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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gym Story...and food recommendation

Another gym story....
So at the gym yesterday the treadmill's were filled up..only one left between an old guy who was overweight and appeared 10 minutes away from a heart attack and a tiny cute little Asian girl who was maybe 100lbs soaking wet and running.  They were both sweaty bettys.
I get on my treadmill and smell just a rancid bad breath..I mean terrible, it had some horrible kill me now smell. I assumed it was the guy but he only lasted 5 more minutes and got off..I was glad because I wasn't sure I could stay on there any longer....but IT WASN"T HIM...it was the cute little Asian girl..I don't know how such a tiny cute girl could have such a sewer smell coming from her.  She FINALLY got off about 20minutes later...and the smell went away.  Holy Moses...I couldn't believe the relief when she left!  Goes to show I judged too soon!lol!
So I have been kicking up the incline and I have been so sore now for probably 3 days..I can feel it in my shoulders and butt majorly...I wonder if I am retaining water because of the sore muscles...that would be cool because I STILL HAVE NOT LOST THAT GAIN!  no not bitter betty here....man betty gets a bad wrap...bitter betty...sweaty betty....my grandma's name was betty...oh boy..digressing here
Last night I just didn't feel like cooking so I had a Pretzel lean cuisine Jalapeno Chicken.  Yes I could eat it no problem..but one filled me up with a side salad(I think I am recovered from my last fill fiasco so I am ready for another one)

On another note...I was remembering we sent a picture in at the beginning of our boobs challenge and that we are suppose send in a final pic too.  I almost through the pants out because they are too big....thats just 21 lbs ago ... I can't wait to show an after pic in those old big pants!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

"Sweaty betty!" I love it! I'd have been thinking the same thing...but way to go on the treadmill and the incline, that's some ass kicking right there!

MandaPanda said...

Can't wait to see the "after" pic of those pants!

Some people at the gym are nasty. There was a guy who came in late to spin and the lady next to me and I both gagged. He smelled TERRIBLE. We turned on the fan to try to blow the odor away from us but it lingered. I'm not sure if it was a combo of BO and cigarettes or what but I found myself holding my breath sometimes which is NOT good during spin! :)

Jen said...

it's bad enough that people at the gym stink b/c of their sweatiness, but then to throw in some other bodily odor and YUCK!!!

I did not take a full body picture of me when I first started the challenge, just a picture of my feet and my scale.. I'm certain my feet don't look any skinnier though!! :)

Sarah said...

Cute lil girl needs to lay off the garlic! ;)


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Ewwee - I forgot how much I hated that part of the gym. Glad you survived.

DiZneDiVa said...

I love those pretzel thingys!

Beth said...

Those pretzels lean pockets look great, but I would be afraid to try them in case I got stuck!