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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Oh, I am so looking forward to a high 59 on Saturday and rain...I love change in temps and lack of sunshine every once in awhile..we are pretty much sunny every day here in Phoenix!

So its Random Thursday--thanks Laura Belle

1.  I have been posting everyday this month on facebook things I am grateful for...some of my friends are doing it as well....I love these posts.
2.  My eyebrows need plucking and shaping bad...how do they go wrong so fast?
3.  I made banana bread last night...oh lordy that stuff is good.
4.  I need a christmas tree this year...why oh why did I not get it at the end of the season last year...oh I know cause I was broke from my xmas shopping...
5.  I have no idea what to get hubby for xmas.
6.  We got invited to my inlaws for thanksgiving...again for the 8th year in a row since being married they refuse to change the time...its 2...middle of the day.  We had asked them to make it earlier or later so that we can spend time with my family...they never do.  I refuse to go this year.  I am cooking dinner at the house.
7.  I have been jonesing for a pumpkin spice latte..but have held off..I may break down this weekend...I mean really the xmas cups are out...
8.  I got an army green nail polish...its ugly...will never wear it again.
9.  My husband made me a music cd...its so sweet..it reminds me of high school and getting a cassette from a boyfriend then.
10.  I am looking forward to seeing skyfall--the new 007.  I LOVE 007 movies


Elizabeth said...

I love love love 007!!!

Cheri said...

Good for you re: Thanksgiving! And how sweet about the CD! I had a college friend that used to make the best mix tapes for me!! I used them for YEARS when I was driving cross country. :-)

speck said...

We have so much in common! I will be seeing Bond....James Bond friday night when it comes out!

I too have held off on the pumpkin lattes. It's been a long time but oh how I love those things!

So you know you will piss the in-laws off right! lol JK

We always have a real tree for Christmas but for the past two years I have been thinking about buying one. My husband says no! boo

Love ya, miss you. And we really do have a lot in common.


Jen said...

I'm not so much a Bond fan but I know a lot of people who are!

Good for you to make other plans for thanksgiving, sounds less stressful for you!

Harmony said...

The music cd = awesome and romantic. I love it!

Z said...

i've nominated you for a Liebster Award. go here for details http://fabtofit.blogspot.com/2012/11/liebster-award.html

MandaPanda said...

Your hubby is too cute. I'm holding off on the eggnog and peppermint yummies out there. I keep telling myself that I cannot start celebrating christmas until after thanksgiving. *sigh* It's tough. :)