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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lay Offs suck

So we are having a big meeting today and we have had them in the past..they suck..whoever is not invited to the meeting is usually the ones let go.  Well four are missing from the meeting.  And our big wig sent a notice to the whole community about 2500 layoffs coming so I doubt this is a coincidence.  I have been with this company 12+ years and a lot of them are like family and you hate to see them go especially this time of year..really the holidays?  sad...sad..day.  I am glad that I don't seem to be one of them.

I knew it was coming.  We had meetings prior saying it was likely to happen if 4th quarter did not pickup.  But I just don't enjoy seeing it coming or wonder when its coming or wonder if it will happen to me.

This weekend was hard.  I ate entirely to much.  I am upping my exercise this week in order to counter balance it.  I am dying to see onderland but my weight is not budging.  UGHHHHH

We decided to get xmas tree tags this year so that we can go up north and cut down our tree.  I can't wait..used to do it all the time in Montana..in fact I have humorous memories of my father dragging the tree behind the car and having a side missing on the tree...and him drilling the branches back in.  And it falling out of the car and losing the top of the tree...we still kept it...every year..it seems like we always have a charlie brown tree..but I didn't mind..think my mom was always more upset than anyone.
I can't wait for the evergreen smell...although it means we won't get to put up our tree until a few weeks before xmas because they dry out quick down here.  Oh well...I can't wait.

I am glad I am back at work today and hope to get my eating back under control.  Heres to keeping the calories low......


Jen said...

I'm sorry about the layoffs.. we are all waiting on pins and needles over here as well.. hopefully we'll find out something soon

I LOVE real Christmas trees! We've never had a fake. But, question, what are tags?? Never heard of that!

Connie O said...

That does suck; I always get such a guilt complex when other people are let go, like I should walk out in solidarity. Not that I ever do.

I can't believe you are already thinking about your Christmas tree. Is it really that time yet?

Michelle said...

My company just laid off some people too. Multiple offices across the States. They took some from each location. It sucked!

That was 2 weeks ago here. Boo :(

Cheri said...

Lay offs DO suck. I'm glad you are OK though.

MandaPanda said...

Truly a Griswold Family experience. LOL.

Lay off do suck. The running joke (but not funny) around here is the October is re-org month and November is lay off month. You can seriously set your watch to it around here.

Harmony said...

Lay offs are terrible. Glad you seem to be safe.