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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oops told another person....

So one of our family friends posted on her FB page that she was getting the lapband and her surgery was March 8.  I was so excited to hear the news...I sent her a private message(because I don't have the balls to post to the world) that I was also getting banded and should be sometime in February but not to tell anyone.  Here is the thing...I can't guarantee she is not going to tell anyone.  In fact she is probably going to tell hubby who is best friends with my hubbies dad.....so following the chain my whole family will probably know within 6months maybe less.  oh well. I can't be mad because I told her.  It was exciting to hear though.  We will be banded around the sametime and be able to share some thoughts on it with each other.  At least at family get togethers I won't be the only one not eating much!
I have been taking vitamins
still walking
calories over the limit this weekend
no elliptical this weekend
plenty of caffeine the weekend.
Oh well new week.
I did organize my file cabinet and burn old paperwork from 2000-2003  that felt really good.
My doctor called to say she got the request from my WLS surgeon asking for a letter of recommendation and that she needed to see me before she would write it.  I made appointment for Thursday.  I was shocked she called yesterday I didn't know the office would be open on MLK day.  I had it on my list to call and make appt on Tuesday...Nice to see she is pro-active about getting me set up!  This is it.  Getting the letter from her is the last thing I need to co-ordinate.  Next Wed if final weigh in.  Thursday is my EGD.  They should be able to submit on Thursday after EGD.  I am so excited it seems to be getting closer and within reach.  I don't think I have lost the 2 lbs my nutrionist wanted but I think I am at the same weight.
My WLS support group is having another meeting Saturday Feb 4 and I am looking forward to it. This guest speaker this month is a plastic surgeon(last month was a yoga instructor).  It should be interesting.  My surgeon says that he usually can get insurance to pay for part of the plastic surgery after weight loss so its kind of exciting prospect to think about.
I did get a breast reduction 14 years ago and it was the best thing I could have done.  I still have nice perky happy girls...not sure what it will be like after 100lbs lost.  It may be more like grapefruit in sock....gosh I hope not.


MandaPanda said...

Mine are more like tennis balls in a sock but I digress... You're moving right along with your prereqs...it'll be nice having someone in the family to talk to who will be able to relate :)

LoriBang said...

Love the grapefruit in a sock! I think I'm heading that way! Bummer deal. I've been banded for 6 weeks now and its great! I have my first fill today and am nervous about it but can't wait to see what doc has to say about 32 lbs.being gone! Good luck on your journey! I'll be watching and reading your blog! I have one too, lorisonthebandwagon.blogspot.com

Lisa said...

Woo Hoo!!! One step closer!! It's getting more real now isn't it?? :) So-excited-for-you!

mdlapband said...

I hate that feeling of wondering what someone else will say! But honestly everyone I have told has been really supportive :) Time is flying! Surgery will be here before you know it!

jennxaz said...

I WISH IT WAS HERE! How is your pre-op diet going?

jennxaz said...

Thanks Lori....I just got caught up on your blog as well...congrats on your weight loss...how exciting!!!

jennxaz said...

You always make me giggle! Thanks for your post, it will be nice having someone "real" to talk to in person

jennxaz said...

Thank you....I may break out in hives in anticipation