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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Weigh....no loss....I'm Ok...I'm Ok...I'm Ok

Wednesday Weigh in
Last Week 214
This Week 214
No loss

I am ok with it.  I have lost so much the prior two weeks and this being TOM week I did not expect to lose anything.  I am going to keep my head down and keep on working it and hope to see a loss next week.

Its been so nice and cool here only in the 90's...yes for you northerners..thats cool here.  But I know its not going to last....there are  a few more 100 days out there. SAY IT ISN'T SO!!

So yesterday at the gym I had the perfect runner on the treadmill next to me...I know you have seen them..they walk up(no fat on there body) and just start running...and continue to run for the whole hour...NO SWEAT...seriously...who doesn't sweat after running for an hour...I don't even think he was breathing hard...nope I never heard him!  That is crazy cool to be able to do that.

So I tried on my goal dress for Chicago...still doesn't fit.  I am beginning to think it won't fit in time and I am not sure what I am going to do for backup...it may just be pants and top, I am just not a dress type of girl anyway...but I will admit a twinge of disappointment because I will probably never wear the thing.  Its not like there are scads of opportunities for me to wear that fancy dress.  sigh....


Ronnie said...

Damn. You should have taken a pic of this fine specimen. Unless he was ugly. In which case, leave out the face. ;)

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

LOL, to Ronnie's comment. If the dress doesn't fit this year you can always have it altered for next year because it will FO SHO be too big then!

MandaPanda said...

As a stall was expected, it's still tough to not let it affect you. Keep on keeping on.

As for the dress...maybe we AZ bandsters can have ourselves a fancy not on the town to celebrate the NSV of it fitting! :)

adorkbl said...

I like Manda's suggestion. We can have a night out when it fits. Woot. Or maybe next week you will drop like 10 pounds and make us all sick and jealous and slide into your dress after all. Haha.

RockBand Barbie said...

Oh crap, I just realized that I don't have a dress or even a dressy outfit for dinner. The two dresses I had to buy this summer are summer dresses and I'm sure it will be too cool for those. I guess I have to go shopping now :)

speck said...

I'm with RBB. I need a dress also. I've been "thinking" about it but I haven't acted on it. I guess I should get going.

I can't wait to meet you and the other BOOBS.

And you have done so well with the weightloss...give us other girls a chance! lol JK


Leigh C. said...

Pants and top can be super sexy too:) Rock what you're comfortable in!

Momee3021 said...

Well now we have an excuse to shop on Thursday. Lol!!!