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Friday, January 20, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!--first picture..too bad its my fat fingers!

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy! 5 little questions we answer to give our blogging brains a break and to get to know each other better. Copy and paste to your own blog and enjoy!

1. If money and time wasn't a problem - name a place you'd go on vacation and for how long?

Greece, Italy, Turkey and I would be gone for 1 year.  I have never been, it looks so cool.  I would love to rent a home and live in the country for awhile.  Just to see what it was like.  You truly get to know the culture and people being there.

2. This week I had a discussion with some friends about names our children or other people we know call the "nether regions". Don't hate - it's funny. So let's share them for a laugh. Any creative words for hoohaa and tallywhacker you think we haven't heard yet?

I have always called my butt...my bahooki.  And I tend to take after Oprah on VaJayJay...then there are the girls...and the wanger.  Hopefully you all figured out what they mean......

3. Take a picture of your nails right now! Bossy, aren't I? I just had my nails done - I can't help it. I neeeed to show someone!

Here are my nice chipped nails...damn you Drazil...mine need to be done....and this is my first picture...you wouldn't believe how long this took me to get in my blog.


4. Tell me about the weather right now where you are!

Don't hate buts its 63 degrees right now in Phoenix.  Sunny, birds are singing, flowers are blooming...don't ask in July

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in real life and blog land.

Blog land sux!  I did as Drazil suggested and changed my settings comment to full page from embedded and I don't seem to be having anymore problems.  I do not like to be kept from my eavesdropping on everyones blogs...I mean really people what would I do all day....WORK?
Real life SUX.  I am still waiting to get my band...this won't change until I get a surgery date


MandaPanda said...

You can't beat Phoenix winter weather!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

YAY - I can comment now!!! Your nails aren't that bad dear! I'm sooo jealous of your weather.

RockBand Barbie said...

I went to Phoenix one year just before Christmas. I couldn't believe we were out shopping in shorts. It must suck for the teachers there...they never get snow days :)

Jazzing up Jackie said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my progress pictures. I think that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me. And that's definitely the first time I've had someone tell me that, so I really do appreciate it, more than you know.

MandaPanda said...

For some reason, I can't reply via email...but I'm pretty sure the Climb for Cancer is the same thign. I think it's the only one in the valley. I've never done it before so I'm pretty excited.