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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. I'm hungry----day 1 of pre-op...did I mention I get bitchy when I haven't eaten....wait until day 14 :)
2. I'm light headed...really..day 1.  I feel like I smoked a fatty because my head keeps spinning.  I would not think this should affect me so soon(probably all in my head).  Good thing I didn't smoke a fatty...I would be more hungry!
3. I think I may lay off the skim milk in all my shakes...thats a lot of milk.  I think I may try doing half of them tomorrow with just water...or maybe half milk half water....the milk adds quite a bit of calories and I am not sure I NEED it.
4. I feel like a martini maker at work.  I mean here I go making a shake using my little shaker 3 times today...that would be shaken not stirred
5. No caffeine today...and surprising no headache...granted my head is spinning in the clouds but no headache...maybe that will come later tonight...yea something to look forward to.
6. Tired...really tired...caught myself  "resting" my eyes at work....I need to stop this or I may actually fall asleep.
7. I have had 64 oz of crystal light already....and yes I think I used a whole roll of toilet paper myself with all my potty breaks.
8. Didn't take my before pics last night...didn't think I looked pretty....ha! I guess I waiting for that aha moment when I think I am ready to see myself full body in the pic....no not ready!
9. Its father/son night at school tonight and I am volunteer setup and helping with the games....I think marshmellows are involved...lets hope they don't find me in a corner with my mouth full of marshmellows.
10.  Its Thursday and I am dreading the weekend.  I seem to be really structured at work....at home my inhibitions fly loose and I tend to graze.

Side Note: I had a filet o fish and fries/coke at mcdonalds last night.  I really like them and I haven't had one in 3 months on this supervised diet so I LOVED it.  The straight up coke was AWESOME.  man I forgot how good that is.  I got my hour workout in yesterday(walking but hey its something)

Thanks for all your comments.  I truly love reading them and feel so blessed to have found such a good group of band ladies to follow!  You offer all sorts of support, humor and knowledge.


Jen said...

You'll start to feel better in a couple of days! The first few days are the roughest!! All you can think about is food!!! You've got this!! :)

Lisa said...

It definitely gets better. You remember my post.. .I did two shakes (breakfast and lunch) and then had a lean meat and veggie at night. I broke the laws. But I just came home from pre-op and guess what? I am down 13 pds and he had no clue. He was estatic, said I did excellent and that I could have a meal tonight LMAO!! As far as the caffeine, I would not go cold turkey.. I had severe migraines. I did half and half coffee until it was pure decaf and my body didn't notice much at all.

Jazzing up Jackie said...

Oh what I wouldn't do for a Coke. Mmm.

RockBand Barbie said...

Aw man...I love me some McDonalds Coke. I don't do as well on the weekends either because of the lack of structure.

mdlapband said...

Stay strong! You can get through it!!!! We're all pulling for you!!!

MandaPanda said...

I wouldn't worry about the milk. If you're feeling lightheaded or really HUNGRY then by all means, use the milk. :)

tz said...

About the caffeine what Lisa said...and then for added measure after a week of that, go a day with a day without and then lengthen the time til you don't need it any more...hate hate caffeine withdrawal headaches!

I do the same thing, disciplined with my food choices at work but at home it's another story!

Keep up the good work!