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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Hate that I Can't exercise the Way I want to Exercise

So I decided to blog about my little whiney pants bitch.
I hate that I can't exercise the way I want to exercise.
I have a wonderful 4 yr old little boy whom I love.
My husband works 9-6(gets home at 7) so that he can drop our kid off at school
I work 5:30-2 so that I can pick him up.  I then usually go to sleep by 8 or 9 so that I can get back up at 3:45 to go to work.  We just started doing this in September to save money on paying for before or after care(saves $200-$300 a month). The thing is I love to run and bike.  Before kids I took 2 spin classes a day one in the morning before work and one in the evening or else running.  I loved it!  Shit, I ran a 1/2 marathon in 2005.  I have not found a way to workout without involving my son.  I do have an eliptical and I should use it.  I just don't like the eliptical it bores me.  I play with him outside, we go for walks but it never gets my heartrate up there.
I could take him to the gym and put him in daycare but I am cheap...I just don't want to spend the money($4 for an hour) and I feel guilty not spending time with him.
I think I need to get over the guilt and pay the money to go to the gym.  I say this because I really do love working out as long as it is something I like to do.  Right now the walking is good and I don't need to make a decision but its weighing on my mind because I know that I am going to have to kick it in gear in about a month.
Why can't I spend the money to put him in daycare without feeling guilty?  Why can't I put him in daycare for 1 hour a night without feeling guilty? Why?


LoriBang said...

I hear you and understand how you feel but can't answer your question, because I have the same one! I think we just need to plunk down the money and go exercise. I think the kids will enjoy the change of scenery, toys, people for an hour. The time in the car there and back can be good quality time together. And most of all, our quality of life will be so much better after exercise. So I just answered my own question, maybe yours too?

mdlapband said...

Consider this a favor for your baby. If you take him for an hour or less 2 or 3 times a week, you work out and get some you time, he gets some fun play time, and you will be a healthier happier mommy. Being healthier, will give you more energy to play with him. <3

It's me, Cheri! said...

$4 bucks for a better healthier you so you will live a great quality of life and build cherished memories for you son and family? Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Well first of all it's because you are a mom and a woman. But girl - one hour - $4 - is worth your sanity and self esteem and getting out your stress because it'll make you a better mom and make the time you spend with him more focused because now in your time with him you are either feeling guilty or thinking about how you miss working out. You ARE worth it. Every mom at the gym is. You don't judge them for taking their time do you? Stop judging yourself. You are showing your son that taking time for your health is important AND do-able.

Banded With Favor said...

Well first off only a good mom would stress over that..so pat yourself on the back for being a good mom...plus he is your baby...my buddy boy is my baby, I knew giving birth my tubes were getting tied so I indulge him a bit...if he is your last it is natural to feel that way...if you plan in more, for now he is still your baby!!!! Hard to leave those little guys but everyone is right a little away time makes your together time better!!!!

Also see if your gym has a monthly rate... Mine does $4.00 for drop in's but $10.00 for the month... It may be a cheaper route if your gym offers that...

Lisa said...

Ok I just couldn't get past the fact that you ran a 1/2 marathon??!!! Holy Beejeezus, do you know how rockstar that is?
One hour of sanity and he gets to play is NOT a bad compromise. Put yourself FIRST and your family will still be happy!!

jennxaz said...

Thanks guys! I love your support and you made me cry reading it all! It is ridonkulous that I was not paying the $4 for some much needed exercise---love you all!

Andrea said...

I think you need to put yourself first to be healthy and a better mommy.