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Monday, June 24, 2013

what happend to my blog follow list?

What the hell...I know I have not been on here as much but my list of blogs I follow is gone.  ERGGGG.  Not sure what is up with that...sometimes that happened to me in the past..but if I hit the button a few times they popped up...not now..and I am not sure why!
Anyway.  Had a great weekend hanging with my friends it was super cool only 79 during the day and nice and cool at night...but I am back to the heat.
Johnny and I went to see monsters university yesterday..that was cute and then got his haircut and new tennis shoes for him..I was trying to wait until school..but his were just trashed so we got another pair...of course now he has an opinion and wanted nikes...I had to laugh because I know its just the beginning of him starting to have an opinion of what he wears.  I also got him a dbacks shirt...I am trying to convince him that dbacks and diamondbacks are the same team...he is just not getting it...he still thinks they are too seperate teams..it doesn't help that there uniform changes so that goes with his theory that they are different teams....
I have been trying real hard to be in the NOW and practice my zen...that takes work and I know it won't happen over night...hope it happens soon.....OHM.....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday...no gain Yay!!

Weigh In Last week 179
Weigh In this week 179
0 lost

NO GAIN...I am super happy about this....I think this is the first week no gain since my total unfill.  Never thought I would be happy to see a no gain....well think again!
I would be thrilled to maintain this for the next month until my fill....I could only dream.

So I did NOT want to workout yesterday but headed to the gym...got on dreadmill and proceeded to bust out 4miles running and walking uphill.  I walked uphill for 20 minutes..then ran for 20 minutes then walked uphill for another 20 minutes.  All in all I was pretty impressed that I was able to run for such a long time.  I am really building up my endurance so that is a great improvement.  I seem to have built up to burning about 500 calories a workout...and this is a gestimate...because I do not enter my weight I just go with what the machine says when I am done.

Eating has been pretty good as well.  I have been packing my lunch and really trying to limit my carbs.
Happy Wednesday you all!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So Yesterday at therapy we meditated....at least thats what I call it...she almost put me to sleep.  I actually came out of it light headed and feeling great.
So this morning...I meditated....I did not have those same feelings...WHY?  Is it her soothing voice telling me to feel the breath exhaling and breath in feeling the air hit my nose hairs...did I breathe deeper there..was it the harp music playing in the background..note to self get harp music..
I am going to keep trying because I want that feeling again!
Work is finally calming down a bit or I should say that it is clicking and going faster so I am not so stressed about it.
I am headed to Flagstaff for a beer festival this weekend with my two bestie buds...I can't wait.  I used to go every year and I used to organize a camping trip or motel weekend and we had grown to about 15 of us that would go...then my hubby found out he was an alcoholic and that stopped..Well not this year...this year...this girl is going and my two buds Jay and Brian are coming.  I am excited!  Road trip and all!
Cooler weather...slimmer clothes...haaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Pj's...mediums make it fun to buy!

So I got my bountiful basket this weekend...it was yummy...a bunch of sweet green grapes..and not being filled I had no problem eating them...grapes are usually a no go when filled.  It was pretty nice weekend.  Went bowling with Johnny on Saturday and we went to the lego store..everyboys dream and picked him up a set he had been saving for.  Then we went and saw Superman...I wasn't sure he would be able to watch it but he has been begging me to watch it and we both loved it..ok he loved it more than I but it was good.  I was shocked at how many people were there.  I mean the theater showed it like 20 times a day and every showing was packed.
I also had starbucks...it was a dream...love my SF vanilla iced coffee.  I was lucky and someone ahead of me paid for mine...so I paid for the guy behind me..I did ask the barista..what is longest chain we have had of someone paying for someone elses..she said 52...That was cool to hear.  I like hearing of the kindness in society..sometimes all we hear is the bad stuff..ya know?
I also went out and bought some summer pj's...did I tell you it was 108 here yesterday..and the day before..and I have been sleeping in my fleece pj's and waking up at midnight sweating!  Well it was fun to buy medium pj's...that does not get old...no plus size and not even the largest size.  I worked out 3 times last week..wish it was more but i also put in 20hours of overtime..so it did not leave me much time for working out.  Hope to put in more this week.
Tonight I am in charge of dinner...I am making lettuce wraps..I just love them.  Last night we had chicken kabobs..that were yummy with peppers and mushrooms and onions..on the grill...I also tried some coconut oil on my sweet potatoes and carrots that I roasted in the oven..not a lot of oil just enough to lightly coat the stuff..and boy were they yummy and sweet.  Not sure if you have heard but coconut oil seems to be all the rage lately and I had to give it a whirl..boy it was not cheap to buy!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Last Week 175
This Week 179
Gain 4lbs

Yuck..did I tell you I hate not having a fill....I just eat way too much...and its not bad stuff...its just way too much food. Ugghhh
So I have been hitting the gym about 3-4 times a week.  This week I have gone Monday/Tuesday and I have therapy today so I won't be there but I am planning on Thursday and Friday... so far just cardio...been running/walking up to about 4 miles in 60 minutes I do a 7 min warm up and 5 minute cool down..then I have upped it this week to run 2 minutes .... walk 1 minute.  Feeling good not as sore..but thinking I need to push myself more....always that fine line on being too sore...but I notice my heartrate is recovering faster..but around the 40minute mark...it doesn't recover as quick so I know my body gets more tired.  So I will continue out the week at this pace and see if I am ready to up it to 3min run 1 min walk....not sure.

On the food front....I stopped typing and am sitting here...waiting for something better to enlighten you all with.  I had protein drink in the am with an iced coffee/sf vanilla then lean cuisine for lunch and edamame along with chicken cauliflower soup and big salad for dinner.  Watermelon for dessert and woke up starving in the middle of the night..to 2 bowls of cheerios w/skim milk (oy vey)...today I packed an oatmeal...to supplement my morning in hopes of curbing that late night hunger.  Been drinking tons of crystal light/water..aside from the iced coffee with sf vanilla...I am not drinking my calories. But I seem to be hitting 1700-2000 calories...ughh
Oh well..onward only one month to go.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy week working..means little blogging time!

Crazy work week.  I had to put in 87 hours last week at work preparing for a release..I am exhausted.  This weekend I spent time responding to an RFP for our company which is writing...I suck at writing but it got done.
I met up with Amy and Jen this weekend for a quick bander brunch..those are always fun and we laughed and got caught up.  I cherish those moments because it is always so easy..they get it.
Johnny and I have been having fun when we can...we went bowling and had a good time, in fact I promised we would go again this weekend.
I have been LOVING my therapy sessions.  We have just recently got involved in my eating and why I eat.  It seems to always go back to my mom and dad.  My mom was severely sexually abused and beaten as a child.  I am amazed sometimes when I hear stories of what happened.   Needless to say she is not an emotional person.  Growing up we never talked about feelings.  Which is why I have a hard time expressing them and working through them.  Also I had a lot of let downs with my dad, waiting for him to pick me up for visitation as a kid..and he never showed up...when he did show up he was high or drunk and I would have almost panick attacks as a kid being around him because he was erratic in behavior and basically scared me. Well I guess those feelings again I never worked through so they manifest themselves in other ways...in how I deal with men in particular.  I always used to run away from them.  Which is why we are delving into the fact that I have gained and lost over 100lbs multiple times in my life...she thinks its because I always go back to not being able to handle the feelings and shoving them down and coping with it, with food.  Its been very interesting.....On the weight front...I am sad to report that I have gained 10lbs.  I am bummed but I know I will take it off when I get the fills going again.  I am exercising slowly..hard to do when I was working so much these last couple of weeks.  So I hope to remedy that and in turn keep that gain to only 10lbs.  Today I am going to try to set up my first fill for July 13..hopefully they will let me...its just shy of 8weeks since my EGD..but I wanted to get in a couple fills before I go back to North Dakota.  Well thats it for now my lovelies...I will try to post more this week.  I miss all of you terribly and feel like I don't know what you have all been up to so I am going to try to read up on all of you that are my faves!