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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ten things Thursday this November 15th...

yeah!!! Its Thursday..thanks Laura Belle for random time!!

1.  I seriously am an eating machine....had 1300 calories yesterday
2.  Its my moms, cousin and hubbies birthday tomorrow....creepy I know..but if you chase it back..they are probably the result of an awesome valentines day party
3.  Its my little boys Thanksgiving feast party at school tomorrow..can't wait...I get to eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes...omg shut my face.
4.  I almost backed out of the school movie night.  Principal still has not distributed the flyers I made for the kids to take home, the secretary has not purchased a license to show the movie, a teacher asked if I was going to put the ingredients list on all popcorn bags due to allergies(WTF people its popcorn, oil and salt--fine guess the oil is coconut or vegetable--the bag does not distinguish)
5.  I seriously love duck dynasty show...there was a marathon on yesterday and I was rolling..total memories of growing up in montucky...I am sad to say.
6.  Only 1 guy got layed off from our group this week...he really did not do much anyway but I was still sad for him..hate to see that happen to anyone..especially over the holidays.
7.  Hubby broke a tooth last weekend and has not seen the dentist in probably 5years..the result...10 cavities
8.  Open enrollment at work and my benefits suck...sure glad my hubbies rock...why has benefits declined so much over the years..don't answer...I know the answer.
9.  I hope we don't go into a deeper recession in the next couple of months but the writing seems to be on the wall...and as usual..us middle class are going to get f*cked
10.  I cleaned my rings and earrings the other night...boy were they dirty and I just love my little sonic cleaner..they now all sparkle like brand new..forgot about that little gadget of mine and how much I love how it cleans them..I don't have to scrub at all just dump it in the pan with a touch of soup/water and turn it on...2 min later...perfectly clean..no chemicals involved...how does it do that?


Anna said...

I lol-ed at "shut my face"! I wish I could do that too sometimes! And, eek! 10 cavities! No fun. Oh, and I lurve sparkly clean wedding rings too! I just have a little bottle of jewelry cleaner that came with it's own toothbrush, but when I remember to clean them I feel extra sparkly for a couple days. :-)

Terrie said...

Wow, 10 cavities? Makes me want to go to the dentist even though I was just there a month ago.

Connie O said...

1,300 calories doesn't sound so bad for an eating-machine day.

YIKES, 10 cavities? Like so many people, I hate going to the dentist, That's the reason I do go regularly, so I can stay on top of things and avoid as much major work as possible.

MandaPanda said...

What is this jewelry cleaner you have? I hope the economy doesn't sink too much lower...it's got to get better sometime right?

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I love my jewelry cleaner!

Sucks about the cavities...I've never had one but I'm a huge wimp about the dentist and dread each visit!

Leigh C. said...

Funny, I just took a client to the dentist and he too had 10 cavities. Are you married to a twenty something black male?