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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fluoroscopic Fill

I thought this was an interesting video.  Its of a woman being filled using the fluroscopic machine...so you can watch her drink water and see the restriction and how they adjust...I found it quite interesting.


As for my checklist
Calories....failed yesterday...I was working from home and ate too much (too many snacks)
Exercise....failed sort of.  I did some house cleaning and then was just to tired to do more.
Caffeine...not bad 20 oz coffee in a.m. only

I really need to get my diet under control at home.  I do so well outside the house when I go to work but seem to graze more at home.  DANG IT!  I also have not started the eliptical...kinda scared on that front...don't know why..probably my fatty self not wanting too.


MandaPanda said...

You totally burn calories cleaning the house. All activity counts so I would totally give yourself a check for that one.

Lisa said...

Don't be hard on yourself. It's a lot of pressure and you are doing great!! Focus on one thing at a time and introduce more to make a habit. Oh and thanks for posting this link. Very interesting!