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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TOM sucks!

Girl talk...maybe TMI for some...read at your own risk...discussing TOM

So I get the depo shot which pretty much makes my periods non-existent..sometimes I may get spotty but I still seem to go thru the hormonal stuff every month and I get super hungry and usually retain water and go thru the symptoms.  Its usually near the end of the month.  Well I forget about it....sometimes.

Yesterday I come home and literally am hunched over because of severe cramping...I am running thru my mind..did I drink enough water, did I get my protein in.  But the answer was yes to that so I wasn't sure what was up. It seemed to feel better sitting down so I thought I might of wrenched my back..then it dawned on me....its TOM...damn her all to hell....It proceeded to get worse and I finally succumbed to aleve...I try not to take any because I think I have heard its hard on your band(may not be factual, so don't quote me) and I started to feel a little better...by bedtime..it was back again so I took a tylenol PM and went to bed...today...still hurts but not as bad....sometimes I just hate being a woman.


Jen said...

Oh, that sucks!!!!

You know, going through the "Pause" has it's benefits.. I hadn't had my TOM for months and then all of a sudden, BAM, it came on a few weeks ago and I was like "WTF?" had forgotten all about the pain and the nuisance!!!

Hope you feel better today! I take Aleve, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, all of it and have no issues with my band but I do remember a LONG time ago reading that you shouldn't take any NSAIDs and I think Aleve is, right?? could be wrong but again, I don't really follow the rules that well!!! (which maybe why I'm not a big loser!!:))

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Funny, I'm going through that right now and remembering that when I wonder WHY AM I SO HUNGRY? Hormones are such a pain in the ass!

adorkbl said...

Awwww... Sorry TOM is being a bitch.

MandaPanda said...

Me too! My TOM has paid a visit (still get it even after the ablation...rat bastards) and it sucks big fat donkey balls.