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Monday, January 9, 2012

Went to first WLS support group

So I went to my first WLS support group.  It was awesome.  I just wished my nutrionist would have went around the room and introduced people and what stage they were with their band...maybe there is some confidentiality thing going on..not sure.  I did meet 1 lady who is near goal who lives up north by me which was cool---actually lives a couple blocks away.  There is also a group that run marathons together and are getting ready for the PF Changs 1/2 marathon that they run with the nutrionist...I so want to be part of that group next year.
Interesting challenge by the nutrionist, now I could not participate because I don't have the band yet but thought I would post it for any of you to try.  He challenged all banders to eat just 1/2 cup 4 times a day.  You could have unlimited non-starchy veges too.  He said if you can't do it, then you probably need a fill.  I saw 1/2 cup and it looked like a mouthful to me...seriously.  I can't imagine when that is all I will need to feel full.  He also explained that he expects that protein would be most of the 1/2 cup with maybe a small bite or two of carbs included.  He also said to not assume 4oz of anything is 1/2 cup...he put in 3 oz of salmon and it pretty much filled  the 1/2 cup... I had to chuckle because that looked like hardly anything to me.  A couple just recently banded and have not had first fill yet, so he told them they could have 1 cup at a meal until first fill.  Still didn't look like much to me! 
He also showed us a new protein powder he had that was 40g protein and 110calories with 2 g of sugar...tasted ok but kind of bland to me.  I also won a plate...woot woot...it was a small plate and if I would take the time to hook my camera to my laptop I would show you...I promise I will get on that bacause
1.) I need to include more pictures or my blog will be boring
2.) I will soon need to post my before pics....I am dreading this.....
Got the battery for my scale...I haven't lost a lb...still reads 261...and I thought I was doing well.  Darn it!  Trying not to get discourage and say F$*&%^()^* it!

Anyway back to work....Happy Monday to you all and hope you had a fab weekend....btw I made room for my eliptical in the living room and now I just need hottie hubby to move it from the closet(for shame...it sat in closet...considering I paid $1200 for it 7 years ago and may have logged 2 hours on it tops) 

Exercise has been ok...I am still walking everyday about 30minutes but soon hope to add eliptical to it!


Lap Band Gal said...

Does the nutritionist have a band? I doubt it.

My two cents:
I can ABSOLUTELY eat more than 1/2 cup 4 times a day. It doesn't mean that I do, but it is physically possible. But I do think that I am absolutely in the sweet spot or "green zone" with my band at 7.5ccs in a 10 cc band.

I think some folks think that the band can restrict volume of eating. Sure, it may not allow someone to eat 5 cups of food, but I can easily eat 2 cups.

I think the band is for appetite suppression and slowing down the eating process. If I eat a cup of good protein/veggies, I don't get hungry for about 8 hours.

Congrats on attending your support group. Sounds like a GREAT group of people :)

MandaPanda said...

I'm full on pretty much a cup...a half cup usually doesn't do it for me. I'm glad he pointed out that it's about VOLUME and not weight. That's how the band works.

jennxaz said...

Lap band girl I love your opinion because it comes from successful experience! And no my nutritionist has never had the band
Thanks for commenting!!

Jen said...

There's no way I'd be full on 1/2 cup! Closer to a cup for me usually. Glad you enjoyed your support group! I've beer been to one and have always wished I had started going when I started this process!

Lisa said...

Great post!! I really need to attend a support group and get on the ball with it. My surgeons office runs a great group and I haven't been yet. This is going to be a lapband resolution. So guess what? Go read my new post on my blog. I am sitting here freaking out!!