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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

STUCK from a protein shake....and BOOBs

So yesterday I really felt hunger pains...not liking that one bit.  When I got off work I raced home because I was H U N G R Y.  I made myself a protein shake which I did contemplate making because I was looking forward to digging into some black beans(thanks Saucy Lisa!) ...but hunger won out and I drank the shake and I needed to pick up Johnny from school so I drank it pretty quick...I drank 16oz in 10 min and that was just to quick for me.  My chest hurt for the rest of the night..couldn't drink or eat anything after that.
I have been lucky that I have been able to sleep on my side (either side) since the day after surgery using pillows...last night it hurt to sleep on my side.
This morning...pain, it hurt had to wear baggy pants because I put my jeans on and the pain was even worse so I put on same baggy slacks and a sweater...I drank some tea and I just got a tall coffee the heat seems to help.  I have my first post op appointment today so I am pretty excited but he doesn't do fills until 6 weeks post op so I have some time before that.
I saw the BOOBs post and I really am thinking about going, it would be cool to meet the people I read about all the time...how many out there of my followers are thinking of going?


Jen said...

Hi there! sorry about being stuck.. it's definitely hard to get used to doing everything slower.. I'm a total chugger and sometimes want to kick myself b/c then I end up stuck, and being stuck on a liquid is annoying!!
I'm totally going to BOOBs this year, I've missed out on it for the past couple of years due to other things going on.. (new baby, etc..) but since I used to live in Chicago for 10+ years, I'm going to make a trip out of it and see my girls from Chicago as well!! Can't wait! You should go!

mdlapband said...

I really want to go! Have to see if I can swing the time at work, but I'm 95% sure I can.

Help me though, because I got confused reading the last post. The blog says 2013, so are the dates listed for 2012 or did I miss those?

Lisa said...

Eeek - Stuck on liquids? You must still be a bit swollen. I am no longer swollen. Why do I know this you ask? Just trust me - I know LOL. Not good. I wish I was swollen still!!! I am ready for my first fill March 12th!!

Oh and about Boobs - I SO want to go!!! I want to meet you and Donna and all the other ladies!! I am definitely going to try to swing it :)

MandaPanda said...

Early on, I would get gas (surgery gas kind of stuff...) if I ate too quickly, drank too quickly or whatever. It SUCKED! You'll be alright...just gotta let it simmer down. You're doing great! My fave on mushies was refried beans with some melted cheese. Mmmmmm.

Chris said...

Ow Ow Ow! I tend to chug like 3 gulps of water at a time, and am wondering if drinking water like that will cause that pain, too. Getting stuck on liquid does not sound fun at all :(

Can anyone go to BOOBs? I think I'd love to, but not sure if it's completely open to such a newbie? Is there a secret handshake?

Jazzing up Jackie said...

I wish I could go to BOOBs but I'll be student teaching when they're having it, so I definitely wouldn't be able to get away. Sigh. Maybe next year.

LoriBang said...

I would love to go to BOOBs, but not sure yet. Not sure how my hubby would feel about being left with 3 kids by himself! LOL Being stuck sucks! I haven't gotten stuck on liquids but I did on a banana once (to big of a bite) I just get the hiccups when I drink or eat to fast and that can HURT for a while until they finally quit!

Andrea said...

I'm sorry you're dealing with the hunger and the pain! Hopefully both will be gone soon!

I really hope you come to Chicago and I get to meet you!

Laura Belle said...

Pretty sure I'm going!!! Can't wait to meet you too!