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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Love you Laura Belle...without this I may not post...bahahahah

1.  I won the speck challenge...I shit you not...that was cra cra.  I didn't think I would because I didn't feel I did as well this month.  Not that I didn't try..I have been running and watching my food pretty good.  I am going clothes shopping with my winnings.!

2.  Its still 80 here..WTF

3.  For the first time ever, I am tight during TOM.  I seriously could not eat much food yesterday..ok lets be real..I could only drink liquids..it was soup and shakes for me.  Today I don't seem as tight but I do notice an above normal tightness..I am going to play it by ear  but probably stay with liquids and mushies.

4.  I made chocoloate chip banana bread yesterday..hubby and Johnny were dying for it and I had 4 REALLY ripe bananas...it was awesome..I was tight so I didn't eat any but one nibble.   And it was so good they finished it off yesterday as well..lol!

5.  Work is very busy right now.  I am really hopping all day...in fact I am slamming to get this out.  We have had some server issues that we(I) have had to trouble shoot and they are hard to determine if it is our server issue or our clients.

6.  I have a teeth cleaning appt today...why do I always dread the dentist..I don't think I ever LOOK FORWARD to going..and I know its just a cleaning but I always feel something is going to need to be fixed or replaced..I mean lets be honest I am in my 40's and the shelf life on fillings is not for this long

7.  I hate to say it but I am glad Johnny is back in school.  It was rough having him home all week.  Being an only child..he gets bored and tired of playing with mom and dad...and lets face it mom and dad get tired or entertaining him!  He is at a point right now that he is testing us and we seem to go in phases with this and I hate discipling ..I don't want to be mean or strict..but I know I have too during this time ...ughh

8.  My nails are growing really fast...must not be doing much manual labor--lol..its nice though having long nails for a change!

9.  With TOM comes zits...why oh why must they be behind my ears...I hate it when I get a zit on or around my ears....as I get older they come back in bad places

10.  Off to put in a load of laundry... because I am working from home today I like to get all the laundry done so that I am not bogged down on the weekend.

tootles folks!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lack of Christmas Spirit this year....

Speck Challenge ------Last weigh in!

Last week 199
This week 197
total loss 2 lbs

Yay!!! Oh I love my fill and running on turkey day.  Its the only thing I can attribute a loss during thanksgiving week.  Wow! I didn't lose a ton during this challenge but at least I am still losing.  I wonder if I didn't do the challenge if I would have lost as much weight...I love a challenge and I will admit the challenge crossed my mind a few times when I was in the kitchen searching for a snack!

My hubby has spent the last couple of days putting up our christmas lights which has been awesome seeing how I have not lifted a finger....the shame.  I can't believe we are nearing December on Saturday...really guys its still in the 80's here..my air conditioner still runs in November...I swear this is the first year EVER that this has happened..global warming anyone...I think the heat really makes it hard for me to get in the mood.  I really can't even wear sweaters yet...there is a brief time in the morning when its in the 50's that I have a light sweater on but quickly have to shed that.

I heard on the news that people spent on average $463 over black friday and cyber monday..holy crap people I feel like a poor person...I spent $20(on a couple toys for Johnny) I am falling behind on the curve.  I need to snap out of my funk and get in the xmas spirit.  I know it is going to be over before I know it and I don't want any regrets.  We are not doing an office xmas party this year..first year ever and our boss hasn't even mentioned it.  I have a couple cookie exchange parties lined up but usually I am booked with parties during the xmas season and it seems to not be the case this year so far.  I was thinking of having a white elephant party and do ornaments but I need to get my act together to get it organized and invitations sent out!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TOM sucks!

Girl talk...maybe TMI for some...read at your own risk...discussing TOM

So I get the depo shot which pretty much makes my periods non-existent..sometimes I may get spotty but I still seem to go thru the hormonal stuff every month and I get super hungry and usually retain water and go thru the symptoms.  Its usually near the end of the month.  Well I forget about it....sometimes.

Yesterday I come home and literally am hunched over because of severe cramping...I am running thru my mind..did I drink enough water, did I get my protein in.  But the answer was yes to that so I wasn't sure what was up. It seemed to feel better sitting down so I thought I might of wrenched my back..then it dawned on me....its TOM...damn her all to hell....It proceeded to get worse and I finally succumbed to aleve...I try not to take any because I think I have heard its hard on your band(may not be factual, so don't quote me) and I started to feel a little better...by bedtime..it was back again so I took a tylenol PM and went to bed...today...still hurts but not as bad....sometimes I just hate being a woman.

Monday, November 26, 2012


So I have been meaning to post about this but it seems weird and its been a little weird for me to accept.

I was at church last week and hubby does greeting at church and works on the technical aspect of the computers and lighting so I usually sit alone.  I could go sit with others but I am not that big into it..I kind of like the alone time, once awhile a few of my friends sit with me but I sit in the same back corner every week. Anyway hubby noticed a blonde in the corner and was wondering who was in my spot, he told me a couple times he thought about it and wondered where I was, if I was late or not coming and then it hit him that that girl was me and he was floored at how much I had changed and he hadn't noticed.  Weird right?

So then I was at the store Wednesday grabbing a few last minute thanksgiving stuff..because I swear I forget stuff every year and I ran into the pest guy, he didn't see me so I went up to him and said hi and he gave me a blank stare and I said it was me and then he apologized and said he totally didn't recognize me and that I look great and how was I doing and blah blah blah.... the weird thing for me is that a few people have said they can tell I look great and have lost weight but the majority of the people I know are just being quiet about it so I don't think that much about it.  But when you have a couple of those unrecognizable moments it kind of rings home and don't get me wrong..it felt awesome.

I caught my image in the glass a few times passing stores and it doesn't look like me, the girl looking back seems like someone else?  But its me...when I see myself in the mirror, it does look like me (maybe with the air let out) but I don't notice that big of a change but yet I do>?  weird and indecisive I know.  Our pastor talked again yesterday about being grateful in the moment, not waiting until you reach something better but truly taking stock of what you are grateful that exact moment.  I have been truly trying everyday to come up with things I am grateful for and I find it gets easier and easier.  One thing I have never posted.  I am grateful for my weight loss.  I keep waiting to get to goal to do that but you know I am VERY grateful that I didn't gain weight over turkey day that I am comfortable in my normal size clothes.  That I see myself in pictures now and I don't cringe or try to cover up.  I am grateful for the extra energy.  I am grateful for my body wanting to work out.  I am grateful my body craves better food.  I am grateful for the person I have become.   What a grateful month to be at such a different place than last year.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Trot...done!

Well let me start off with -- Boy I am glad I ran yesterday...it felt good to get my exercise in...but it was hard.  I ran from 9 to 9:44, yep it took me 44 minutes to run the 5k turkey trot..sure wish I would have ran it quicker but WTH.  I then went home and cooked a turkey dinner..my back was killing me by the time we sat down to eat at 1:00pm but I must say and so did everyone else..it was the best meal eveh!  I had a spoon of mashed potatoes, spoon of stuffing and spoon of green bean casserole a couple bites of turkey and a small slice of pumpking a small slice of apple pie --- oh boy that was great! and I did have a few leftovers for dinner but no pie later(I think I had enough of that earlier)
I did get up this morning and weigh myself and Yippee!!! still 199...I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing the scale numbers in the 100's

Watched some great football last night and looking forawrd to the ASU Uof A game today.  Its always a big rivalry here in Arizona...go ASU!!!!   We are all wearing our gear today!

Hope you all had a great day..I am working today so I better get back at it!

Here is a parting pic of me, Johnny and my friends daughter katelyn...btw..johnny ran the 1/4 mile kids dash, I was so proud of him, He kicked butt....literally ran his heart out..and then told me he doesn't EVER want to do that again..lol!  but later he loved all the attention he got for doing it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Total Pounds Lost

Speck Challenge Weigh In
Last week 200
This week 199
total loss 1 lb

I am thrilled...no more 2 in front of my weight...I hope...I pray...I will fight hard!
I will admit..I cried on the scale this morning...it felt weird..it felt like a lightness in my heart.
Its crazy that such a stupid thing as a scale and a number on it can make me so happy but it did.
I need to work on it not meaning so much to me.  I am starting to believe that I need to be happy with me, really regardless of my weight.  I need to be happy and healthy..that is going to take some work.

So update:
I went back and got an unfill yesterday morning..I didn't even leave the fill in for 24 hours because really, it hurt to drink.  I could only sip a few sips until the pain in the chest started.  I know that feeling..crap I have been overfilled now 3 times. So I knew what it felt like and I knew it would only get worse.  He took out .4 of my .5 fill..so I am now at 4.4  and that is really what I wanted to be at when I went in for the fill...just a top off to get me back where I was in October.  I feel great.  That restriction is where I like to be.  And for any newbies...the restriction level a person has and likes is different for everyone.  How tight I like to be may not work for someone else and vice-versa.

I loved all your comments on my nutritionists advice.  I should have mentioned, take it with a grain of salt because I did.  I liked hearing a different point of view but I also know what worked for me in October was less carbs and I am not about to bring them back in to the extent she wanted.  I will however take notice of my snacking and try to improve on it with more protein.  I was kind of getting away from lunch meat because I noticed the sodium count was so high for me.  I am going to try less lunch meat and more meat period but watch the sodium and try to get reduced sodium or different meat choices.  I will also try to watch my sugar spikes and see if I notice hunger pains shortly after something with sugar in them.  I think I will go look at some fiber gummies too.  So there were a few things I picked up from her I do want to try.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving...not sure if I will post again until Monday..I get a little lazy getting on the computer when I am at home.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I got my Fill and nutrition advice

Well I am filled.  He put in .5cc which brings me to 4.8cc I protested saying it was too much but he told me he is the doctor and to stay on liquids 2 full days and then bring back mushies.  He told me I was eating way too much food and that I should only be able to eat 1/2 - 1 cup a food at a time..no snacking and it should keep me full for 3-4 hours.  I was eating 1-2 cups of food and it was keeping me full 2-3 hours.  Oh well, I will do as I am told and hope for the best.
I was able to drink a coffee last night and 1/2c of soup.

Today..sticking with coffee this morning and will try protein shake around 9 when I loosen up(if I loosen up) I am paranoid, and trying not to psych myself up..guess I am not doing a good job.  I saw a new nutrionist and she went over my diet and didn't like that I had a snack 3 times a day(granted they were cheese sticks or banana or edamame but I get where she is coming from).  She told me to change my breakfast to steel cut oatmeal once I can that it is more complex carb and should keep me full until lunch.  That was news to me because I was really trying to cut way back on carbs.  I told her lunch was usually a protein or lean cuisine pocket...she told me to switch it to multi grain toast and turkey...and that should keep me full till dinner..she liked the salad and agreed the fiber was good for me and suggested even taking a fiber pill...I hate pills.  Its all I can do just taking my multi gummie everyday.  She also told me to pick one day for a treat day..she didn't like that treat day was happening more than once a week...even though I was under calories to make up for it..she didn't like the sugar spike.  She also cautioned the banana saying that 1 banana was my full serving of fruit for the day..yikes I did not know that and would sometimes also have pineapple or strawberries or berries with it.  I guess its good to get prospective with a nutrionist and I do like that I was able to show her my food log and she pointed out my sugar spikes were what was making me hungry.  I thought I was doing well cutting back on carbs and sugar but I guess I was not doing as well as I thought.
Sometimes its exhausting monitoring your diet so much...but I do believe diet is 80% of it.

Its quiet at work this week..which is nice.  The weather here is sure playing tricks on me.  Its cold in the am usually low 50's and then it heats up to 80..In fact I turned the air on yesterday to cool the house down..I was sweaty betty.  Heat...air...heat...air...I am hoping not to end up with a cold!  Man I feel like a complainer today so I am signing off...see you guys

Monday, November 19, 2012

Running on Turkey day

So a friend called and asked me to do the anthem turkey trot on Thanksgiving...I hesitated because 1. I didn't want to spend the money.  2.  I wanted to be busy doing turkey and nothing else
I signed up.  It is only 2 blocks from my house...so really...that leaves me no excuse.  I can always cook after the race and have a late turkey day.  I need to reach onderland...this is killing me and I need to do it.

Today is fill day.  I can use a small fill..still eating too much.  I am nervous of getting over filled and especially close to the holidays.  But I have stalled.  I am eating close to 1500 calories..good stuff most of the  time and I worked hard at getting my exercise in this weekend.  I even did laps around the yard just to break 10000 steps before I went in to watch tv.  hubby laughed at me but was impressed.

This week Johnny is off from school, I am hoping he takes it easy on my hubby who is at home with him.  I hate coming home to a stressed out spouse and a rambunctious kid.  It makes for a stressful evening if you know what I mean.  I did stock up on some soups..trying some of the campbells soups that some of my other banders have been raving about.  Seeing how tonight and tomorrow I will be on liquids.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Made a fill appointment

Sorry, so late,  So I bit the bullet and made the appointment for another fill...just a little one.  I am not sure what happened but I am just not staying full as long and can eat more than usual.  I have an appointment Monday at 1:00 and I can't wait!
Today was Johnnys school thanksgiving feast party---yes all the trimmings.  I skipped the cookie but I did have a the turkey and mashed potatoes and corn(can you say starch) oh and I skipped the stuffing.  Tonight its my hubby and moms birthday...I am going to costco in about an hour to pick something up for dinner...thinking about steaks and salad..no carbs..due to my high lunch carbs!
Weekend looks to be fun, I pick up my bountiful basket tomorrow and my mom is taking johnny to zoo lights tomorrow night...so date night.  I kind of want to go to the outlets because Philip Philips is going to be there and I really like the song out right now.  Sunday no plans just going to church..love that..means I get to watch some football.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ten things Thursday this November 15th...

yeah!!! Its Thursday..thanks Laura Belle for random time!!

1.  I seriously am an eating machine....had 1300 calories yesterday
2.  Its my moms, cousin and hubbies birthday tomorrow....creepy I know..but if you chase it back..they are probably the result of an awesome valentines day party
3.  Its my little boys Thanksgiving feast party at school tomorrow..can't wait...I get to eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes...omg shut my face.
4.  I almost backed out of the school movie night.  Principal still has not distributed the flyers I made for the kids to take home, the secretary has not purchased a license to show the movie, a teacher asked if I was going to put the ingredients list on all popcorn bags due to allergies(WTF people its popcorn, oil and salt--fine guess the oil is coconut or vegetable--the bag does not distinguish)
5.  I seriously love duck dynasty show...there was a marathon on yesterday and I was rolling..total memories of growing up in montucky...I am sad to say.
6.  Only 1 guy got layed off from our group this week...he really did not do much anyway but I was still sad for him..hate to see that happen to anyone..especially over the holidays.
7.  Hubby broke a tooth last weekend and has not seen the dentist in probably 5years..the result...10 cavities
8.  Open enrollment at work and my benefits suck...sure glad my hubbies rock...why has benefits declined so much over the years..don't answer...I know the answer.
9.  I hope we don't go into a deeper recession in the next couple of months but the writing seems to be on the wall...and as usual..us middle class are going to get f*cked
10.  I cleaned my rings and earrings the other night...boy were they dirty and I just love my little sonic cleaner..they now all sparkle like brand new..forgot about that little gadget of mine and how much I love how it cleans them..I don't have to scrub at all just dump it in the pan with a touch of soup/water and turn it on...2 min later...perfectly clean..no chemicals involved...how does it do that?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Speck Weigh In Challenge--NO LOSS

Last week 200
This week 200
total loss 0

I am bummed I want onderland.

Not much else to say.  I am eating over 1000 calories and I just don't lose when I eat that many calories..my magic zone is 800-900.
I am thinking about adding a slight fill in.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lay Offs suck

So we are having a big meeting today and we have had them in the past..they suck..whoever is not invited to the meeting is usually the ones let go.  Well four are missing from the meeting.  And our big wig sent a notice to the whole community about 2500 layoffs coming so I doubt this is a coincidence.  I have been with this company 12+ years and a lot of them are like family and you hate to see them go especially this time of year..really the holidays?  sad...sad..day.  I am glad that I don't seem to be one of them.

I knew it was coming.  We had meetings prior saying it was likely to happen if 4th quarter did not pickup.  But I just don't enjoy seeing it coming or wonder when its coming or wonder if it will happen to me.

This weekend was hard.  I ate entirely to much.  I am upping my exercise this week in order to counter balance it.  I am dying to see onderland but my weight is not budging.  UGHHHHH

We decided to get xmas tree tags this year so that we can go up north and cut down our tree.  I can't wait..used to do it all the time in Montana..in fact I have humorous memories of my father dragging the tree behind the car and having a side missing on the tree...and him drilling the branches back in.  And it falling out of the car and losing the top of the tree...we still kept it...every year..it seems like we always have a charlie brown tree..but I didn't mind..think my mom was always more upset than anyone.
I can't wait for the evergreen smell...although it means we won't get to put up our tree until a few weeks before xmas because they dry out quick down here.  Oh well...I can't wait.

I am glad I am back at work today and hope to get my eating back under control.  Heres to keeping the calories low......

Monday, November 12, 2012

Liebster questions and eating too much this weekend!

So Speck nominated me for Liebster and even though I already filled it out...I had to answer her questions...they were hilarious
1. How old were you when you had your first kiss? 
Kindergarten...I loved kissing tag and would always hunt down this little red haired boy--jimmy...saw him in high school...he still remembered me..we had a good laugh!
2. What are two of your good qualities? 
I am very loyal and a hard worker

3. What are two of your not so good qualities? 
I am quick to judge---I really try to work on that
I am anal--always early, like a clean house, kind of a perfectionist at work.
4. Who is the one person you know you can count on? 
My mom

5. Panties or thong? 
Panties...I never got into the thong..well my butt has always been tooo  big and they are just uncomfortable!

6. Can you parallel park? 
why yes...learned when I was 8..my grandparents owned a wrecking yard so I knew how to change the oil in my wrecking car by age 10.

7. If you could change one thing about your spouse/partner, what would it be? 
that he was not a recovering alcoholic

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 
that I was not so anal about things and almost obsess over them...see two of my not so good qualities

9. Favorite vacation spot? 
I loved Washington DC  I only spent 1 day there but I loved the museums and could have spent weeks there.

10. Do you hold grudges? 
sometimes but I am more of a blow up and be done with it kind of girl.

11. Ever gone pantyless?
Yes, but not by choice.  When I used to wear nylons there were a few times I got so many runs in them that they had to be removed.

So this weekend was quite trying...I was hungry all weekend.  I really didn't eat  bad things I just ate more than I usually do.  I am not quite sure why.  Did my fill loosen up?  I am going to watch it this week because I wonder if that is the case.  I did miss my multi vitamin all last week...maybe that did it? 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Randomness

I bought a couple pairs of shoes last night at nordstroms off the rack(outlet) I got a pair of oxfords...totally remember wearing them in the 80's and I finally broke down and got a pair of those like slipper shoes..in black.  I have been wearing my converse tennis shoes and my pink nikes now for about 6 months...it was about time I got some adult shoes...but I didn't want to spend a lot so I was happy to get both pair of leather shoes for $40 it was bogo 1/2 off

I have been dying to binge..not sure why but I want to just eat a bunch of food not good for me.  Cookies, chocolate, fried foods..yikes...need to go to store and get some better food choices before I go down the wrong path.

I have a graduation party tomorrow and getting my haircut and colored..nothing special just the usual.

I am glad they sentenced Loughner to life in prison..not sure if you watch the news but Gabby gifford was shot in the head by him and what I am most upset about was the other people he killed a little girl, a man jumped in front of a bullet to save his wife and he died for it.  Among other people.  They said that everyone in court was not mad at his parents(he was young) and the woman who lost her husband actually said she forgave him.  I am not sure I could.

So thats about it, very random today..almost didn't blog because I just didn't feel I had anything worthwhile to post.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Oh, I am so looking forward to a high 59 on Saturday and rain...I love change in temps and lack of sunshine every once in awhile..we are pretty much sunny every day here in Phoenix!

So its Random Thursday--thanks Laura Belle

1.  I have been posting everyday this month on facebook things I am grateful for...some of my friends are doing it as well....I love these posts.
2.  My eyebrows need plucking and shaping bad...how do they go wrong so fast?
3.  I made banana bread last night...oh lordy that stuff is good.
4.  I need a christmas tree this year...why oh why did I not get it at the end of the season last year...oh I know cause I was broke from my xmas shopping...
5.  I have no idea what to get hubby for xmas.
6.  We got invited to my inlaws for thanksgiving...again for the 8th year in a row since being married they refuse to change the time...its 2...middle of the day.  We had asked them to make it earlier or later so that we can spend time with my family...they never do.  I refuse to go this year.  I am cooking dinner at the house.
7.  I have been jonesing for a pumpkin spice latte..but have held off..I may break down this weekend...I mean really the xmas cups are out...
8.  I got an army green nail polish...its ugly...will never wear it again.
9.  My husband made me a music cd...its so sweet..it reminds me of high school and getting a cassette from a boyfriend then.
10.  I am looking forward to seeing skyfall--the new 007.  I LOVE 007 movies

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In --- SPeck Challenge

last week 203.5
this week 200.0
total loss 3.5 lbs

Holy smokes....I LOVE it!!!  I will admit I was being greedy and so wanted to see wonderland...but it didn't happen yet...I say yet, because I know it is coming!  I am just so darn giddy that I can't believe I will have a one leading my weight soon....that is wild to me.  I keep reflecting as to why this has been so consistent and all I can think of is that I reached my green zone.  Things just don't seem as difficult, its not as hard to make good choices.  I fill up quickly.  I can still eat almost anything including rice, bread...I will admit that I have included a salad in as a meal everyday for the last month.  Seriously, is it the fiber or my reduction in carbs..not sure but I am going to continue that salad daily until it stops working or I get sick of them.  By getting the Bountiful Basket weekly I get lots of yummy things to put in my salad so I REALLY enjoy them.  I do have days when salads are harder to get down...I have to slow way down to eat them..and then there are days when they go down no problem.  On tight days I find that if I just take things slow and chew a bunch I have no problem eating pretty much anything.  I like that a lot.  I didn't want to not be able to eat things.  I still stick to my morning shake at 5:30 and then a snack around 9:00 which lately has been an edamame pouch or almonds(just a single serving..have to count them out and prepackage them or I will eat more.) and then a  good lunch of chicken salad and a few RF triscuits for lunch.   A Snack about 3:00pm when I get home which is usually a popcicle and dinner of a salad...sometimes some string cheese at 3:00 and at 6:00.   I really must not have oreos or chocolate in my house..they are my downfall..I will eat them if I see them.  I also try not to have any ice cream I like because I will eat that too.  Cereal and popcorn are also big no no's for me as I don't stop at a serving.  I think now that I have figured out my triggers, I try to set myself up for success.  It could all be hogwash and go right down to the fact that I am in my green zone and things are just easier...whateve...just glad it is finally working for me.

So things are warm here..around 88 degrees was the high yesterday and we are suppose to hit a cooling trend fri-at least mon of highs in the 60's so that is a big jump in temp and with losing this weight...I am cold  alot already so I bet I will be freezing here soon.  I am not sure if the rest of you get that coldness but I seem to have a chill around me a lot and what I have read it is from losing weight.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Liebster Award...thanks Chelle!

Oh, I am giddy....I love feeling special and Chelle did that for me today!  Plus I get to choose 5 to nominate---LOVE THAT

As mentioned elsewhere, "The Liebster Award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning dearest. The award is given to up-and-coming bloggers who deserve recognition and support to keep on blogging."  (Thanks, Google!)
The rules:
1. Think of 11 facts you'd like to share about yourself.
2. Answer the questions I asked.
3. Think of 11 questions you'd like to ask (come on, have fun, it's a way to be nosy without being rude)
4. Nominate 5 bloggers (apparently they should have less than 200 followers).
So here we go!

11 Facts about myself:
1.  I graduated from college at 20(went year round) and my first project meeting was at a bar..I had to decline because I was not old enough to go.
2.  I always like to have socks on ...fresh ones I prefer..I do not like to wear flip flops or go without something covering my feet
3.  I had a guy lick my toes once..it grossed me out and turned me on at the same time.
4.  I did a pub crawl in London when I worked for the airlines..it was a 24 hour flight and I never really saw anything in London just some bars..I was so trashed I don't remember that much...I was in my 20's...second job after college
5.  I have a tendency to take over things and control things...I am a little OCD 
6.  I hate getting my face wet...I used to own a jet ski and went to the lake almost everyday but I hated getting my face under water..felt almost claustrophobic.
7.  I was the president of French Club in high school and spent a summer in France my junior year...loved it!
8.  I have gotten every job I ever applied for.
9.  I have been working since I was 14 1/2..first job was at D.A.I.R.Y Q.U.E.E.N
10.  I have changed my hair color numerous times, blonde, black,brown, red...still prefer blonde.

Questions asked by the person who nominated me, Chelle from

1.   Where would you live if money was no object?
Portland..and I am guessing here because I love the green and the water..I would love to have a place on the lake.

2.   Tell me your best "I'm a klutz!" story.
I worked at this quite large firm when I was 25yrs old and I had these pants that zipped up in the back.  I went to the potty one morning and forgot to zip up my pants...I had leopard print underwear on ..... no one told me all day long....I found out when I got home.  I was given grief the rest of the time I worked there..

3.   Would you rather fight one horsed size duck, or one hundred duck sized horses?  (Thanks, Reddit!)
One horsed size duck....I would get anxiety from the 100 duck sized horses.

4.   What is the most embarrassing song you know all the words to?
You shook me all night long by ac/dc....my girlfriend and I memorized the words in high school...by recording the song from the radio on a cassette and pausing and rewinding a gazillion times!

5.   Who/what band was your first concert?
My mom did not let me go to concerts...she thought they were the devil...First concert was when I was 18 in college...Bon Jovi/Skid Row.....I slapped Bon Jovi's butt as he ran by on the prop during the concert...thought it was the coolest thing...we camped out all day so that we could sit up close because it was general admission...had a blast!

6.   Hot or cold?
Hot...I live in the desert..duh.

7.   What is your favorite movie or play?
I really don't watch a movie more than once but I will say---Sound of Music

8.   If you could choose to hear the thoughts of one person in your life, who would it be?
my sons...I wonder what he thinks about.

9.   Three things you'd want on a desert island.
Fresh water, my iphone electricity, oreos...bad I know

10. What does your ideal birthday look like?
A day by myself at the spa

11.  Why do you keep blogging?
I love the connection I have found here in blogland 

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Glass Blowing Pictures!

I had a blast at my glass blowing class..we made pumpkins...see below...I chose to make the bright orange one below.

Here is a pic of me blowing into a mold..I know it kind of looks like a star but we were making pumpkins and after we blew into the mold then we spun it into a circle

Here I am shaping it into a pumpkin
I pick them up today from the studio..so excited

Also finished up some PTA stuff.. I am in charge of Movie Night on December 7th at my school.  So I had to make flyers for the night and a flyer asking for some volunteers.
Hoping I get a few more volunteers.

I will say I have been pretty good this weekend with food and walking and I have dropped a good amount of weight..I am pretty excited for Wednesday..I think I may hit onderland..crossing my fingers.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Zen---clean house--clean closet!

I just love how better I feel after my house is clean.  Yesterday hubby helped me do so, he mopped,swept and vacuumed---oh how I love him.  I dusted and cleaned bathrooms--I HATE cleaning the bathrooms after having 2 boys (hubby and johnny).  They are such messes..pee around the toilet(can't seem to make it) and toothpaste everywhere..really?  Johnny had it on his floor and then Hubby found some on the CARPET and had to dig it out.  Guess what...the washer got fixed...so I left the house with a load in this morning..can't wait to finish it up today!

I went to goodwill to pick up some 12's yes size 12 jeans..you know what there are a lot to choose from at this size.  When I went to get 14, 16,18 the pickings were slim to none...at size 12...there are lots of cute ones to choose from...I bought 4 pair and I got an abercrombie sweater that I can't wait to wear..but its wool so it won't be until its A LOT COLDER out.  I also got a couple long sleeve tshirts that I can't wait to wear as well.  I also cleaned out the 16 and 18 pants and plus size shirts.  Boy I have less clothes than my hubby now.  But it feels good.  It feels real good.

This weekend I am taking a glass blowing class...I did it earlier this year and made a flower and tomorrow I am doing a pumpkin..then going to lunch with my girl friends.  Sunday I am meeting up with a couple of my bander friends (family friends--not the usual AZ girls) and that I am really looking forward to.  One got a sleeve and I hear she is down 100lbs.  I last saw them in early July so it should be fun.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 pics

Boy was it fun last night.
Boy was it warm last night, I think we were still high 80's at trick or treat time

Here is hubby getting Johnny ready(Pete the cat is in his hand--he just loves those books)

and then out in front of the house prior to heading out

He loved talking in a wraspy voice and his feet hurt by the end of the evening..the golf cart was not taken out.  We started at 6 and ended at 7:30
The loot below

Hope you all had a great night