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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Update...still losing!

Just wanted to give a quick update.
I am finally back down to my lowest 162lbs
Its great..although I hear my doctors words last year...you still need to lose 50lbs..that was when I was 175.
Yes, she wants me at 125...that blows my mind.
My lowest was 150 in high school.  I have lost 10lbs since Xmas which is nice.  I am going for it to try and drop down to 125...this year..we will see.
What am I doing...not eating much more than 1000 calories a day.  I don't eat breakfast...usually eat lunch at 11:00..and early dinner at 5:00..nothing after 6:00pm if I can help it.
I am not exercising...just getting my 10000 steps a day in.
So as you can see...I am not killing myself with exercise and I am eating..don't really care to eat much more than that.
I do miss my lattes in the morning..but it just doesn't work for me because the coffee gives me heartburn without having any food in tummy....I have my latte in the afternoon if I am really craving it.
Here is Johnny before our doubles tournament.

I have been busy keeping Johnny busy.  I really don't want him to put the weight on ...and I am not putting him on a diet.  But the trick to keeping my 6 year old active...is to keep me active. So I am doing my best not to come home after work and veg!  That has been real challenging...so easy to lay around..its what I have done for years.  I do say I don't exercise..but I do..its just not traditional exercise...its playing at the park..soccer, tball, basketball, tennis..riding bikes..walking

So I guess...I just want you to know..we are doing ok....I am not gaining any of my weight back....I am not as strict food wise as I used to be...but I haven't let myself go!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Weight Loss...moving on down!

Just a quick update...things are moving along ... I am finally back on the weight loss train and have dropped another 5lbs and hope to keep it going in the loss direction...:) don't we all
I am excited to meet up with some banders this weekend and go painting...we are doing what I have seen a few others do which is take a painting class..and bring a bottle of wine to drink...well we are bringing at least 3---lol!
I am not making any drastic changes...staying in the house for awhile...not moving...and I finally got the death certificate on my hubby..turns out it was an accident...he fell and hit his head....crazy...
So I can now fill out the insurance and social security forms..thats enough to keep me busy for awhile..filling out forms!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A little bit about me.me.me

So I had a fabulous weekend.  My mom took Johnny for the weekend..at first they were going to go camping and with all the rain they cancelled that..I told her she still had to keep Johnny because I had made plans...I did and I can't tell you the last time I had a weekend without my lovely child(love him to death..just need a break every now and then)

So I rented a movie and drank a bottle of wine on Friday...yes not so great..but I thoroughly enjoyed it...the movie was Side Effects..

Then on Saturday I went and hob nobbed with the rich and famous at the lake...They own a houseboat..with three stories...I know I didn't think a houseboat could get that big...but it did...it had a/c and 3 bed 2bath...a little ridiculous but this is how the Jones's roll.  They also had a speed boat and couple of jet ski's  Felt a little out of place there...I mean come on here...I grew up in a trailer park. :)

Then on Sunday I went to the mall....I know crazy talk if you ask me...I am not a mall shopper..in fact I think its been 10 years since I went to the mall and shopped all day and had lunch all for myself.  I went into Hollister...really...this place is pitch black...I could not read the sizes...and I could not tell the black from blue or pink from red  or neon from regular but you know what that did not matter because everything fit.  I got a sweatshirt,sweat pants and a shirt
Then went to American Eagle....love those jeans got another pair and 3 shirts.  Then I hit Macys' and got 2 more shirts.  Later that night I met up with Elizabeth (Jen from What you looking at skinny got sick and couldn't make it) and we had wine and appy's  We had a blast chatting...and drinking too much...and chatting and just a fab time.

Monday woke up and picked up Johnny...we went and painted some pottery and then decided to video game it...he is liking some shooter games...I know bad mom letting him do them..but I play with him..I am the feet and he is the guns...lol...it was fun!

On a side note...got my fill yesterday so I am finally back up to 4.5cc almost to 5 where I was back in May...I can FINALLY feel some restriction!  Holy Balls...I am dying to finally get these last pounds off for good.!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Routine to get used to

I am such a morning person that for the last 20years I have worked 5:30-2:00
Which does wonders on avoiding traffic but I do go to bed early 8:30-9

Now I am working 8:30-4:30...so hard to get used to the new hours.  Boy the night flew by last night.  By the time I got home...made dinner, got lunches ready for the next day....got Johnny his bath...it was 8:00...wild to comprehend..I am still going to bed at 9 but hopefully I will soon be able to stay up later and enjoy my evenings.  We have been getting up at 5:30 so I am also hoping Johnny will start to sleep later as well, but 5:30 is a great time that I am adjusting to.

Exercise...I have not been doing.  I need to work my routine a little while and then I will add it in.  Also cooking for 2 is different...really different.  So far I have done Salmon...and I packed the left overs and I made turkey tacos last night and Johnny is going to have left overs tonight.  I also got some frozen tilapia to have Thursday which should be a quick dinner.  I am thinking of doing chicken breast strips and turkey meatloaf as additional meals later in the week...with a leftover day each day.  I have not started any freezing of leftovers yet...but may be in the future.  Red meat is not really in my menu...partly due to the high calories and the high price...what is up with red meat prices...and I am not to keen on the lab meat they just made ..that is too weird for me to buy hamburger that has been made in a lab

I was always under the impression that really good red meat was corn fed..how do you get that taste, if it is never fed?  Weird I tell you ... just weird

Monday, August 12, 2013

A little late but better than NEVER!

So I am very sorry I have been out of blog land....all I can say is that life got in the way and I just was not ready or capable of blogging.
My husband passed away on June 29...very sad.  Johnny and I were coming home from the circus and we were suppose to pick him up and go out for Pizza and then they were going to the community center to hit the water slides.  Well when I called him he had passed away that day.  They are still not 100% sure what he died from...we are waiting for the autopsy report and that could take another couple of months.  They are speculating that it was heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration.  There was nothing really out of the ordinary..except it was 119 degrees out and he was found collapsed in the garage working on our golf cart.
Nothing can really prepare you for it.  We had our problems and I had even moved out but we were working on it.  I will admit I had not given up on him and I had hopes that he would get his crap together.
So I was crushed.
Johnny was crushed.
And we are still working thru our grief.  I have a feeling this is going to take quite some time.
Johnny and I moved back into the house this weekend before school started.  We were ready to get back to a routine with our own stuff.  It has been pretty good....but I will admit that I don't go in the garage and I have not driven the golf cart.  I also closed his office door and haven't dealt with anything in his office or his side of the closet...but every other facet of the house is coming back to us and has been livened up with plant s flowers and picture of Johnny and his friends(had to take down some of the pictures..not all but some)

Diet front...not really doing much
I did just start getting fills again...I am at 3cc's so no restriction..if you follow my blog I am a weird one on fills and I have been taking it slow this time so as to not do the yo-yo of fill unfill, fill because of too much of a fill.  I hope to get back close to my green zone soon...but don't anticipate it probably happening until November.

I leave you with a pic of Johnny and I from our trip just recently back to North Dakota

Monday, June 24, 2013

what happend to my blog follow list?

What the hell...I know I have not been on here as much but my list of blogs I follow is gone.  ERGGGG.  Not sure what is up with that...sometimes that happened to me in the past..but if I hit the button a few times they popped up...not now..and I am not sure why!
Anyway.  Had a great weekend hanging with my friends it was super cool only 79 during the day and nice and cool at night...but I am back to the heat.
Johnny and I went to see monsters university yesterday..that was cute and then got his haircut and new tennis shoes for him..I was trying to wait until school..but his were just trashed so we got another pair...of course now he has an opinion and wanted nikes...I had to laugh because I know its just the beginning of him starting to have an opinion of what he wears.  I also got him a dbacks shirt...I am trying to convince him that dbacks and diamondbacks are the same team...he is just not getting it...he still thinks they are too seperate teams..it doesn't help that there uniform changes so that goes with his theory that they are different teams....
I have been trying real hard to be in the NOW and practice my zen...that takes work and I know it won't happen over night...hope it happens soon.....OHM.....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday...no gain Yay!!

Weigh In Last week 179
Weigh In this week 179
0 lost

NO GAIN...I am super happy about this....I think this is the first week no gain since my total unfill.  Never thought I would be happy to see a no gain....well think again!
I would be thrilled to maintain this for the next month until my fill....I could only dream.

So I did NOT want to workout yesterday but headed to the gym...got on dreadmill and proceeded to bust out 4miles running and walking uphill.  I walked uphill for 20 minutes..then ran for 20 minutes then walked uphill for another 20 minutes.  All in all I was pretty impressed that I was able to run for such a long time.  I am really building up my endurance so that is a great improvement.  I seem to have built up to burning about 500 calories a workout...and this is a gestimate...because I do not enter my weight I just go with what the machine says when I am done.

Eating has been pretty good as well.  I have been packing my lunch and really trying to limit my carbs.
Happy Wednesday you all!