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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BOOBS Challenge last day Weigh In

Last Week 216
This Week 212
Total lost 4 lbs

I lost the 2 lbs I gained last week and lost 2 more.  I am really happy with that as well as being so close to Onderland.

When I reflect over the last 70 days I amazed at how far I have come..not just in 23lbs lost but the emotional growing I have done. These last few weeks have been tough emotionally for me.  I really have had to deal with my emotions and not stuff food at it to silence it.  Sometimes when I think I got it, I find I really don't and I can see this is going to be an ongoing thing with me and I hope one day to say I conquered it but right now I am just dealing with it one day at a time.

I am going to leave this short--seeing how I really posted my pics last night and I am tired of blogging about how damn excited I am for BOOBs ---you'll know that by now!

So not sure if I will blog in Chicago..this may be the last one you get until Monday.  Wish you were all coming to Chicago because I want to meet you all but alas tis not the case(sounds odd oh well)


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

You did a great job!

Beth said...

Amazing you really rocked it!

Elizabeth said...

So so so proud of you my AZ Rockstar!!

Cheri said...

awesome! Have a blast in Chicago!

speck said...

You did amazing! Thanks for giving me the inspiration.


Amy said...

nice job!! you've kicked some serious tail in the last month, woman!

MandaPanda said...

So proud of you! Have a great time and drink a toast to me while you're there!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Way to go on winning the challenge! You really rocked this challenge!