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Friday, November 2, 2012

Zen---clean house--clean closet!

I just love how better I feel after my house is clean.  Yesterday hubby helped me do so, he mopped,swept and vacuumed---oh how I love him.  I dusted and cleaned bathrooms--I HATE cleaning the bathrooms after having 2 boys (hubby and johnny).  They are such messes..pee around the toilet(can't seem to make it) and toothpaste everywhere..really?  Johnny had it on his floor and then Hubby found some on the CARPET and had to dig it out.  Guess what...the washer got fixed...so I left the house with a load in this morning..can't wait to finish it up today!

I went to goodwill to pick up some 12's yes size 12 jeans..you know what there are a lot to choose from at this size.  When I went to get 14, 16,18 the pickings were slim to none...at size 12...there are lots of cute ones to choose from...I bought 4 pair and I got an abercrombie sweater that I can't wait to wear..but its wool so it won't be until its A LOT COLDER out.  I also got a couple long sleeve tshirts that I can't wait to wear as well.  I also cleaned out the 16 and 18 pants and plus size shirts.  Boy I have less clothes than my hubby now.  But it feels good.  It feels real good.

This weekend I am taking a glass blowing class...I did it earlier this year and made a flower and tomorrow I am doing a pumpkin..then going to lunch with my girl friends.  Sunday I am meeting up with a couple of my bander friends (family friends--not the usual AZ girls) and that I am really looking forward to.  One got a sleeve and I hear she is down 100lbs.  I last saw them in early July so it should be fun.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

That is seriously the best feeling - I love going to the thrift store and having so many options wide open!!!

Elizabeth said...

Love it!!! Have a great weekend! :)

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

size 12...awesome!

Momee3021 said...

Size 12 !!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!! and dont you worry with all the global warming it will cold enough for that sweater soon. Im so proud of you!

Butterfly said...

I have found that since I got into 18's that size is always GONE in the pants I want....but that they have the 26's lol Figures....never had them when I was that size :) So happy for you! Post pics of the glass blowing!