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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lack of Christmas Spirit this year....

Speck Challenge ------Last weigh in!

Last week 199
This week 197
total loss 2 lbs

Yay!!! Oh I love my fill and running on turkey day.  Its the only thing I can attribute a loss during thanksgiving week.  Wow! I didn't lose a ton during this challenge but at least I am still losing.  I wonder if I didn't do the challenge if I would have lost as much weight...I love a challenge and I will admit the challenge crossed my mind a few times when I was in the kitchen searching for a snack!

My hubby has spent the last couple of days putting up our christmas lights which has been awesome seeing how I have not lifted a finger....the shame.  I can't believe we are nearing December on Saturday...really guys its still in the 80's here..my air conditioner still runs in November...I swear this is the first year EVER that this has happened..global warming anyone...I think the heat really makes it hard for me to get in the mood.  I really can't even wear sweaters yet...there is a brief time in the morning when its in the 50's that I have a light sweater on but quickly have to shed that.

I heard on the news that people spent on average $463 over black friday and cyber monday..holy crap people I feel like a poor person...I spent $20(on a couple toys for Johnny) I am falling behind on the curve.  I need to snap out of my funk and get in the xmas spirit.  I know it is going to be over before I know it and I don't want any regrets.  We are not doing an office xmas party this year..first year ever and our boss hasn't even mentioned it.  I have a couple cookie exchange parties lined up but usually I am booked with parties during the xmas season and it seems to not be the case this year so far.  I was thinking of having a white elephant party and do ornaments but I need to get my act together to get it organized and invitations sent out!


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Way to go on that weight loss! You are firmly below 200 and falling! So proud of all your hard work. Just think, the weather is allowing you to exercise outside when most of us have had to move that party indoors.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

I saw that number too - HA. My mom and I combined didn't even spend that! LOL

Also, 197!!!!! That is so exciting!!!!!

Jen said...

I'm not feeling it either. I haven't even decorated yet b/c of this stupid heat.. I just can't do it!!!
My A/C has been running in our upstairs since last week, it totally blows!

good job on the weight loss!!!

Elizabeth said...

you are AWESOME!!!

We havent decorated yet.... the tree is up but still waiting for ornaments!

Anna said...

Yay, 197! You rock!

Brandy said...

I have an abundance of Christmas Spirit this year! I don't think I would if it was 80 degrees though! Awesome job on the weight loss over Thanksgiving!!!!!

Connie O said...

You are doing great at conquering Onederland!

I don't like to think about Christmas before it is at least December.

RockBand Barbie said...

I am a big ole Scrooge...I am never in the Christmas spirit. If it weren't for my husband we would probably only have a little Charle Brown tree that I pulled out of box :)

You are doing so awesome here in onederland!

Terrie said...

Wow you are a rock star losing over Thanksgiving!!

I haven't bought ANY Christmas gifts yet. I did, however, spend about $200 on myself black friday (hangs head in shame).

I would hate it being that warm for Christmas!! Kind of makes it hard to bust out the tacky sweaters.

speck said...

I first have to say...Jenn came in 1st place for the weight challenge. AND, did you know she won the Chicago Boobs Challenge? So basically, don't join any challenges with Jenn, she's going to win! Damn you Jenn!

As for Christmas, I'm in the spirit. I bought new decorations this year so I am excited.

Love ya Jenn.


MandaPanda said...

You are doing so awesome!

I'm finding it hard to get in the spirit as I can't decorate the house this year and it's still so hot. Hoping the mood strikes me soon. :)