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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Before shot...taken by nutrionist

So when I saw my nutrionist he asked if I had taken any before photos.  I said I hadn't found the right one yet.  He laughed at me and took my pic...he just emailed it to me so I thought I would post it.  I am having a hard time taking a full body shot(alcohol...let me at it....photo not so much)

Today is pretty good, it was my moms hubbies birthday yesterday so we went over and I brought my shake and sf pudding(aren't I the good Lbander).  I made german chocolate cupcakes yesterday for him(with johnnys help) and we brought those--can you believe I did that(I may have licked the spoon, but no-one saw--douh)!  I did pretty good...but I was dying to hide in a corner and slam 2 cupcakes before anyone noticed.  Wow that was a closet eaters response eh?
We had tball practice after the bday party and I am TIRED today(didn't fall asleep until 10 and I wake up at 3:45 to get to work by 5:30).  I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open.  I sure have been tired a lot lately.  I still need to get some more stuff and drop off my prescriptions for the blood thinner shots and liquid pain meds(I love you) and my nauseous patch. 
Tonight we have tennis practice but I am going to try to drop off meds rx on my way home.
I walked again yesterday for an hour....funny thing on my walk
An older lady passed out a block ahead of me in my walk I watched as 10 people jumped to her aid(I did not--hey there were plenty there who did) as I was passing a man yelled out and asked if I was a doctor or nurse..."nope just a software developer"  then not two steps later two old ladies pulled out cigarettes and asked me if I thought it was ok to smoke close to the passed out lady and they laughed before I answered saying probably not.  ummmm.....go with your gut on this one.
I always run into interesting things on my walk in dowtown Phoenix!


Lisa said...

Holy guacamole - making cupcakes at any point in this time would have me in a corner with a bowl and my face in icing. You rock! Great picture - you are BEAUTIFUL! OWN IT!!! We are all on our way to being healthier and thinner versions of our already beautiful selfs :) Get some rest tonight!!

MandaPanda said...

That is JUST the reason I don't walk in downtown Phoenix. It creeps me out. :)