading everyones comments...they were spot on and I really appreciate hearing what I really already new.  I do plan on working out and paying the $4 fee...it is ridiculous that I was being so cheap on this.  Its hard to put myself first which is really quite funny because as an only child this should come easy to me :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Hate that I Can't exercise the Way I want to Exercise

So I decided to blog about my little whiney pants bitch.
I hate that I can't exercise the way I want to exercise.
I have a wonderful 4 yr old little boy whom I love.
My husband works 9-6(gets home at 7) so that he can drop our kid off at school
I work 5:30-2 so that I can pick him up.  I then usually go to sleep by 8 or 9 so that I can get back up at 3:45 to go to work.  We just started doing this in September to save money on paying for before or after care(saves $200-$300 a month). The thing is I love to run and bike.  Before kids I took 2 spin classes a day one in the morning before work and one in the evening or else running.  I loved it!  Shit, I ran a 1/2 marathon in 2005.  I have not found a way to workout without involving my son.  I do have an eliptical and I should use it.  I just don't like the eliptical it bores me.  I play with him outside, we go for walks but it never gets my heartrate up there.
I could take him to the gym and put him in daycare but I am cheap...I just don't want to spend the money($4 for an hour) and I feel guilty not spending time with him.
I think I need to get over the guilt and pay the money to go to the gym.  I say this because I really do love working out as long as it is something I like to do.  Right now the walking is good and I don't need to make a decision but its weighing on my mind because I know that I am going to have to kick it in gear in about a month.
Why can't I spend the money to put him in daycare without feeling guilty?  Why can't I put him in daycare for 1 hour a night without feeling guilty? Why?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Before shot...taken by nutrionist

So when I saw my nutrionist he asked if I had taken any before photos.  I said I hadn't found the right one yet.  He laughed at me and took my pic...he just emailed it to me so I thought I would post it.  I am having a hard time taking a full body shot(alcohol...let me at it....photo not so much)

Today is pretty good, it was my moms hubbies birthday yesterday so we went over and I brought my shake and sf pudding(aren't I the good Lbander).  I made german chocolate cupcakes yesterday for him(with johnnys help) and we brought those--can you believe I did that(I may have licked the spoon, but no-one saw--douh)!  I did pretty good...but I was dying to hide in a corner and slam 2 cupcakes before anyone noticed.  Wow that was a closet eaters response eh?
We had tball practice after the bday party and I am TIRED today(didn't fall asleep until 10 and I wake up at 3:45 to get to work by 5:30).  I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open.  I sure have been tired a lot lately.  I still need to get some more stuff and drop off my prescriptions for the blood thinner shots and liquid pain meds(I love you) and my nauseous patch. 
Tonight we have tennis practice but I am going to try to drop off meds rx on my way home.
I walked again yesterday for an hour....funny thing on my walk
An older lady passed out a block ahead of me in my walk I watched as 10 people jumped to her aid(I did not--hey there were plenty there who did) as I was passing a man yelled out and asked if I was a doctor or nurse..."nope just a software developer"  then not two steps later two old ladies pulled out cigarettes and asked me if I thought it was ok to smoke close to the passed out lady and they laughed before I answered saying probably not.  ummmm.....go with your gut on this one.
I always run into interesting things on my walk in dowtown Phoenix!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gallstones and Gallbladder

I forgot to mention that my doc thinks my gallbladder needs to go.  He saw QUITE a few gallstones so many that he thinks it needs to go.  I told him to just do it at the same time as band, hernia but he said he didn't want to "dirty" the surgery.  I guess gallbladder removal is a dirty surgery.  He asked how bad the pain was and I seriously didn't know I had pain in the upper right of my chest...I will need to start to pay attention.  Because I didn't notice any pain he thinks we may be able to hold off until end of year.  I just hope it doesn't happen mid year when I am in the zone of losing weight because you have to empty the band to do it. <sigh>
It really makes me think I would have never caught the hernia or gallbladder issues had I not started down this path. 
I am really tired today.  No caffeine headaches so that is awesome.  I did have some yummy chicken last night for dinner.  I was really in the mood the chew something last night.(and not my hubbies ear off--ha!)
I am real nervous that the gallbladder thing is going to start being painful, but I guess there is nothing I can do about it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Caffeine..who needs caffeine?

So I am on day 4 and let me tell you an interesting thing I learned today. 
I slowly weaned myself off of caffeine and I did not experience any headaches on thursday or friday.  Then I asked my hottie hubbie to get me a decaf skinny vanilla latte on saturday morning...I was jonesing for some good coffee.  It tasted sooooo good.  but then around 11:00 I got a splitting headache and it did not go away all day yesterday....turns out my hottie hubby forgot to say decaf.  So my body got just a bit of caffeine and cried for more all day.  I can't take aspirin so I had to just struggle with that headache all day.  I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN.  I was miserable...might as well pulled my toe nails out with a wrench.
I also had my second WLS support group meeting yesterday.  It was pretty good.  All extremes yesterday.  One girl had surgery almost 3 months ago and has lost 80 pounds...roughly a pound a day.  Another lady started crying because she had surgery in August 2011 and has lost 30 lbs.  Now our nutrionist was leading the meeting and he really had to tell the lady (august surgery) that 30 lbs is acceptable within the 1-2 lb a week loss and that is normal.  The other lady at 80lbs was above normal.....I want to be above normal....don't we all <sigh>
We also had a plastic surgeon speak...I have to show you this picture.  The first picture is a bodylift and I am amazed at the difference..so dramatic.  I also can't believe the ladies arms in the net pic...and all of these pics were right after surgery. The body lift ran around $16000 the arms $6000

I also found out that I have to give myself shots for 14 days after surgery...seriously!  I can't even watch when they take my blood...I am not sure how I am going to give myself these shots!

I think I am going to have to talk hubby into giving them to me...yuck!  Also, surgery is not until 12:30  OMG how am I suppose to not eat or drink anything until the afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!! I would put more exclamation points but I think you get my drift!
Well...I think I may go have a SF jello so talk at you later!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. I'm hungry----day 1 of pre-op...did I mention I get bitchy when I haven't eaten....wait until day 14 :)
2. I'm light headed...really..day 1.  I feel like I smoked a fatty because my head keeps spinning.  I would not think this should affect me so soon(probably all in my head).  Good thing I didn't smoke a fatty...I would be more hungry!
3. I think I may lay off the skim milk in all my shakes...thats a lot of milk.  I think I may try doing half of them tomorrow with just water...or maybe half milk half water....the milk adds quite a bit of calories and I am not sure I NEED it.
4. I feel like a martini maker at work.  I mean here I go making a shake using my little shaker 3 times today...that would be shaken not stirred
5. No caffeine today...and surprising no headache...granted my head is spinning in the clouds but no headache...maybe that will come later tonight...yea something to look forward to.
6. Tired...really tired...caught myself  "resting" my eyes at work....I need to stop this or I may actually fall asleep.
7. I have had 64 oz of crystal light already....and yes I think I used a whole roll of toilet paper myself with all my potty breaks.
8. Didn't take my before pics last night...didn't think I looked pretty....ha! I guess I waiting for that aha moment when I think I am ready to see myself full body in the pic....no not ready!
9. Its father/son night at school tonight and I am volunteer setup and helping with the games....I think marshmellows are involved...lets hope they don't find me in a corner with my mouth full of marshmellows.
10.  Its Thursday and I am dreading the weekend.  I seem to be really structured at work....at home my inhibitions fly loose and I tend to graze.

Side Note: I had a filet o fish and fries/coke at mcdonalds last night.  I really like them and I haven't had one in 3 months on this supervised diet so I LOVED it.  The straight up coke was AWESOME.  man I forgot how good that is.  I got my hour workout in yesterday(walking but hey its something)

Thanks for all your comments.  I truly love reading them and feel so blessed to have found such a good group of band ladies to follow!  You offer all sorts of support, humor and knowledge.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To Have "The Last Meal" or Not?

So today is my last real food day for the month.  When you think about it, I go on my pre-op diet for 2 weeks and then you have the post op diet so this is really it.  I have read that some people go out and have that last meal of something they don't think they will get to enjoy anymore.
I was contemplating this...well I really have been thinking about it since my last weigh in and I have been pretty good at not doing it.  But today is truly the day.......my will is getting weak.
So, I hit starbucks for an iced coffee...last caffeine I will have for 6mos according to doctor orders.  I am going to lunch with my gastric bypass pal today so I know lunch will not be too terrible.
I am going to try not to go HOG wild!  I really don't want to add any more pounds to eventually have to take off than I already have.
I am also trying to figure out how I am going to pack my shakes at work.  We have a fridge but its gross and I don't trust anyone that they won't drink my milk if I put it in there.  I may go buy a bigger thermos (mine is only 20oz) so that I can bring (32oz) of milk a day.  I am not sure how many shakes I am going to drink a day...with unlimited in my orders I don't know how hungry I am going to get.
I am also thinking that eventually I will tell more people.  I know that when I found out a few of my friends had it done...it made me more accepting to the idea and I want others to realize(ha ha) that this is  an acceptable and good way to help you lose the weight...but I think I need some lbs lost before I start telling people.
So did any of you have your last meal?  why? why not?