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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To Have "The Last Meal" or Not?

So today is my last real food day for the month.  When you think about it, I go on my pre-op diet for 2 weeks and then you have the post op diet so this is really it.  I have read that some people go out and have that last meal of something they don't think they will get to enjoy anymore.
I was contemplating this...well I really have been thinking about it since my last weigh in and I have been pretty good at not doing it.  But today is truly the day.......my will is getting weak.
So, I hit starbucks for an iced coffee...last caffeine I will have for 6mos according to doctor orders.  I am going to lunch with my gastric bypass pal today so I know lunch will not be too terrible.
I am going to try not to go HOG wild!  I really don't want to add any more pounds to eventually have to take off than I already have.
I am also trying to figure out how I am going to pack my shakes at work.  We have a fridge but its gross and I don't trust anyone that they won't drink my milk if I put it in there.  I may go buy a bigger thermos (mine is only 20oz) so that I can bring (32oz) of milk a day.  I am not sure how many shakes I am going to drink a day...with unlimited in my orders I don't know how hungry I am going to get.
I am also thinking that eventually I will tell more people.  I know that when I found out a few of my friends had it done...it made me more accepting to the idea and I want others to realize(ha ha) that this is  an acceptable and good way to help you lose the weight...but I think I need some lbs lost before I start telling people.
So did any of you have your last meal?  why? why not?


Lap Band Gal said...

You will always be able to eat most types of foods (good or bad) with a band.

All the poor food choices slip right past my band. Pizza? yep. Nachos? yep. Cookies? yep. This list could go on and on.

It's the fact that you choose not to eat those foods will be the real test.

It's up to you.

PS: I did do the "the last supper" before I started my pre-op diet (Indian buffet, my FAVORITE) and got the worst food poisoning I've EVER had in my entire life. I guess that was the universe trying to tell me something. Ha ha ha. :)

MandaPanda said...

I haven't been able to post a comment on your blog for like a week!!! OK...so last meal. I didn't really do this. But I also didn't have a strict pre-op diet. The doc said just don't go nuts so I didn't. Easy enough. There's nothing I can't have with my band so I'm glad I did not go last-meal crazy :)

LoriBang said...

I didn't have a pre-op diet to follow except for nothing to eat or drink from midnight before my surgery. I DID have a last meal. My hubby and I went to a local casino and had the buffet. I LOVE chinese and I knew that couldn't be a part of my life anymore. It was my way of saying goodbye. Yes you can eat that stuff after your surgery, but I have made a committment to change my life by having surgery, so therefore, no more chinese until I have reached my goal. Good luck!

Jen said...

I totally did the "last meal".. I for some reason thought I'd never be able to have another burger or chicken wings again so I went to my favorite place in Old Town, AZ88 with some girlfriends and didn't go bananas but ate to my heart's content. Come to find out, I COULD still eat those foods, but in moderation and as Lap Band Gal said, it is now a choice to eat them or not.

Elizabeth said...

Well - I was not going to do the last meal thing but the last day before my pre-op diet started was a Friday and my 30th Birthday so it ended up being a total eat and drink fest..... But since I really never drink the hangover helped start off the pre-op diet :)

Michelle H. said...

I went to Texas de Brazil and ate myself into a meat coma for my "last supper." It was a week before my surgery and the day before I started my voluntary liquid diet. You will slowly discover what you can and can't have following surgery, so go with that, but I am glad that I went to TdB because when we went for my son's birthday in September, I wasn't able to eat much of what they had to offer. Big fat waste of money.

Jazzing up Jackie said...

I absolutely did the last supper thing. Looking back, I didn't really need to because at this point, I can still eat anything.

Lisa said...

I did a last supper. Nothing too insane but I went to my favorite french Brasserie. First I started with French Martinis Mmm. Then escargot with bread Mmm. Then I had an organic grass fed beef with truffle aoili. Mmmm.

My 2 week diet is pretty strict so I definitely wanted to EAT. I didn't gain either ironically but it was a nice night out. I knew I couldn't have a burger and a cocktail in quite a while so I went with it. Totally up to you. Just don't go insane.

Oh and now after typing that, I am starving!! I hate the preop diet LOL.

And last but not least - cute pic!

jennxaz said...

I loved reading everyone's comments!!!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Oh my - did you say no caffeine? I almost passed out at the thought. LOL

RockBand Barbie said...

I wasn't required to do a pre op diet. I totally thought about a "last meal" but I had lost a few pounds doing my own little pre op diet and didn't want to that back on. I did go out to eat with my mother two days before surgery, but I ended up eating very little. I can pretty much eat what I did before...just much less of it. I don't feel deprived from anything except my Mountain Dew...and I did drink that right up until midnight the night before surgery.