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Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 Things Thursday

Oh, its 10 things thursday...I can't wait!
1.) I joined a couple more blogs of people in arizona...wants some peeps close to home!
2.) I get the depo shot so I am never really sure when my TOM is .... I wonder if the band will help pinpoint that for me? hmmmm
3.) I went for a walk yesterday and had my headphones on....3 random people stopped and talked to me...really...I thought I had my unapproachable face on...need to work on that.  They didn't even have anything worthwhile to say or ask?
4.) I still need a battery for my scale...having weighing withdrawls..partly because I feel I have been doing well on diet and exercise and may have lost weight(note: need to lose 2lbs by January 25th--last supervised weigh in)
5.) I have kindergarten orientation tonight and I am so excited and sad...can't believe my peanut is going into kindergarten this year!
6.) I get so excited that I now have double digit followers---shoot me now someone is listening.
7.) I have become a blog addict...I swear I look/read blogs everynight and don't watch tv anymore.
8.) I need to get back to reading more books...in fact, I want to read the Hunger Games before the movie comes out in March...hmmm will I be able to do it.
9.) I hate having to follow up with people to get something done.  Why must I be a nag in order to get things done.  I am still following up with my PCP to get my last 5 years of medical records sent to my WLS surgeon.  They finally sent them...but only 2009...really now its back to nagging again.
10.) I am not doing well at eliminated caffeine...I can't seem to buy decaf coffee..WHY CAN'T I BREAK THIS ADDICTION!

Happy Thursday people!


MandaPanda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I've yet to meet another blogger in person but maybe if there's enough of us, we can do a AZ Bandster brunch or something. Just out of curiosity, why giving up caffeine?

Jen said...

Caffeine is the hardest to give up I think.. I have tried and failed on more than one occasion!! I need to read more books as well! I like Manda's suggestion above.. I'd be happy to organize a bandster brunch some day!!

jennxaz said...

ahhh my two favorite az bloggers(jen and MandaPanda!). @MandaPanda, I was told by my nutrionist that I had to stop caffeine 2 weeks prior to surgery and for 6 months after surgery(I guess caffeine can irritate your stomache and esophogus which can lead to erosion during your healing time?) @Jen, yes a bandster brunch sounds good and maybe we could all do the PF changs 1/2 marathon next year.......

Andrea said...

Girl, get you a new battery! :) I really want to read the hunger games too! I accidentally got off caffeine when I had surgery. I was on pain meds and wasn't able to get much down and then 3 days after my surgery I realized that I hadn't had any caffeine. So I just decided I had probably already gone through the withdrawals and I might as well not start having it now. And I haven't had any caffeine since May and I feel great.