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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who do you share your triumphs with?

Man this boob challenge is getting close I am only ahead by 0.1 lb  YIKES!~
I have to kick it into gear this week.  I must lose a good number next Wednesday and I will admit I did not do well last night..I ate 4 oreo cookies last night at 2:00am  WTH  I have not done that in months...I felt like crap this morning..scale was up and up by 4lbs  WTH again!  I am almost ready to stay at the gym 2 hours tonight in hopes of burning more calories.

I am getting out my fall decorations today...Can't believe Halloween is almost here.  I like the fall decorations though they remind me cooler weathers is on its way...although this morning was gorgeous here..wish I had time to go for a walk it was 72 and breezy---loved it..had my coffee outside(working from home today)

My Weight Loss place is having a support meeting next Saturday the 22nd and they want us to bring a support person with us.  I want to go but not sure about bringing hubby..he gets so bored at those things.

Last night at the gym I was using the treadmill that overlooks the basketball court and there were some 10-12 year old boys playing a game and a couple of them just shooting hoops.  One little guy had to be 10 decided to try for a hoop mid court...he made it...he was so excited that he spun around pumping his fists but nobody saw it but I think me.  I was grinning and giving him a thumbs up but he didn't see me.  I could see how disappointed he was that no-one witnessed it.  I wanted to yell but the others on treadmill already were giving me a weird look because I was grinning and waving at him.  too funny.

Just goes to show that you have to share your triumphs with someone---it makes it all better and more enjoyable....I am very grateful I get to share this journey and my triumphs with all of you and my hubby---just makes it all the more sweeter!  Have a great day


adorkbl said...

Awwww poor lil guy had no one to share with. So true about sharing your triumphs!!

Step away from the oreos!! Lol

Harmony said...

Little Miss talked me into buying Oreos for her lunch. I pack her 2 a day. I wish I had never even tested to see if they get stuck, because guess what...they don't. I wish they did.

We can just say no together.

speck said...

Girl you have been kicking butt in the challenge.

I know I have to really step it up if I want to be in first place...lol...so that means no little cocktail for me(I found those Daily pouches and I'm hooked) but tonight I'm saying what the heck and I'm having one.

Two weeks....I'm so excited.


Beth said...

I'm so glad I don't like Oreos! Thanks for sharing your triumphs!

Sarah said...

Damn those Oreos! Why do they have to be SO freaking good?! I hate that.... lol

And you're rocking it! Good job girl!


MandaPanda said...

I share my triumphs with anyone who will listen! LOL! Mostly Hubby, BFF and my blogger friends. Honestly, I get the most support from my blog and the people I've met from it. You, Jen and Ronnie have been especially fantastic. If Hubby doesn't really want to go, I'll go with you. :)

Leigh C. said...

I also LOVE everything about fall. Clothes, decor, colours, crisp air...you name it! I'm fortunate enough to share my triumphs with all of you. Makes every milestone that much more special:)