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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Challenge

So my nutrionist has a challenge for us all that I decided to take on.
It involves us emailing him everyday with what we did for exercise and for how long.  That is going to be a lot of emails a day...
  • 1 hour of exercise 6 days a week
  • lose 5% of bodyweight this month
  • keep calories around 1000 per day
Exercising 6 days a week for an hour is going to be difficult but he didn't say it had to be all at once.  I like these monthly challenges they are fun and mix things up...they also make you think.  So if any of you are up to it....we start tomorrow!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Unique Pre-Op Diet

So, I have been stalking lapbandtalk and a bunch of blogs for 4 months....pre-op diets are all over the board!  There is no consistency.   This makes it real confusing, but as a good faithful bander...I will follow my doctors orders.
Here it is.
2 weeks pre-surgical diet(notice the name is slightly different)

The basics
Protein Shakes no limit (my WLS center sells it its 19 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, <1 gram of sugar and 116 calories a serving)  Remember I won 5 lbs so I will be using that first.

Other protein sources
Plain  chicken breast no sauce or skin
egg whites(or egg beaters)
water packed tuna
Seasoning-herbs,salt and pepper

Other acceptable foods/beverages
sugar-free popsicles
sugar-free Jello
Low calorie drink mixes(crystal light)
Skim or soy milk
Torani sugar-free syrups

So this means to me...no vege's or fruit.  I am going to clarify with my nutrionist because I technically could go without the shakes and just eat the protein and I am not sure on portions either.
What I see.....a whole lotta blockage...I better get me a laxative!

I also need to rule-out caffeine, so starting Thursday...no more loaded coffee...it will be decaf.  I like that its not completely liquid but I am a little confused about what a typical food day should look like.  I meet with my nutrionist Saturday right before the support group.
Meanwhile, I have a cold..sucks, stuffed runny nose and cough.  I sound lovely, so I am staying home and working.  I pretty much did that all weekend...boring...I think I may go stir crazy soon.
Hope you all have a lovely week!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I got my date!!!!!

Just a quick post to say I got my surgery date------February 16th!!! 
Can you hear me screaming? 

Hernia...yes sir...I have one!

Got the EGD done yesterday....boy was that fun!  I guess when they put me under I was just a little comedian popping jokes..asking for chasers for my cocktail...really?  I don't even drink much anymore but the way I was talking you would think I was!
They gave me a picture of my esophagus, hernia, stomache...I asked if it was to scrapbook with because I am not really sure what to do with it?

It sure explains the heartburn I have been having.  I wonder if my downtime will be longer now that they have to sew up the hernia as well as put the band in?  any ideas?  I was hoping to only take 2 days off work(go in Thursday and go back to work Monday)  may need to reconsider that.
My doc said to call and make my pre-op appointment for next week and I said I did not have insurance approval yet, he said no big deal that should come in the next couple of weeks.  He still wanted me to call and make the appointment...he repeated to me three times to talk to Becky...it could be that they were just giving me my cocktail and he wasn't sure I was listening.
Anyway called to make my pre-op appointment yesterday...Becky had already left for the day the lady said she couldn't do it until I had insurance approval.  Really?  I told her the surgeon had told me three times to make the appointment so I didn't want to argue and I left a voicemail for Becky...we will see if she calls me back today.
I won 5 lbs of protein yesterday so I was pretty psyched about that the WLS group did a Facebook drawing for the two free jugs of protein(clear and flavorless)  I haven't tried it yet.  They say its enough to last me thru pre-op and post-op.  Hopefully I like it, but to be honest..I like the protein drinks I make myself..just don't like the premade ones.
I was really sad this morning though.  My sons pre-school teacher had emailed me yesterday to say he had burst out crying at school (he NEVER does that) and that he told her he was worried about me because I was going to the doctor to have him look at my throat.  He didn't seem upset at all at home before school or even after school when my hubby picked him up.  I guess it manifested itself at school. Poor little guy.
Hope you all have a great weekend.  We have tball game and a birthday party, there is also a party at the park on Sunday for first responders that our church is putting on.  There will be a bounce house and face painters and games for kids so it should be fun because its suppose to be 70-75 this weekend just simply gorgeous weather to be outside!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Egd today

So I am here at the surgical facility waiting for my egd hungry may eat a chair and so thirsty! I had my last appointment with my nutritionist yesterday and they submitted me to insurance so now I wait. I'm excited well they just called me so I will post later

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Got my letter from PCP....last weigh in tomorrow.....

So my title says it all!  My PCP called yesterday to say she faxed over my letter.  Can you say WHOOP WHOOP!  I was so excited I almost peed myself.  That was the last thing I had to get to help with all the paperwork for insurance.  My final weigh in tomorrow and they should be able to submit.  I don't think they have to wait for my EGD results to submit but I will find out tomorrow.  I am hoping they give me a date tomorrow but I may have to wait until insurance faxes over the pre-approval letter.  Which means I need to take my before picture shots and my measurements.  I know I will probably lose on the pre surgury liquid diet so I want to show my fattiest...lucky all of you to see that!
Blogging has been a ton better and you could say back to normal...no problems seeing blogs or leaving comments.

Friday, January 20, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!--first picture..too bad its my fat fingers!

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy! 5 little questions we answer to give our blogging brains a break and to get to know each other better. Copy and paste to your own blog and enjoy!

1. If money and time wasn't a problem - name a place you'd go on vacation and for how long?

Greece, Italy, Turkey and I would be gone for 1 year.  I have never been, it looks so cool.  I would love to rent a home and live in the country for awhile.  Just to see what it was like.  You truly get to know the culture and people being there.

2. This week I had a discussion with some friends about names our children or other people we know call the "nether regions". Don't hate - it's funny. So let's share them for a laugh. Any creative words for hoohaa and tallywhacker you think we haven't heard yet?

I have always called my butt...my bahooki.  And I tend to take after Oprah on VaJayJay...then there are the girls...and the wanger.  Hopefully you all figured out what they mean......

3. Take a picture of your nails right now! Bossy, aren't I? I just had my nails done - I can't help it. I neeeed to show someone!

Here are my nice chipped nails...damn you Drazil...mine need to be done....and this is my first picture...you wouldn't believe how long this took me to get in my blog.


4. Tell me about the weather right now where you are!

Don't hate buts its 63 degrees right now in Phoenix.  Sunny, birds are singing, flowers are blooming...don't ask in July

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in real life and blog land.

Blog land sux!  I did as Drazil suggested and changed my settings comment to full page from embedded and I don't seem to be having anymore problems.  I do not like to be kept from my eavesdropping on everyones blogs...I mean really people what would I do all day....WORK?
Real life SUX.  I am still waiting to get my band...this won't change until I get a surgery date

Frustrated and Down Right BAD!

Very frustrated in blog land lately.  I seem to pull up peoples blogs but then the screen goes blank and I see nothing.  Sometimes the back button works sometimes it doesn't.  GRRRRRR
I went to my PCP yesterday to get my letter of recommendation.  She was very supportive..she was looking over my paperwork from the WLS place and the lab work and says..."oh, your missing 4 labs?"  I say "really, thats strange, as far as I know I am all done except for this and my EGD scheduled for next week:"
She says " well according to records you don't have urinalysis, cholesterol, Hplory, and A1, I can take your blood and do the tests today and write you a letter on monday?" 
me "ok, but let me check with the WLS, maybe they didn't send it to and I can have them fax it"
her "ok, sounds good, btw, here is a copy of what they sent me, they faxed it over 4 times and I don't need that many copies:"
So I call WLS and they say no you did all those tests and we faxed them over to your doctor, but we will do it again right now but we did not do a urinalysis because we don't need that but if your doctor wants one do it now.
I tell the nurse that before I leave and drop off a pee pee sample.
I get back to office and I am checking the paperwork and all the labs are there...my doctor missed it.  Seriously, why does this have to require so much babysitting on my part to get done.
I bet my doctor doesn't have the letter done on Monday but you can bet your booty I will be calling.
She did change my prescriptions to a liquid formulas for me, so that will be nice not having to take the pills for a bit.
I ate terrible yesterday.  I think I was just frustrated and finally didn't give a damn.  I went out to eat for lunch and dinner.  Ate tangerine beef/rice for lunch and filet o fish at mcdonalds with frys for dinner.  I know JUST PLAIN TERRIBLE.  I also did no exercise yesterday and had a COKE!  I guess when I fail...I go big!
I am so damn excited for next week I can feel the excitement building, then I feel foolish for putting so much on this band as a life changer...sometimes I feel that I am waiting for this band to deliver a miracle and I half believe it will happen and a part of wonders if I am going to be one of those that can't keep the weight off like I have done so many other times on so many other diets.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oops told another person....

So one of our family friends posted on her FB page that she was getting the lapband and her surgery was March 8.  I was so excited to hear the news...I sent her a private message(because I don't have the balls to post to the world) that I was also getting banded and should be sometime in February but not to tell anyone.  Here is the thing...I can't guarantee she is not going to tell anyone.  In fact she is probably going to tell hubby who is best friends with my hubbies dad.....so following the chain my whole family will probably know within 6months maybe less.  oh well. I can't be mad because I told her.  It was exciting to hear though.  We will be banded around the sametime and be able to share some thoughts on it with each other.  At least at family get togethers I won't be the only one not eating much!
I have been taking vitamins
still walking
calories over the limit this weekend
no elliptical this weekend
plenty of caffeine the weekend.
Oh well new week.
I did organize my file cabinet and burn old paperwork from 2000-2003  that felt really good.
My doctor called to say she got the request from my WLS surgeon asking for a letter of recommendation and that she needed to see me before she would write it.  I made appointment for Thursday.  I was shocked she called yesterday I didn't know the office would be open on MLK day.  I had it on my list to call and make appt on Tuesday...Nice to see she is pro-active about getting me set up!  This is it.  Getting the letter from her is the last thing I need to co-ordinate.  Next Wed if final weigh in.  Thursday is my EGD.  They should be able to submit on Thursday after EGD.  I am so excited it seems to be getting closer and within reach.  I don't think I have lost the 2 lbs my nutrionist wanted but I think I am at the same weight.
My WLS support group is having another meeting Saturday Feb 4 and I am looking forward to it. This guest speaker this month is a plastic surgeon(last month was a yoga instructor).  It should be interesting.  My surgeon says that he usually can get insurance to pay for part of the plastic surgery after weight loss so its kind of exciting prospect to think about.
I did get a breast reduction 14 years ago and it was the best thing I could have done.  I still have nice perky happy girls...not sure what it will be like after 100lbs lost.  It may be more like grapefruit in sock....gosh I hope not.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fluoroscopic Fill

I thought this was an interesting video.  Its of a woman being filled using the fluroscopic machine...so you can watch her drink water and see the restriction and how they adjust...I found it quite interesting.


As for my checklist
Calories....failed yesterday...I was working from home and ate too much (too many snacks)
Exercise....failed sort of.  I did some house cleaning and then was just to tired to do more.
Caffeine...not bad 20 oz coffee in a.m. only

I really need to get my diet under control at home.  I do so well outside the house when I go to work but seem to graze more at home.  DANG IT!  I also have not started the eliptical...kinda scared on that front...don't know why..probably my fatty self not wanting too.

BYOC Bring your own Crazy!

It’s Friiiiidddaayyy! That means it’s time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy! A little ditty you can participate in on Fridays to get to know your fellow blogger better and to give your blogging brain a break. Copy and paste to your own blog and ENJOY!!

No theme today – just massively random!

1. Do you have a favorite traditional “birthday meal”? If yes – what is it and what is the meaning behind it?

I don't have a set meal, but we usually let the birthday person choose where they want to go out to eat for dinner.  In the past its been Benihana's(love that place), Benihanas....Benihanas...ok for quite a few years I seem to pick that place.  I love the stir fry rice----may be a no go this year!

2. If you’ve lost weight, has your style changed since you lost weight? Or what's your dream purchase when you do lose weight/hit goal?

I want a pair of boots.  I want a pair that comes up to my knee...looks sexy and fits, without it looking like a muffin top at my knees.  I haven't worn boots since i was a kid.  I also want to be able to go down hill skiing.  I had to pick up snowboarding in order to get the boots to fit.  My fat calves prevent it.

3. Pick one question of the following two to answer: Who is your favorite Muppet and why? Or who is your favorite Smurf and why?

I love the old men who belittle and make fun of everyone in the balcony.  Mmm very judgemental and hilarious they crack me up.

4. When you buy a lotion or after bath spray or body spray or candle (not perfume) – what’s the “flavor” you always find yourself loving the most?

Something fresh, fresh linen, ocean breeze.  I don't like anything foody(not a warm cookie, vanilla sugar, cinnamon type girl here.)

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in real life and in blogland.

Real life is - bleh.  I am a little down because I want to get this show on the road.  I am tired of waiting to get my band.  I have my final appt Jan 25.  I called today to see if my doc sent in my last 3 years of records(if you remember they only sent in 2009) and they have them all.  The only thing outstanding is a PCP clearance letter from my doctor and my EGD(scheduled for January 26).  I am not sure if I should make an appt with my PCP to get her to write the letter or just call her.  I may just call her.  I don't want to wait until Jan 25th to find out I need something.  I want that paperwork to go to Aetna ASAP.

Blogland is awesome.  I am really enjoying reading how everyone is doing and I am super excited for Lisa who just got approved and a surgery date this week!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Busting A Move! Naked Man Spotted

For someone with nothing to say...2 posts in 1 day.
I was on my walk today downtown Phoenix and I pass the courthouse, there are the usual SB1070 protestors and one shirtless man jumps up on a big rock and proceeds to get naked....his buddy hits play and LMFAO Sexy and I know it starts playing while he busts a move on the rock....
1.)  It is apparently really cold right now
2.)  My workout song is forever tarnished with his naked image

A guy at work asked me if he got arrested...seriously, I didn't wait around giving him $1 to see, I kept on walking!

Side Note: that man has confidence...or was riding high on drugs...not sure

On track...sort of ?

So I don't really have much today.  I have succesfully gotten my vitamin in everyday since Saturday...this is big for me.  I did as mdlapband suggested and put them EVERYWHERE so that when I did remember there was one close at hand...this really did help.  I have been walking now during lunch for 2 straight weeks.  I don't see the scale moving which is frustrating but at least its not moving UP!
I am really enjoying blog land right now.  Some exciting journeys and hilarious ladies out there.
My hottie hubby finally moved the eliptical into the living room for me to start using...plan on starting tonight. I am borrowing from mandapanda her daily checkin
Vitamin check
Exercise check
Calories on track check
Water not check....I am bad here I was short yesterday
Caffeine not check I had coffee in the am TWICE. 36 oz and it was not decaf...ugghhh

Monday, January 9, 2012

Went to first WLS support group

So I went to my first WLS support group.  It was awesome.  I just wished my nutrionist would have went around the room and introduced people and what stage they were with their band...maybe there is some confidentiality thing going on..not sure.  I did meet 1 lady who is near goal who lives up north by me which was cool---actually lives a couple blocks away.  There is also a group that run marathons together and are getting ready for the PF Changs 1/2 marathon that they run with the nutrionist...I so want to be part of that group next year.
Interesting challenge by the nutrionist, now I could not participate because I don't have the band yet but thought I would post it for any of you to try.  He challenged all banders to eat just 1/2 cup 4 times a day.  You could have unlimited non-starchy veges too.  He said if you can't do it, then you probably need a fill.  I saw 1/2 cup and it looked like a mouthful to me...seriously.  I can't imagine when that is all I will need to feel full.  He also explained that he expects that protein would be most of the 1/2 cup with maybe a small bite or two of carbs included.  He also said to not assume 4oz of anything is 1/2 cup...he put in 3 oz of salmon and it pretty much filled  the 1/2 cup... I had to chuckle because that looked like hardly anything to me.  A couple just recently banded and have not had first fill yet, so he told them they could have 1 cup at a meal until first fill.  Still didn't look like much to me! 
He also showed us a new protein powder he had that was 40g protein and 110calories with 2 g of sugar...tasted ok but kind of bland to me.  I also won a plate...woot woot...it was a small plate and if I would take the time to hook my camera to my laptop I would show you...I promise I will get on that bacause
1.) I need to include more pictures or my blog will be boring
2.) I will soon need to post my before pics....I am dreading this.....
Got the battery for my scale...I haven't lost a lb...still reads 261...and I thought I was doing well.  Darn it!  Trying not to get discourage and say F$*&%^()^* it!

Anyway back to work....Happy Monday to you all and hope you had a fab weekend....btw I made room for my eliptical in the living room and now I just need hottie hubby to move it from the closet(for shame...it sat in closet...considering I paid $1200 for it 7 years ago and may have logged 2 hours on it tops) 

Exercise has been ok...I am still walking everyday about 30minutes but soon hope to add eliptical to it!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tag, Your it!!


I was tagged by Rachel and Rockband Barbie, I felt so special getting tagged!!

The Rules:1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ Blah blah blah, you legiti­mately have to tag 11 peeps!
Random things:
1.  I used to think I got a long with guys better than girls...now I think that is a cop-out.  Girls are awesome friends they just take more work.
2.  I teach sunday school for 1st graders the first Sunday of every month.
3.  I spent the summer of my senior year in high school in Europe.  One month was spent with a french family(I studied 4 years of french in high school) they did not speak much english.  I LOVED it.  Went to Switzerland, Germany.  I grew up so much that year.  I hope to give my son that opportunity if he wants.  I worked my butt off saving money for the trip because we were pretty poor.
4.  I was president of French Club in high school.
5.  I went to college 1 month after graduating high school and went year round to graduate with my BS in Computer Information Systems.  I graduated college when I was 20 years old.
6.  I let my mom and her husband live with me while they went to college....I joke that I helped them thru school.
7.  I am an only child and only grand child(on my dads side).
8.  My dad and mom said I could have a car in high school if I got a job....I went and got a job as soon as could at dairy queen(probably not the best choice for someone with weight issues).  That car (dodge dart) only lasted 6 months before it died.  It was so embarrassing when it started a big puff of black smoke came out the back....I never parked it in the school parking lot because of that....once it  got going tho...it looked hot!
9.  I used to ride arabian horses in horse shows when I was 4 years old
10.  I went to a private christian school until 8th grade then my mom put me in a public school so that I would be more prepared for the "real" world...it was total culture shock..I cried almost every day before school for the first year.
11.  I wanted to be hair dresser but my mom made me pick a career in math or science
Rachels Questions:
1. What is your favorite reality tv show? Biggest Loser..Housewives of Beverly Hills
2. What three things would you want with you if stuck on a desert island? laptop(along with connection and endless battery--its a dream right?, crystal light, and peanut butter(I can eat it by the spoonful)
3. What is the best way to spend your birthday? Alone...I know it sounds bad but I rarely get time alone and I cherish it, I hate being the center of attention.  My husband threw me a surprise 32nd birthday party when we started dating and I hated it, just wanted to run away.
4. If you could win a lifetime supply of any one product, what would you want to win? umm peanut butter (see post above)
5. What is your favorite workout song? LMFAO Sexy and I know It...I actually love working outto the whole CD.  Prior to that it was Keysha
6. What is the most important thing you wish someone would have told you before your wedding? If you're not married, what are you most looking forward to about getting married? Save some cake.  We got this awesome cake and everyone said how awesome it was, I can't remember tasting it when hottie hubby shoved it in my face.  We save the top tier to eat on our 1 year anniversary as is custom but it tasted like crap then...
7. What is your biggest regret, if you have one? This is a tough one, I wish I would have went to a traditional 4 year college but I graduated quickly and got a great job by going to DeVry.
8. What do you do to relax? Read....almost ready to start the Hunger Games
9. How long does it take you to get to work in the morning? 40 minutes
10. If you could live anywhere for one year, where would you live? North Carolina...my best bud moved there last year and I miss him terribly.
11. How many people do you consider to be your best friend? 1

Rockband Barbie Questions:

1. How often do you grocery shop? Once a week unless I am craving something

2. Do you shower in the morning or at night? Morning unless I work out then morning and night

3. What is your favorite place to shop? Costco....for some reason I just love shopping there

4. What is you favorite spice? Cinnamon

5. What is the best date you have ever had? Wow, I would have to say that my hottie husband took me to San Francisco and surprised me with a Limo ride through NAPA valley tasting wine and then we had a picnic at one of the vineyards...best time EVER

6. Who is your celebrity crush? Right now Zach Efron...and I feel like a dirty ole lady for it!

7. What is your favorite season? I love fall even though Phoenix AZ really doesn't have it

8. What movie always makes you cry? The Help

9. Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Looking at the bed from the foot of the bed, left

10. What is your favorite candy? cotton candy

11. What was your first job? dairy queen(not good for a fatty)

MY Questions:
1.  Paperback, nook, kindle or other?
2.  Favorite place to vacation?
3.  Mommy or daddy's girl?
4.  Tomboy or girlie girl?
5.  Did you play sports in school?  explain
6.  PC or MAC?
7.  Favorite band or singer of all time?
8.  Favorite movie of all time?
9.  When you go to Vegas...slots or tables?
10.  Beer or wine or none?
11.  Favorite reason to blog?
People I am tagging!
1. mdlapband
2. jazzing up jackie
3. KelliBelliBand
4. Jen from What you lookin at skinny
5. MandaPanda from Candyland to bandland
6. Sara from Fat on the inside
7. Sarah from Simple Sassy Sarah
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11. Andreas Weight Loss Journey

Friday, January 6, 2012

BYOC...yea!!!its my first one!

So excited!!! Its my first BYOC---thanks Drazil for these fun blogging moments!

1. How do you feel about NY resolutions? Do you make them? Do you forget about them quickly? Do they help you?

• I love making resolutions.  I don't always accomplish them but I think its a good way to stop and reallign your goals.  I think everyone should have short and long term goals and they need to be reaffirmed as often as possible in order to better us as a people(sounds like I should have theme music playing as you read this!)  I try not to forget them but sometimes around July I get a littel hazy in the memory of them.  Some goals are lofty(doubt I will totally attain) and others are small(so I can cross them off my list)  I get such pleasure from crossing things off a list that it is a little sickening

2. Did you put up a Christmas tree? How many? Is it still up?

• But of course, how could you not...scrooges!  It was a sad little tree.  Fake because I live in AZ and even if you get a fresh one it would only last 2 weeks.  The lights were not working on it and I couldn't find the bad one so I just strung some more lights on it(now thats white trash!) but I didn't want to buy another tree until AFTER xmas sales.  Back in Montana we would get our tree first of December and it would last thru the month..not here no matter how much water, 7up(my grandma used to put this in her tree) you give it.  Side note: I remember one xmas my mom, dad and I went to chop down our tree and my dad tied it to the top of the car but it was so large he drug it home and when we got home all these branches were missing...so he drilled holes in the tree and put branches in the holes to make it look thicker...the side that was on the pavement he faced in the corner...how white trash is that!  I also remember one year the tree was too tall so my dad cut the top off...really(don't know why not the bottom..its amazing sometimes his intellect)

• H to the ELL no its not still up.  I took it down on New Years day..sometimes I take it down the day after XMAS.  I like starting the new year with everything clean and organized.  Can you say Neurotic?

3. How many total Christmases did you choose to have to attend outside of your home?

Four.  One for my family and 3 for hottie husbands...that mans family is crazy.  None of them like each other or talk to each other so we have to go to his dads, his dads moms, and his moms grandparents.  His mom lives in MN and is buckets of crazy so I am glad we don't have to go up there. 

4. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Getting my band. Seriously I am so psyched about the day I can hardly stand it! February can't come soon enough!  hmmm how many exclamation points can I use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blogland this week.

Real life has been pretty good.  I am out of the holidays so getting back to better eating seems easier.  Work is still slow so I am getting caught up on things and finances and family are awesome!

In blogland I am having a blast.  I actually have followers...its so exciting.  I love getting on my dashboard and seeing everyones updates very voyeuristic(sp?) of me!  It was also cool to find a couple bloggers here in AZ that I can relate to.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 Things Thursday

Oh, its 10 things thursday...I can't wait!
1.) I joined a couple more blogs of people in arizona...wants some peeps close to home!
2.) I get the depo shot so I am never really sure when my TOM is .... I wonder if the band will help pinpoint that for me? hmmmm
3.) I went for a walk yesterday and had my headphones on....3 random people stopped and talked to me...really...I thought I had my unapproachable face on...need to work on that.  They didn't even have anything worthwhile to say or ask?
4.) I still need a battery for my scale...having weighing withdrawls..partly because I feel I have been doing well on diet and exercise and may have lost weight(note: need to lose 2lbs by January 25th--last supervised weigh in)
5.) I have kindergarten orientation tonight and I am so excited and sad...can't believe my peanut is going into kindergarten this year!
6.) I get so excited that I now have double digit followers---shoot me now someone is listening.
7.) I have become a blog addict...I swear I look/read blogs everynight and don't watch tv anymore.
8.) I need to get back to reading more books...in fact, I want to read the Hunger Games before the movie comes out in March...hmmm will I be able to do it.
9.) I hate having to follow up with people to get something done.  Why must I be a nag in order to get things done.  I am still following up with my PCP to get my last 5 years of medical records sent to my WLS surgeon.  They finally sent them...but only 2009...really now its back to nagging again.
10.) I am not doing well at eliminated caffeine...I can't seem to buy decaf coffee..WHY CAN'T I BREAK THIS ADDICTION!

Happy Thursday people!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Different types of protein...Isolate vs Concentrate

My weight loss support group just talked about the different kinds of protein and I thought it was interesting.

Isolate vs Concentrate

Isolate contains 95% protein and is more expensive and has a higher biological value(biological value is a measure of the proportion of absorbed protein from a food which becomes incorporated into the proteins of the your body.  It summarizes how readily the broken down protein can be used in your body cells)
It is lower in fat and lactose.  Whey Isolate is the highest yield of protein that is available today.  For lactose intolerant people, the isolate maybe better because it has less amount of lactose in the mixture.

Concentrate: This is about 75% protein and cheaper to produce.  Contains more "questionable" substances.

So overall, which one should I use?  Isolate is very pure buts its expensive.  Concentrate seems to be the staple protein that everybody uses.  I have been looking at the protein powder I have and its a mixture of both, mainly concentrate with added isolate.

There is also soy protein, but I am not a soy fan so I won't even go there. 

And I thought all I had to do was find a protein drink I liked that was high in protein.  I will admit I have not tried Whey protein...I am still working my way through my COSTCO light muscle milk(which I like but its a mix of concentrate and isolate).  I am afraid I may not like the whey protein but I don't know unless I try it

side note: I still need a battery for my scale...I haven't weighed myself since December 22nd and its KILLING ME!  Why can't I remember to stop and get the battery---UGH.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Protein Drawbacks!

I have been trying out new protein drinks and have been doing a couple a day when I get hungry for a snack.  Its been great!  It really seems to curb my appetite and do its job...but......it gives me terrible gas. Whats up with that.  I feel like  a truck driver.  I putter around the house all day.  I am nervous to be back to work today because of the bubble that surrounds me.  Do you all notice it?  I don't know what will happen when I go just on protein drinks for my pre-op....I may need to come with a disclaimer or stay at home for fear of being ridiculed at work.
I used to have this old boss that would drag her feet when she was passing gas...she used to blame it on her shoes dragging on the carpet but we all new it was her farting her way around the office....will I become her?  Oh no, I can't!
I wish they were silent but nope...they ring loud and clear.  I guess to much protein is a bad thing?
Also I noticed that some people put benefiber in with their protein drinks because I guess constipation becomes a problem when all your doing is taking in protein...anyone else hear this?
Hope you are all having a great week...I am back to work this week which bums me out but I didn't win the lottery this weekend and until I come into a vast amount of wealth I guess I have to do this work thing!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Emotional Eating

Why is it when you get a little extra money all the things you would thought of to buy, you no longer can justify buying...I have turned into such a save mode since the economy went south that its hard for me to part with money.  Hottie husband and I went to look at tv's because two of our tv's went out on us and they were quite old and needed to be replaced.  We ended up not buying anything because we wanted more of a tv than either of us was prepared to part with....I wanted to be riding a buying high right now but instead I am thinking of food.  Really, is it that apparent emotional eating DUH? Well I haven't given in and I am hoping to hold out the rest of the evening but I am just heading into the evening time.
On a side note I have turned down going and getting take out twice this weekend by eating something healthy at home.  I was pretty happy with my choices this weekend.  Hopefully I can keep this going and lose the 2 lbs the nutrionist wants me to drop.  My scale died this morning...I think it just needs the battery replaced but do you think I can remember to get that weird battery? NO.
Well I guess I am off with the family to shoot some fireworks...Happy New Years!