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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Its a new day and I am feeling better

So I haven't posted in awhile and need to give some honest feedback on my recovery.  I was feeling pretty terrible nothing tasted good and I didn't want to eat(drink) anything broth tasted like ass and I got really dehydrated which resulted in barfing(which was really just a succession of burps no actual puke).  I then realized I did not want to hurt the band or go to the doctor so I needed to do something this was Monday afternoon.  So I decided to get some egg drop soup from my favorite chinese restaurant and I filtered out the chunks.  I had about a 1/3 cup and it was heavenly.  I suddenly felt so much better. As the day went on crystal light and water started to taste better.  So then yesterday I woke up and my shoulder and tummy hurt...instant alert to gas so I walked around the house and made my son some breakfast and the gas disappeared.  I then had some more chinese broth and felt a lot better.  I really started to feel good.  Tuesdays I take my son to tennis after school and because its just me I quit the pain meds so that I could drive(had to pick him up from school and take him to tennis) well the pain came and it didn't help that it was gorgeous 73 out and I was sitting in the sun during practice I started to sweat a little and the cuts started to itch and burn a little.  I wish I had brought myself something to drink...I didn't what a mistake.  When I got home I was thirsty and I knew I needed to get more protein in so I made a protein drink and drank it to fast and ended up with tummy and chest pains.  Will I learn to slow down on my sipping?  So this morning I woke up and I was thirsty so I made a protein shake and I sipped about 3/4 it and yeah...no pains today.
So I guess what I am getting at is that I must be a slow learner because I really knew all this stuff...I have read it in blogs but then I seem to have a brain fart and forgetten it.
I am going to try to walk today for about an hour. 
I am going to try to remember to sip slowly today.
I am going to try to go with no pain meds today.
I did drop another 3 lbs...need to update my ticker.
Love you guys .... move on to mushies tomorrow and I am a little excited...I have my egg beaters ready and my mashed potatoes on hand...am I ready or just headed to shoulder and chest pains....


Chris said...

You're learning. Go easy on yourself and take things slowly - you'll be okay.

And remember that water!!

MandaPanda said...

There's definitely a learning curve involved here. You're doing great and you DO need to "eat" enough to sustain yourself. It makes you feel better. Just go slow. Hang in there!

Banded With Favor said...

All part of the learning process for this journey...Everyone has their own path...Your doing great, try to keep your protein to 50 grams, keep up your walking and each day you'll get better aquainted with your new friend.

P.S. I found as the swelling and healing process got further along the forgetting to sip at times was not such an issue, so that will get better as well...I don't always sip either and I am good unless I gulp or drink too many ounces at a time....forget brain freeze, chest freeze is way worse!!!

Andrea said...

Glad you're feeling better! It definitely takes some adjusting to this new lifestyle. It's hard to just change all your years of bad habits overnight. Just keep working at it!

Lisa said...

I am really happy you are feeling better. I am learning each band is different. I can chug 20 oz of crystal lite pretty fast. I have ZERO restriction and could probably each a massive burger if I tried. I think I have incision marks but he forgot to put the band in me lol. Take it slow and don't get dehydrated. Was worried about you but glad to see you posted!!!