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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On track...sort of ?

So I don't really have much today.  I have succesfully gotten my vitamin in everyday since Saturday...this is big for me.  I did as mdlapband suggested and put them EVERYWHERE so that when I did remember there was one close at hand...this really did help.  I have been walking now during lunch for 2 straight weeks.  I don't see the scale moving which is frustrating but at least its not moving UP!
I am really enjoying blog land right now.  Some exciting journeys and hilarious ladies out there.
My hottie hubby finally moved the eliptical into the living room for me to start using...plan on starting tonight. I am borrowing from mandapanda her daily checkin
Vitamin check
Exercise check
Calories on track check
Water not check....I am bad here I was short yesterday
Caffeine not check I had coffee in the am TWICE. 36 oz and it was not decaf...ugghhh

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MandaPanda said...

3/5 - not too shabby and I think the caffeine one will ebb and flow depending on the day. I would do the same thing with the water that you do with the vitamins. Keep a cup/bottle EVERYWHERE and sip all day. Keep it up!