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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Emotional Eating

Why is it when you get a little extra money all the things you would thought of to buy, you no longer can justify buying...I have turned into such a save mode since the economy went south that its hard for me to part with money.  Hottie husband and I went to look at tv's because two of our tv's went out on us and they were quite old and needed to be replaced.  We ended up not buying anything because we wanted more of a tv than either of us was prepared to part with....I wanted to be riding a buying high right now but instead I am thinking of food.  Really, is it that apparent emotional eating DUH? Well I haven't given in and I am hoping to hold out the rest of the evening but I am just heading into the evening time.
On a side note I have turned down going and getting take out twice this weekend by eating something healthy at home.  I was pretty happy with my choices this weekend.  Hopefully I can keep this going and lose the 2 lbs the nutrionist wants me to drop.  My scale died this morning...I think it just needs the battery replaced but do you think I can remember to get that weird battery? NO.
Well I guess I am off with the family to shoot some fireworks...Happy New Years!


Andrea said...

Happy New Year! Yeah emotionally eating is the hardest thing to get control of but it can be done!

Rachel said...

I haaaate emotional eating! I was a total emotional eater... it was bad (and sometimes still is, just not as bad as before). Hang in there, you are stronger than it!!