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Friday, September 7, 2012

Oatmeal Cookie Man

So I was at the gym last night and a nice man hopped up on the treadmill next too me(kinda cute too)...instantly I smelled Oatmeal cookies...throughout the rest of my exercise I swear I fantasized of cookies...not the man...just cookies...WTH is that.  Thats a fat girl and her addiction.  Dang.  First I complain of smelly gym rats then its curie gym rats...now I have oatmeal gym rats...REALLY I am not sure which is worse.

But I have to reflect, my hubby is what gave me the push to exercise.  He removed the guilt from leaving Johnny to go exercise.  Him and Johnny have fun while I am gone and I don't feel bad at all taking that 1 1/2 hrs to exercise me...daily....he has never complained.  Which is good, it would take him complaining once and that would be the excuse I need to stop this exercise.....Now if only I could get him to cook dinner also---I know cray cray talk!

So I have been on a kick with my favorite dinner.  I buy lunch meat...the good kind...boars head or something from Costco(why is everything better at costco?) and I wrap it around a string cheese stick...sometimes just plain but I also like the weight watchers smokey string cheese...and I GRILL it.  This week it was black forest ham.  I LOVE these..under 100 calories each...I think mine have been averaging 80 a piece and I can only eat 1 or 2.  Great protein..sodium can add up so if you can get the low sodium lunch meat even better......I like to let the cheese melt out of the roll up and brown a little...yum yum.  They keep me full for hours.
I still love my edamame but for some reason it gave me heartburn yesterday so I am not going to have it today.

I also tried Tom Yum soup this week...Boy was that hot and spicy yumminess..may have to get some more of that and it is not real bad for you..cause its broth based not cream.

They also had these teas there Boba tea...with these like pearls in it...looked kind of good..but it was milky so I am sure there must have been cream in it so I didn't get it cause the calories look like they could be high...I wonder what the pearls taste like?

No real plans this weekend except Bander Lunch on Sunday and trim on Saturday.  Can't wait for this weekend!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Boba is the best! They are made out of tapioca "pearls" and don't really taste like much of anything, they are just kind of gummy. :)

I remind myself when I'm running that I'm not taking time away from my kids - I'm teaching them that it's important to be fit and healthy and that it's good to make yourself a priority that way sometimes!!!

Momee3021 said...

I LOVE the tea - its called Bubble Tea here and I get black coconut milk tea and my kid gets the green tea w/ coconut. They use a mix with water so Im not sure of the fat content?? The black tapioca tastes like nothing - We have huge Asian markets in Toronto and I made the tapioca and told the kids they were bat eyeballs for a halloween party..LOL!!!

Ok - your gym cookie guy - maybe he likes bigger girls and lures them in with cookie smelling cologne?? Hey I smell like vanilla...LOL...Ok I want that soup it looks so gooooood!!!

Dont ever be gulty to be away from your baby - you are doing this so you can have more fun with him and live long and watch him grow up. 1.5 hours a day is worth the years you will get back... You are awesome and inspire me every day.. Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

always wondered what was in that tea..... Soup look amazing! I always think that I would like the gym to smell like something other than the gym but baked goods... hmmmm I think I will stick to the gym rat smell!!

Amy said...

I am drooling. The slightly burned cheese oozing out of the ham? OMG. I mean, OMG. You'll pay for this! :P

speck said...

Jenn I spend a fortune on Boar's Head! lol There's four of us eating it and everyone takes "hunks" out of the bag!

Good for you on the exercise. I'm just not there with it. But I think it will come shortly. Heck, I'm only 48 so it's not like I've waited to start or anything! lol

I'm going to try the roll-ups. And you gave me an idea about a "grill cheese sandwich" minus the bread. I used to lay the meat down flat on the pan and then top with a slice of cheese and then another piece of meat. "grill cheese sandwich".

Ok, I'm blabbing.


Ronnie said...

I love that your husband is so supportive of your gym rattiness. ;)

That dinner actually sounds awesome. Totally low-carb, too. Must give it a try.

Reggie said...

Mmmmm! I never tried grilling it before. Thanks :o)