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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BOOBS Challenge last day Weigh In

Last Week 216
This Week 212
Total lost 4 lbs

I lost the 2 lbs I gained last week and lost 2 more.  I am really happy with that as well as being so close to Onderland.

When I reflect over the last 70 days I amazed at how far I have come..not just in 23lbs lost but the emotional growing I have done. These last few weeks have been tough emotionally for me.  I really have had to deal with my emotions and not stuff food at it to silence it.  Sometimes when I think I got it, I find I really don't and I can see this is going to be an ongoing thing with me and I hope one day to say I conquered it but right now I am just dealing with it one day at a time.

I am going to leave this short--seeing how I really posted my pics last night and I am tired of blogging about how damn excited I am for BOOBs ---you'll know that by now!

So not sure if I will blog in Chicago..this may be the last one you get until Monday.  Wish you were all coming to Chicago because I want to meet you all but alas tis not the case(sounds odd oh well)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BOOBS Challenge After pics

So I started this challenge July 18
I officially weigh in tomorrow..just want to show you my before after pic since the beginning of the challenge because....well... I LOVE IT!  This is just what I needed right now

The second pic cracks me up...looks like my boobs grew..but I think its just because I went bra shopping and got some bras that fit.  Great deal by the way at Kohls got the bras(3) for $17.  I went from a 40dd to a 38d  I have since retiered the pants because they actually fell off of me going up the stairs the other night.

Missing Exercise for 4 days..slight fill...BOOBS ramblings..

Ok, must confess.

I finally exercised yesterday for 2 hours---nice you say...well not really when you consider I had not exercised for 4 days prior--YIKES.  It is way too easy for me to get out of routine.  My food was OK but not that great.  So Monday was a new day and I have two days before the last challenge...now one good thing that came out of it, I have not stepped on the scale all week...Frankly, I have no idea what to expect tomorrow.  I am planning on being at the gym tonight and tomorrow night before I leave to Chicago Thursday morning.

I also got a slight fill yesterday.  Not sure if you remember but my last fill was a disaster...it was too much.  I ended up being unfilled twice.  To the point that the .50CC original fill was removed completely. Then the doc told me to let things rest for 3 weeks and he would then try a smaller fill...well 3 weeks was yesterday so  I went in yesterday and he gave me .3CC  I feel GREAT.  I mean its crazy I am not hungry.  He told me my green zone is very small and I think I believe him.  This is the first time I am not hungry.  Before when I was overfilled..I was hungry..just could not eat.  This time I am not hungry but when I do get hungry its immediate, but then just a little bit of food fills me up(1 cup) and I am good to go for another 3 -4 hours.  So I think I am at 4.3CC and that seems ok.  I was a little worried travelling but not much because when I went to ND this summer I really didn't notice anything tighter.

So I am hoping to get to know some of my favorite bloggers in Chicago and going to make a point to talk with them(i.e Ronnnie, Laura Belle, RockstarBarbie, Steph and Speck to name a few) I follow their blogs religiously and they seem to mesh with my sarcastic personality...so be on alert ladies....Of course I want to meet and talk to everyone but you know how you just seem to connect with some bloggers more than others? Sofie and Jen are my go to's because I already know them so well I know we are going to get along fabulously.  Some of the veteran bloggers I hope to form that connection with but they are not regular bloggers so its more difficult to feel that connection.  Drazil isn't coming and that just makes me sad because I was so looking forward to meeting her as well.

I had to put all our outings in my phone calendar because I was starting to lose track of everything but I have a feeling that I am going to fall behind-- good thing I can text or call people.

I wasn't sure if I was going to bring my laptop but I think I will just incase I have time and feel like blogging.  Also bringing my nook for some airplane reading and my camera.  There is a pj party and I didn't go buy new pj's which I was worried about but I think I will go for my sweats and a hoody...my pjs are just big night shirts and I don't want to flash any coochy---lol!  Although when I mentioned to hubby he couldn't get past a bunch of girls having a PJ party so I had to end the conversation before he made anymore lewd comments.

My mom found out I was riding the L train and booked me a shuttle instead....I guess I can't blame her for doing it, if it were my kid I probably would have too.  I just was being cheap and I didn't want to sit on a shuttle for 2 hours..thought I could get there quicker using the train...oh well.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Who is your Best and Worst Support Person?

Really...when will the 100's go away.  Today 106...yuck! I am sick of the heat.  Thursday and Chicago can't come soon enough.

Yesterday I was going over what I would bring.  I remember the wind in Chicago..It was so windy and chilly.  I am going to have to bring jacket and scarf and probably many hair ties because that wind can whip it.

I brought hubby to my Weight loss support meeting Saturday...topic....support.  It was really great.  He got to see what support meetings are like for me.  They had us share our Best Support person and our Worst.
I love my hubby, he tells me everyday that I am beautiful...in fact today he said "look how skinny your legs are...you look like a teenager"  awwww... we all know I don't have legs of a teenager..but I love that he said so.  He helps me celebrate the little NSV's  which is awesome.
Worst--I am sure you can guess is my mom.   She invites us over and does not ever cook anything I can eat...and doesn't bother asking and then precedes to make comments on how slow I eat, how little I eat, what I eat.  She never asks how its going.  I gave up talking to her about it because her comments were never positive and always made me depressed.

So we all went around the room and shared....and I cried.  I hate how emotional I am but thats exactly it, I have to deal with my emotions now, I can't push them away with food or make them less with food.  I now have to deal.  Which means that I am more emotional now than I ever have been.   I cry more than I ever used to.  I am actually a roller coaster ride with so many ups and downs during the day.  I hope it mellows out the longer I quit using food to be the answer to my problems and successes.  A lot of people wrote down their biggest problem was socializing because we always go out and center our social setting around food and drinks.  I guess I don't find that to be a problem.    Partially, because we don't go out that often.  With a 5 year old, we are limited where we can go so we don't go often--let alone he still doesn't sit still for very long so going out is not like it used to be.

I know that I ultimately am in control of what I put in my mouth...and I am honest...I pray for God to give me the strength everyday.  Some people don't get it, they still blame other things for why they are fat and why they can't get skinny.

We had 2 new people there, newly banded by a couple of weeks.  We had some veterans there who had reached goal.  I will admit, there is one veteran girl there who has lost 150 lbs and I have a hard time liking her.  She is so in your face about it that it really bothers me.  I personally don't think anyones journey is the same and what works for one person may not work for another.  I appreciate her sharing her journey but sometimes I think she thinks she uncovered the secret behind the success and thinks its for everyone.  I really try to be open minded and appreciate her journey but othertimes...I just wish she would shut her trap and let others talk.

One of the newbies(I actually consider myself...middle of the journey..I am halfway to goal) brought her support and he stayed in the lobby on his computer the whole time...I felt bad for her...I think everyone needs support to help pick you up when you are down.
I would have put you all on my list as best support because blogging has been so therapeutic for me.  I did mention it during the meeting, but nobody else there blogs or has even heard of the blogging community.  Such a shame too.

Friday, September 21, 2012

I can lose the weight and still feel ugly!

When I started this journey I always said I wouldn't let the baggy skin affect me.  That it is the price I pay for letting myself go.  You know what....I am having issues with the skin.  I feel so ugly naked.  Hubby tells me daily how hot he thinks I am yet I cover up and turn off lights and feel just plain ugly.  I don't feel sexy.
When I get dressed, I can feel cute and skinny but when the clothes come off...I feel ugly and fat.
Ok enough pity...

Saturday is my Weight Loss support group meeting and I am bringing hubby...should be interesting

Last night was busy.  I volunteered at Johnnys school and worked the book fair all afternoon.  Then took Johnnys' buddy home and started to get ready for Parent teacher conference.  Needless to say working out just did not make it into the mix.  So no rest this weekend must workout all days.

I can't wait for Chicago...I can't wait to be selfish and think about myself for four days.  Not have to get up in the middle of the night to put johnny back to sleep.  Not have to cook breakfast,lunch and dinner.  Not have to do laundry(I swear I do it every other day).
Excited to have some cocktails, giggle, get my hair done, see some art and just be me!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...eat well and exercise!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gym Story...and food recommendation

Another gym story....
So at the gym yesterday the treadmill's were filled up..only one left between an old guy who was overweight and appeared 10 minutes away from a heart attack and a tiny cute little Asian girl who was maybe 100lbs soaking wet and running.  They were both sweaty bettys.
I get on my treadmill and smell just a rancid bad breath..I mean terrible, it had some horrible kill me now smell. I assumed it was the guy but he only lasted 5 more minutes and got off..I was glad because I wasn't sure I could stay on there any longer....but IT WASN"T HIM...it was the cute little Asian girl..I don't know how such a tiny cute girl could have such a sewer smell coming from her.  She FINALLY got off about 20minutes later...and the smell went away.  Holy Moses...I couldn't believe the relief when she left!  Goes to show I judged too soon!lol!
So I have been kicking up the incline and I have been so sore now for probably 3 days..I can feel it in my shoulders and butt majorly...I wonder if I am retaining water because of the sore muscles...that would be cool because I STILL HAVE NOT LOST THAT GAIN!  no not bitter betty here....man betty gets a bad wrap...bitter betty...sweaty betty....my grandma's name was betty...oh boy..digressing here
Last night I just didn't feel like cooking so I had a Pretzel lean cuisine Jalapeno Chicken.  Yes I could eat it no problem..but one filled me up with a side salad(I think I am recovered from my last fill fiasco so I am ready for another one)

On another note...I was remembering we sent a picture in at the beginning of our boobs challenge and that we are suppose send in a final pic too.  I almost through the pants out because they are too big....thats just 21 lbs ago ... I can't wait to show an after pic in those old big pants!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lets be honest...I gained..and I am not proud

I hate being honest..I would like to lie and say I lost weight this week or even stayed the same...but I have to own it


Last week 214
This week 216

Thats it Sandra---you got this boob challenge!

I did realize that I still have issues with food.  I got an email from my friends baby mamma that just kind of sent me for a loop.  It made me all anxious and upset and all I wanted to do was eat.  I knew it was because of all the emotions that email caused but I couldn't stop myself from thinking of food.  I didn't eat anything bad...I just ate more than I should have...as I have been since the drama on Sunday.  I wish I could get rid of these feelings but I don't know how.  I would post her email but its long and really I am not sure what is going to happen I hope this doesn't go to court but it could and its going to be a nasty breakup...the worst part...which is what is bothering me the most..the kids...I feel so sorry for the boys...I just want to scoop them up and remove them from the situation.

Well how did I do on goals
I exercise 6 out 7 days for 60-70 min keeping heartrate on average 156---SCORE!
Food was great until Sunday where my calories seemed to creep up to 1500 a day from 1000.

I did make my yummy cupcake lasagne using jimmy dean turkey sausage crumbles.  Normally I only have 2
Last night I had 3.  Hubby and kid loved them.

Makes 12 servings

  • 1 cup of jimmy dean turkey sausage crumbles
  • salt and pepper
  • 24 wonton wrappers
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 cup chopped up purple onion
  • 1/2 cup chopped up mushrooms
  • 2 cup pasta sauce
  • Heat at 375 for 20 min
  • (this is not a picture of mine..but it turned out just like this)

You can make with ricotta or cottage cheese...I just don't like that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

B.O.O.B's ramblings...

Not much to say today.  I am point on with food and exercise yesterday and today.  Well I plan on hitting the gym tonight.

I have decided to brave the L train from the airport to the Hotel for Boobs.  I get in Thursday at 3:00pm so its still daylight.  I have ridden it in the past on my last trip to Chicago but I was with a girlfriend and it wasn't bad and from what it looks like the hotel is pretty close to the L train stops so I think it shouldn't be too difficult from the Midway...the planning committee was able to give L train instructions from the other airport..but I think I will call the hotel and see which stop they recommend I get off to be closest to the hotel.   Not suppose to mention where the hotel is on my blog....but if I have any followers that know there way on the L train in Chicago send me an email and I will tell you where I am at and maybe you help me with the stop......

I have been watching the weather in Chi town and it seems to be low 60's during the day and 40's at night...must bring a jacket...I will probably be freezing considering I am used to 90's high and 70's low.  Mittens and scarf may be a bit too much :)

Me and Sofie(roomate) are planning on being part of the room crawl and our drink of specialty is the Coconut Mojito...yum yum....Sofie has informed me I will be mashing all night....I can handle that!  I have a feeling that I am going to be a real light weight considering I don't remember the last time I had an alcoholic beverage...and thats saying something from this party girl!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Drama at the family home!

So I was good until Sunday when I let some drama derail me.  So mad at myself but what can I do.  I didn't want to blog about it but whatever, I always said I would be honest in my logs so I might as well fess up.

On friday my friend Jay asked if him and his boys could come over.  I said sure we could take them to the park after church  and I was making a pot roast.  Then on Sunday in the early am he said could they come over sooner because Athena(baby momma) thought that the pool would interfere with nap time.  I said well the pool doesn't open until noon but we can either nap before or after the pool and that I didn't know he was going to bring Athena...they have been broken up since April(he lived with us for 2 months).  So I am a little stressed by then because they haven't lived with each other in over 5 months and I am just imagining the drama.  Well sure enough he pulls up but the kids and Athena aren't with him.  He said she wanted to drive seperate (again surprised because we live north of town about an hour from where they all live in the south end of town) She texts him that she is running late and needs money for gas...he is a little exasperated because he offered to drive.  Mind you we all played hooky from church so that we could meet at 10:00 but she doesn't get there until noon.

She gets to the house and to me, she looks messed up--on drugs---not normal.  The kids are filthy..no shoes on and hungry and thirsty..she pays no attention to them once we get there kind of like it was up to Jay.  I suggest putting shoes on the little one because he is running around on the pavement outside and its hot(90 degrees) She informs me he doesn't have shoes because they hurt his feet(I am screaming bullcrap in my head but say nothing) I suggest we go inside then.  She refuses to sit down, I offer her a drink she makes some snide comments to Jay that is she smiling enough for him and again I ignore her petty comments...but REALLY.
Then she says "are we going to the pool, because I told the boys we were and they are excited"  I said ok, I wasn't sure if they needed a nap..no she wants to go now but says she doesn't have a suit...ok I say no biggee we are just going to the kiddie pool the water is only up to knees.  Then she says the boys don't have suits...I open my mouth this time and say "Really, you tell the boys you are all going swimming but you don't bring any suits"  She explodes and grabs boys running out the house saying how I don't understand the hell she has been going thru and she is tired and exhausted(which is bull again because jay offered to bring them up here and give her a break for the afternoon and she denied him, and he offered tomorrow(monday) and she turned that down.) So they go scream outside at each other for awhile and she drives away.

We all proceed to go out for ice cream after that--Johnny was wondering whats up and my hubby missed it all because he went to have a cigarette and didn't know she left.  I also did not exercise Sunday..spent the rest of the day consoling Jay.

Wish I could just erase yesterday.  Drama, bad food choices and no exercise.  Back on track today

Friday, September 14, 2012

Boobs Challenge....fatter girl here!

So I am actually losing by .1 in the BOOBs challenge if you account for the fact that I am fatter than the other losers and my percentage is lower...so glad we cleared that up because I feel so much better---dripping sarcasm

I guess it was the motivation I needed to kick it into gear these last 2 weeks.  I hit the gym hard yesterday and my diet was point on.  I got this.  I can do anything for 2 weeks!  So here is the plan
Calories keep at 800-1000
Exercise at least 60 minutes EVERYDAY keeping heartrate within zone.

This is what lead to my other losses so I know this should work for me and I just really think a NEWBIE should win the challenge...we need to represent!

I hit goodwill yesterday...it turned out to be $1 day so I picked up 3 pair of jeans for $3--HOLY CRAP! and pretty good labels too.  They are being washed right now(umm twice) and they are tight so I imagine that they will fit a whole lot better in 10lbs  One was a size 14, one a 15(strange) and the other 16...I accidently got 2 pair that were longs(WTH I am only 5'4) so I will have to blow the dust off the sewing machine and hem them(or take them to my mommy and have her do it--more than likely this will happen)

I have been thinking about getting the NINJA juicer..especially cause I am getting my bountiful basket tomorrow with all the fruits and veges' (even though I want the vita mixer---but don't want to spend all that money)

No plans this weekend except to try some new vege's and to work my ass off at the gym and in the yard landscaping.  Hope to see you all next week lighter than this week!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who do you share your triumphs with?

Man this boob challenge is getting close I am only ahead by 0.1 lb  YIKES!~
I have to kick it into gear this week.  I must lose a good number next Wednesday and I will admit I did not do well last night..I ate 4 oreo cookies last night at 2:00am  WTH  I have not done that in months...I felt like crap this morning..scale was up and up by 4lbs  WTH again!  I am almost ready to stay at the gym 2 hours tonight in hopes of burning more calories.

I am getting out my fall decorations today...Can't believe Halloween is almost here.  I like the fall decorations though they remind me cooler weathers is on its way...although this morning was gorgeous here..wish I had time to go for a walk it was 72 and breezy---loved it..had my coffee outside(working from home today)

My Weight Loss place is having a support meeting next Saturday the 22nd and they want us to bring a support person with us.  I want to go but not sure about bringing hubby..he gets so bored at those things.

Last night at the gym I was using the treadmill that overlooks the basketball court and there were some 10-12 year old boys playing a game and a couple of them just shooting hoops.  One little guy had to be 10 decided to try for a hoop mid court...he made it...he was so excited that he spun around pumping his fists but nobody saw it but I think me.  I was grinning and giving him a thumbs up but he didn't see me.  I could see how disappointed he was that no-one witnessed it.  I wanted to yell but the others on treadmill already were giving me a weird look because I was grinning and waving at him.  too funny.

Just goes to show that you have to share your triumphs with someone---it makes it all better and more enjoyable....I am very grateful I get to share this journey and my triumphs with all of you and my hubby---just makes it all the more sweeter!  Have a great day

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Weigh....no loss....I'm Ok...I'm Ok...I'm Ok

Wednesday Weigh in
Last Week 214
This Week 214
No loss

I am ok with it.  I have lost so much the prior two weeks and this being TOM week I did not expect to lose anything.  I am going to keep my head down and keep on working it and hope to see a loss next week.

Its been so nice and cool here only in the 90's...yes for you northerners..thats cool here.  But I know its not going to last....there are  a few more 100 days out there. SAY IT ISN'T SO!!

So yesterday at the gym I had the perfect runner on the treadmill next to me...I know you have seen them..they walk up(no fat on there body) and just start running...and continue to run for the whole hour...NO SWEAT...seriously...who doesn't sweat after running for an hour...I don't even think he was breathing hard...nope I never heard him!  That is crazy cool to be able to do that.

So I tried on my goal dress for Chicago...still doesn't fit.  I am beginning to think it won't fit in time and I am not sure what I am going to do for backup...it may just be pants and top, I am just not a dress type of girl anyway...but I will admit a twinge of disappointment because I will probably never wear the thing.  Its not like there are scads of opportunities for me to wear that fancy dress.  sigh....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bring it on Skinny BEOTCH!

Yeah...so the title is a little aggressive :)

I was at the gym..... (love starting that way)

And this skinny girl decided to hop on the treadmill next to me...she looks over and scans my settings...(is it me or does this bother anyone else)...seriously..mind your own workout.  Then she is running(as I am too) and she goes balls to the wall...for about 2 min then walks..then runs( a little slower this time) looks over at me again..walks...mind you I am jogging this whole time...this goes on for about 15min(yes I was rockin it) and she looks like she is dying and scans my settings again...now in my mind I am thinking...

BRING IT ON SKINNY GIRL....I have stamina and been doing this for some time....you are not going to show me up!

She gets off and leaves..... WIN WIN WIN

Okay..I know I am a little neurotic(just a little) and I may have imagined the whole competition thing..but it sure felt good.  It made me continue to run and not stop...and it let me see how far I had come.

In order to stop the nighttime munchies I stayed upstairs for the evening...as far from the kitchen as I could.  This seemed to work well for me last night.  I will try it again tonight...hoping for a loss tomorrow at weigh in but for some reason it is not budging.

This morning I bought a basket of veges and fruit from Bountiful Basket..its an organization that lets you get a  bucket full of yummy fruits and veges...one of my friends said I should try it but I was never game because you don't get to pick your fruits and veges and I was always worried I wouldn't eat them...not anymore I am going to cook it all up...hope I get something good.  Its only $15(supposedly worth $50) with the cost of fruits and veges at the store I think it is worth it!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Change Font for Blog

So We had another Arizona Bander Lunch meet up and I was informed my font sucks!  I did not know === really!  So I changed it hope this is ok with everyone....please let me know if you don't like something about my blog..I don't want you guys to go away!
Below is Adorkbl(Lori), me, Jen(What you looking at Skinny), MandaPanda, Elizabeth

Man my nighttime eating has increased and I really need to curb my nighttime snacking....it wasn't the worst food choices but I could have done better.  I got 3  more weigh ins and I have a feeling this week is going to be Nada...but I am preparing myself so that I don't throw another tantrum!

I did not get any new clothes...just found other things to do...need to make this a priority

Found out my Tom came in this week.....lovely..hate that guy!

I made jalapeno poppers this weekend that were just heavenly!  I used whipped light cream cheese and center cut bacon.  I was able to eat 3 halves... still managed to keep my calories at 200 for that and I felt like  I  splurged.  It was a yummy treat..and good protein with no carbs!

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Blog...previous blogger

My boobmie(roomate) for BOOBs blog has changed and she needs followers.
She used to be Sofie Secrets from the Petticoat but now its


Go check out her blog...she needs some followers

And lets hope I added the link correctly...shees' I am  so challenged with this dang blog stuff

Oatmeal Cookie Man

So I was at the gym last night and a nice man hopped up on the treadmill next too me(kinda cute too)...instantly I smelled Oatmeal cookies...throughout the rest of my exercise I swear I fantasized of cookies...not the man...just cookies...WTH is that.  Thats a fat girl and her addiction.  Dang.  First I complain of smelly gym rats then its curie gym rats...now I have oatmeal gym rats...REALLY I am not sure which is worse.

But I have to reflect, my hubby is what gave me the push to exercise.  He removed the guilt from leaving Johnny to go exercise.  Him and Johnny have fun while I am gone and I don't feel bad at all taking that 1 1/2 hrs to exercise me...daily....he has never complained.  Which is good, it would take him complaining once and that would be the excuse I need to stop this exercise.....Now if only I could get him to cook dinner also---I know cray cray talk!

So I have been on a kick with my favorite dinner.  I buy lunch meat...the good kind...boars head or something from Costco(why is everything better at costco?) and I wrap it around a string cheese stick...sometimes just plain but I also like the weight watchers smokey string cheese...and I GRILL it.  This week it was black forest ham.  I LOVE these..under 100 calories each...I think mine have been averaging 80 a piece and I can only eat 1 or 2.  Great protein..sodium can add up so if you can get the low sodium lunch meat even better......I like to let the cheese melt out of the roll up and brown a little...yum yum.  They keep me full for hours.
I still love my edamame but for some reason it gave me heartburn yesterday so I am not going to have it today.

I also tried Tom Yum soup this week...Boy was that hot and spicy yumminess..may have to get some more of that and it is not real bad for you..cause its broth based not cream.

They also had these teas there Boba tea...with these like pearls in it...looked kind of good..but it was milky so I am sure there must have been cream in it so I didn't get it cause the calories look like they could be high...I wonder what the pearls taste like?

No real plans this weekend except Bander Lunch on Sunday and trim on Saturday.  Can't wait for this weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

BOOBs challenge...I'm in the Lead!!!

Yea...I'm bragging a bit!

So they posted the BOOBs challenge results so far and I am in the lead!  Me, in the lead for weight loss---shut the front door....I am a slow loser or at least I thought I was until this last month.  Joey though is right behind me.  I have to keep at it for another 3 weeks to win this thing....I so want to win it...I don't even know what I will win...its just the whole competition thing that is what is driving me...doesn't it always!

So today I am feeling crampy and cranky....ughh just want to wrap up in a blanket and sleep...if I could track my PMS I am either having it or Ovulating...the cramps suck and I hate taking ibuprophen because I hate swallowing the pills..I am always afraid they will get stuck...had one get stuck once and it is the worst feeling..so I am waiting to take my pills for a few hours until my band loosens up...so tight in the am.

This weekend us AZ banders are meeting up again, I am pretty excited about that.  I have a hair appt this Saturday..nothing new..just trim and cover up that regrowth(and hidden grays--yikes!) and I just love that this weekend is pretty layed back!

I also think I am going to have to hit some shopping stores.  I need size 16 pants real bad.  I have been trying to make these 18's work but they just bag out so bad at the end of the day. I have one pair of 16's that I love.  I'm not usually a goodwill shopper...let me admit that it kind of grosses me out with the smells...but I need some clothes and I am being cheap.  I should probably check out the outlets too by my house I remember picking up my tommy hilfiger pants for under $20 a pop so maybe I will find some more.  I do consider this a cadillac problem and not really anything to stress about.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random Wednesday...Loss 7 lbs!

Weigh in Day!!!!

Last Week 221
This Week 214
Total Loss 7lbs

Holy crap people I don't know what happened...maybe I was on a plateau...maybe this fill was what I needed.  I am so close to wonderland I can taste it!

Us AZ banders are meeting again...because we LOVE each other...actually Adorkbl really wanted to meet up last month but schedules just didn't allow for it and this month we are tight with Chicago trip and Jen(off on her amazing vacay's this month) So this was essentially the only weekend...and I have to meet Adorkbl....

Hubby is picking up golf cart from mechanic today...only $375(choking here) and we have to buy a charger...($200)...so today is an expensive day for the cheap skate I am...gasp......BUT it should be running today and then I get to license and insure it...choking again....

Football----yay...it starts today...so I have to make sure my lineup is set...I love fantasy football it really gets me more into the games when I know I can win some money!  Although I have not won in my league and we have been playing 8 years...I know ... I know I am not very good....

Steph posted how she was contemplating riding boots...oh I would so love a pair...
Boy sorry for the small pic.
I wonder if my calves will ever slim down....you know how you see some people and there calves are huge and usually they have lost  a lot of weigh but their calves were just...stretched out...I wonder if that will happen to me.  I have never worn snow boots..my calves have always been too big.  Let alone its Phoenix and I am not sure if I would get to wear them but maybe 2 days...but those 2 days...HOTNESS!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I fit in a towel!!!

I had a great NSV this weekend.  I actually tied the towel around me and I had room.  I couldn't believe I could walk around with just the towel and use my hands!  That was crazy cool....I must say I stayed in that towel longer than normal basking in the NSV.

I am going to have a crazy weight loss this week.  I mean I peaked today and I was 215...down 6 from last week.  I am sure a lot has to be to this latest fill and I had a cold this weekend and did not  feel good so of course...you don't eat much when you have a cold.  I may actually hit onderland before Chicago.  I am not going to be upset if I don't because frankly I am surprised being at my weight now.

I fit into my old calvin klein size 16 jeans with room...problem is...they are out of style..nobody wears these tight ankle jeans anymore..with there high waists....so 80's  because I was wearing them late 80's early 90's last.  I fit into some old large shirts..but the sleeves are too short and show off my wings....I am pretty much a 3/4 inch sleeve or full sleeve right now...short sleeves look yuck on me....glad winter is coming.

I got my new undies....yay!! and I am not to happy to say I went from a size 11 panty(yikes did I just print that) to a size 8...it looked like little girl underwear...but it fit my butt!

Question to my running bloggers...do you get compression gear at a running store or just any sports store....I stopped by one sports store but they had like almost nothing for women....I don't want to get man gear?