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Friday, January 27, 2012

Hernia...yes sir...I have one!

Got the EGD done yesterday....boy was that fun!  I guess when they put me under I was just a little comedian popping jokes..asking for chasers for my cocktail...really?  I don't even drink much anymore but the way I was talking you would think I was!
They gave me a picture of my esophagus, hernia, stomache...I asked if it was to scrapbook with because I am not really sure what to do with it?

It sure explains the heartburn I have been having.  I wonder if my downtime will be longer now that they have to sew up the hernia as well as put the band in?  any ideas?  I was hoping to only take 2 days off work(go in Thursday and go back to work Monday)  may need to reconsider that.
My doc said to call and make my pre-op appointment for next week and I said I did not have insurance approval yet, he said no big deal that should come in the next couple of weeks.  He still wanted me to call and make the appointment...he repeated to me three times to talk to Becky...it could be that they were just giving me my cocktail and he wasn't sure I was listening.
Anyway called to make my pre-op appointment yesterday...Becky had already left for the day the lady said she couldn't do it until I had insurance approval.  Really?  I told her the surgeon had told me three times to make the appointment so I didn't want to argue and I left a voicemail for Becky...we will see if she calls me back today.
I won 5 lbs of protein yesterday so I was pretty psyched about that the WLS group did a Facebook drawing for the two free jugs of protein(clear and flavorless)  I haven't tried it yet.  They say its enough to last me thru pre-op and post-op.  Hopefully I like it, but to be honest..I like the protein drinks I make myself..just don't like the premade ones.
I was really sad this morning though.  My sons pre-school teacher had emailed me yesterday to say he had burst out crying at school (he NEVER does that) and that he told her he was worried about me because I was going to the doctor to have him look at my throat.  He didn't seem upset at all at home before school or even after school when my hubby picked him up.  I guess it manifested itself at school. Poor little guy.
Hope you all have a great weekend.  We have tball game and a birthday party, there is also a party at the park on Sunday for first responders that our church is putting on.  There will be a bounce house and face painters and games for kids so it should be fun because its suppose to be 70-75 this weekend just simply gorgeous weather to be outside!


mdlapband said...

MS and I both had hernias repaired with the surgery. We didn't even know we had them! They just told us after that they were repaired! Everyone is different, but I was walking a mile 1 week after the surgery so hopefully that gives you an idea!

Banded With Favor said...

Ditto to what mdlapband said. I had one as well, knew about it, and the Dr. said to fix it there would need to be a 5th little cut on my tummy. I woke up to still only 4 so there ya go. I too was walking a mile after a week. I originally planned to go back to work Wed. I had surgery on a Fri. though I could have made it going back on a Wed. I got a dr. note and took the entire week off. Again, I could have gone back on Wed. but enjoyed my 10 days before going back. Getting close!!! Very exciting!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

I had a hernia too and I feel like I did great with recovery. I took a week off, but I could have totally gone back after a few days ...but we will keep that our little secret :)