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Friday, January 20, 2012

Frustrated and Down Right BAD!

Very frustrated in blog land lately.  I seem to pull up peoples blogs but then the screen goes blank and I see nothing.  Sometimes the back button works sometimes it doesn't.  GRRRRRR
I went to my PCP yesterday to get my letter of recommendation.  She was very supportive..she was looking over my paperwork from the WLS place and the lab work and says..."oh, your missing 4 labs?"  I say "really, thats strange, as far as I know I am all done except for this and my EGD scheduled for next week:"
She says " well according to records you don't have urinalysis, cholesterol, Hplory, and A1, I can take your blood and do the tests today and write you a letter on monday?" 
me "ok, but let me check with the WLS, maybe they didn't send it to and I can have them fax it"
her "ok, sounds good, btw, here is a copy of what they sent me, they faxed it over 4 times and I don't need that many copies:"
So I call WLS and they say no you did all those tests and we faxed them over to your doctor, but we will do it again right now but we did not do a urinalysis because we don't need that but if your doctor wants one do it now.
I tell the nurse that before I leave and drop off a pee pee sample.
I get back to office and I am checking the paperwork and all the labs are there...my doctor missed it.  Seriously, why does this have to require so much babysitting on my part to get done.
I bet my doctor doesn't have the letter done on Monday but you can bet your booty I will be calling.
She did change my prescriptions to a liquid formulas for me, so that will be nice not having to take the pills for a bit.
I ate terrible yesterday.  I think I was just frustrated and finally didn't give a damn.  I went out to eat for lunch and dinner.  Ate tangerine beef/rice for lunch and filet o fish at mcdonalds with frys for dinner.  I know JUST PLAIN TERRIBLE.  I also did no exercise yesterday and had a COKE!  I guess when I fail...I go big!
I am so damn excited for next week I can feel the excitement building, then I feel foolish for putting so much on this band as a life changer...sometimes I feel that I am waiting for this band to deliver a miracle and I half believe it will happen and a part of wonders if I am going to be one of those that can't keep the weight off like I have done so many other times on so many other diets.


Jen said...

I'm having the same issue with blogs.. I can get to the blog and then it freezes up and I can't scroll down or comment.. annoying!!
Sorry it's such a pain to have to babysit everyone, but it will all be worth it! and don't ever feel foolish, this band WILL be a Life Changer!!! It's not easy but it's totally worth it!!! Have a good weekend!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Try clicking on the person's blog instead of just the post link. Also it's a comment known issue. People need to change their comments in settings from embedded to full page. I hope your weekend goes well!

Jazzing up Jackie said...

That's the same way my PCP's office was treating me and it sucks because you really do have to babysit them. I don't understand why people can't do thei jobs. Hope you're not kept waiting!