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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I got my Fill and nutrition advice

Well I am filled.  He put in .5cc which brings me to 4.8cc I protested saying it was too much but he told me he is the doctor and to stay on liquids 2 full days and then bring back mushies.  He told me I was eating way too much food and that I should only be able to eat 1/2 - 1 cup a food at a time..no snacking and it should keep me full for 3-4 hours.  I was eating 1-2 cups of food and it was keeping me full 2-3 hours.  Oh well, I will do as I am told and hope for the best.
I was able to drink a coffee last night and 1/2c of soup.

Today..sticking with coffee this morning and will try protein shake around 9 when I loosen up(if I loosen up) I am paranoid, and trying not to psych myself up..guess I am not doing a good job.  I saw a new nutrionist and she went over my diet and didn't like that I had a snack 3 times a day(granted they were cheese sticks or banana or edamame but I get where she is coming from).  She told me to change my breakfast to steel cut oatmeal once I can that it is more complex carb and should keep me full until lunch.  That was news to me because I was really trying to cut way back on carbs.  I told her lunch was usually a protein or lean cuisine pocket...she told me to switch it to multi grain toast and turkey...and that should keep me full till dinner..she liked the salad and agreed the fiber was good for me and suggested even taking a fiber pill...I hate pills.  Its all I can do just taking my multi gummie everyday.  She also told me to pick one day for a treat day..she didn't like that treat day was happening more than once a week...even though I was under calories to make up for it..she didn't like the sugar spike.  She also cautioned the banana saying that 1 banana was my full serving of fruit for the day..yikes I did not know that and would sometimes also have pineapple or strawberries or berries with it.  I guess its good to get prospective with a nutrionist and I do like that I was able to show her my food log and she pointed out my sugar spikes were what was making me hungry.  I thought I was doing well cutting back on carbs and sugar but I guess I was not doing as well as I thought.
Sometimes its exhausting monitoring your diet so much...but I do believe diet is 80% of it.

Its quiet at work this week..which is nice.  The weather here is sure playing tricks on me.  Its cold in the am usually low 50's and then it heats up to 80..In fact I turned the air on yesterday to cool the house down..I was sweaty betty.  Heat...air...heat...air...I am hoping not to end up with a cold!  Man I feel like a complainer today so I am signing off...see you guys


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

This is so interesting...I love hearing what other nutritionists have to say. I struggle with finding a breakfast that will keep me full. Lunch usually isn't as much of a problem.

Good luck!!! You are doing fantastic!

Terrie said...

Wow, those are some interesting tips.

I would love to hear how fast you will lose on the new diet.

vickyd said...

It's interesting how differnt nutritionists have different viewpoints. Mine doesn't have a problem with me eating snacks as long as they're protein-based. I seem to do better when I eat several small meals throughout the day (but that's just me).

MandaPanda said...

Hmmm...I disagree with your nutritionist whole heartedly. Way too many grains between the oatmeal and whole grain bread for lunch. You've been consistently losing when you had ideal restriction so I'm not sure I would go around messing with that. Personally...I'd rather get my carbs from fruit vs wheat...again...just my opinion. I hope this fill level is a good one for you. Try not to stress too much because stress makes us tighter. :)

Connie O said...

Hope the fill works out for you. I found a chewable fiber that I like, Fiber Choice fruit-flavored prebiotic tablets.

I'm surprised the nutritionist recommended bread because so many people seem to have trouble with it.

RockBand Barbie said...

For me, diet was 100% of it...I have never exercised (but don't suggest that). You have done soooo good! My nutritionist never had any problems with snacking...she cared about the overall picture of what I ate.

adorkbl said...

Thanks for posting the tips. I will have to try some. Hope this fill is a good one. don't over think it. Take it slow. :)