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Monday, February 13, 2012

Almost there....surgery Thursday~!

So this is my week!
I am so excited, it seems like each day it becomes more and more real for me.  I can say I am ready for some real food...I miss vegetables and fruit.  I think one of my favorites are the sf popcicles...they are actually really good and if I am not sick of them in a few weeks I may continue to have them as a treat!  What is getting old DECAF.  I am so ready for some full on lead.  I am dragging donkey butt this morning.  Really every morning seems to be like this....I am not sure how I am going to continue no caf for 6 months AFTER surgery...I can't remember why he has me do this.  Is caffeine bad for the band?  or is it that it stimulates your appetite? hmm not sure.
I did take a very cool glass blowing class yesterday, I made a flower and I get to pick it  up today.  I would really like to get into that.  I do glass fusing but not the same by any means.  I would really need to rent time in his shop because to get my own stuff would be too expensive.
Also, decided to get a landscaper this weekend.  Got tired of yelling at hubby to clean up the yard and our grass looks like crap.  He is going to come once a month and tidy everything up which should be sufficient.
I have been walking everyday...still doing the challenge.  My weight is funky I get no movement for a few days then drop 2-3 lbs for a couple days than nothing for awhile...I think I am down about 8lbs still but I am not adjusting the ticker until I weigh in at the office.
Have a great monday people!


Sarah said...

So excited for you. My doctor never told me to lay off caffeine at all. Sometimes I think that the doctors make up the rules depending on what they think is good or bad for you. I wouldn't manage a day without caffeine. Well done to you for doing it.

Keep up the hard work.

Lisa said...

I DESPISE the diet inconsistencies!!! I too was never told about caffeine and it's on my post op list for full liquids. What the?!! I TOO miss fruits and veggies and chewing in general LOL. You are getting closer each and every day!!!!

Jazzing up Jackie said...

Super excited for you! My surgeon said that caffiene sometimes causes reflux, but I've got no personal experience with that.

RockBand Barbie said...

My doctor didn't tell me to give up caffeine, but since I drank it in the form of Mt Dew I had to give it up. Mt. Dew was my coffee every morning. I still miss it like crazy, but I am not tired without it now. So excited for your big day!!

Andrea said...

Yay! So excited for your surgery this week!

MandaPanda said...

My doc didn't say no caffeine either. In fact, it was included in my post op diet with cream & sugar so go figure. My guess is it's because of the appetite thing in which case, as long as you aren't affected by it, it wouldn't be a big deal. You're getting so close now!