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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bring it on Skinny BEOTCH!

Yeah...so the title is a little aggressive :)

I was at the gym..... (love starting that way)

And this skinny girl decided to hop on the treadmill next to me...she looks over and scans my settings...(is it me or does this bother anyone else)...seriously..mind your own workout.  Then she is running(as I am too) and she goes balls to the wall...for about 2 min then walks..then runs( a little slower this time) looks over at me again..walks...mind you I am jogging this whole time...this goes on for about 15min(yes I was rockin it) and she looks like she is dying and scans my settings again...now in my mind I am thinking...

BRING IT ON SKINNY GIRL....I have stamina and been doing this for some time....you are not going to show me up!

She gets off and leaves..... WIN WIN WIN

Okay..I know I am a little neurotic(just a little) and I may have imagined the whole competition thing..but it sure felt good.  It made me continue to run and not stop...and it let me see how far I had come.

In order to stop the nighttime munchies I stayed upstairs for the evening...as far from the kitchen as I could.  This seemed to work well for me last night.  I will try it again tonight...hoping for a loss tomorrow at weigh in but for some reason it is not budging.

This morning I bought a basket of veges and fruit from Bountiful Basket..its an organization that lets you get a  bucket full of yummy fruits and veges...one of my friends said I should try it but I was never game because you don't get to pick your fruits and veges and I was always worried I wouldn't eat them...not anymore I am going to cook it all up...hope I get something good.  Its only $15(supposedly worth $50) with the cost of fruits and veges at the store I think it is worth it!



Run, Chelle, Run! said...


This is EXACTLY what I do!!! I always feel like such a bad ass when I keep running and people give up or whatever. Hee. I am not alone in the world! :)

Jen said...

You are a badass! I love it!

Have a good week and we will connect as soon as I get back to get our tickets to Ellen! sorry I flaked this week, but things have been crazy!!

Beth Ann said...

A. You had me at BEOTCH. :-) Rock it, girl!

B. My friend & I did Bountiful Baskets once. We split one basket and we still both had tons. It was awesome! If I cooked more during the week, it would have been perfect.

Ronnie said...

Oh hell no. Skinny bitch better move on. Don't scan my settings like you're better than me, heffa!

You go girl!

MandaPanda said...

You showed her! LOL!

I loved Bountiful Baskets...I tried eggplant for the first time because of them. I liked that it MADE me try different veggies because I didn't want to waste it. :)

Momee3021 said...

LOVE IT!!!! I get discouraged when people watch - thats why I hide in my swim spa. LOL Good for you.

speck said...

I guess you are trying to beat me in the challenge??!!

Well I'm going to be a good BOOB and tell you to stay upstairs again tonight. I'm a firm believer in doing what you know works!


Vanessa said...

Love it! Skinny bitch needs to step! - You ROCK!!! I love when we can out last the skinny ones!

Azmomo2 said...

LOL that is awesome!

Kelli said...

I needed a good laugh, love it!!!

Amy said...

put that skinny bitch in her place! lol

adorkbl said...

I hate hate gate dreadmills. This is just another reason why. Way to rock it out!!