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Friday, September 14, 2012

Boobs Challenge....fatter girl here!

So I am actually losing by .1 in the BOOBs challenge if you account for the fact that I am fatter than the other losers and my percentage is lower...so glad we cleared that up because I feel so much better---dripping sarcasm

I guess it was the motivation I needed to kick it into gear these last 2 weeks.  I hit the gym hard yesterday and my diet was point on.  I got this.  I can do anything for 2 weeks!  So here is the plan
Calories keep at 800-1000
Exercise at least 60 minutes EVERYDAY keeping heartrate within zone.

This is what lead to my other losses so I know this should work for me and I just really think a NEWBIE should win the challenge...we need to represent!

I hit goodwill yesterday...it turned out to be $1 day so I picked up 3 pair of jeans for $3--HOLY CRAP! and pretty good labels too.  They are being washed right now(umm twice) and they are tight so I imagine that they will fit a whole lot better in 10lbs  One was a size 14, one a 15(strange) and the other 16...I accidently got 2 pair that were longs(WTH I am only 5'4) so I will have to blow the dust off the sewing machine and hem them(or take them to my mommy and have her do it--more than likely this will happen)

I have been thinking about getting the NINJA juicer..especially cause I am getting my bountiful basket tomorrow with all the fruits and veges' (even though I want the vita mixer---but don't want to spend all that money)

No plans this weekend except to try some new vege's and to work my ass off at the gym and in the yard landscaping.  Hope to see you all next week lighter than this week!


Jules said...

You can do it! Two weeks is nothing!
Great score at goodwill! Woo hoo! My friend recommended buying a vitamixer at Costco and upgrading every few years for the new one, no questions asked! Praise that Costco has an amazing return policy! I was thinking I might just buy a vitamixer for the ease of returning if there are problems.
Ill be cheering you on from my corner of the States! Go girl go!

MandaPanda said...

Newbies represent! LOL! I did catch that sarcasm. :) Good luck with your work out goals!

Beth said...

You are rocking the house girl! Represent!

speck said...

Yes, she is rocking the house...give me a chance! lol

It's funny, last night I was going to have a little tottie but changed my mind because I want to win the challenge.

Then just a few minutes ago, I thought I will have a small splurge...then I come to your post!!!!

Dang you Jen!


adorkbl said...

I love the goal! Work it girlie. :) Can't wait to see you in your new jeans.

Momee3021 said...

Ok - you're doing this - keep your eye on the prize... Im your cheerleader give me a J E N N X A Z - YEAH!!!! JENN !!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

BTW - Spend the money on the Vitamix - I did it is my total favourite, most used appliance in my house while Im trying to sell my juicer thats in the basement gathering dust. The juicer is a total pain in the ass to clean that is why I never liked using it - the vitamix is easy and you can do sooo much with it - you'd be shocked. I grate cheese, make soup, smoothies, frozen deserts... OMG the list goes on.

Ronnie said...

*rollin' my eyes at the fatter girl comment* lol

Enjoy your weekend, girlfriend! Rest assured you are beating ME in the challenge! :D

Sara said...

SCORE!!!! you so got this! If you can find such gems in goodwill, then surely you can hang with this routine for two weeks! :)