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Monday, September 10, 2012

Change Font for Blog

So We had another Arizona Bander Lunch meet up and I was informed my font sucks!  I did not know === really!  So I changed it hope this is ok with everyone....please let me know if you don't like something about my blog..I don't want you guys to go away!
Below is Adorkbl(Lori), me, Jen(What you looking at Skinny), MandaPanda, Elizabeth

Man my nighttime eating has increased and I really need to curb my nighttime snacking....it wasn't the worst food choices but I could have done better.  I got 3  more weigh ins and I have a feeling this week is going to be Nada...but I am preparing myself so that I don't throw another tantrum!

I did not get any new clothes...just found other things to do...need to make this a priority

Found out my Tom came in this week.....lovely..hate that guy!

I made jalapeno poppers this weekend that were just heavenly!  I used whipped light cream cheese and center cut bacon.  I was able to eat 3 halves... still managed to keep my calories at 200 for that and I felt like  I  splurged.  It was a yummy treat..and good protein with no carbs!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

It was just a little hard to read, that's all! It's very clear now!

I'm glad you guys got to meet up, that's so exciting! And those poppers look delicious...I love when I can make something that really feels like an indulgence.

Jen said...

I don't think your font ever bugged me but this one works as well!!

glad to see you yesterday as usual!!

those jalepeno poppers look delish!!!

Cheri said...

Old font, new font, whatevah...remember though, it's YOUR blog...people come to read YOU. They won't stop reading your blog for something like that - remember you thought I bailed and it was just a big mistake nothing to do with you?? Do what you like!!!

I think the font you used to use, I used to use too, and one think I joked about/realized, was when you make a smiley face, one eyeball falls off!! That was why I changed from it, lol. :-) I like my smiley faces to keep two eyeballs! I don't know why it drops dots.

Smiley face eyeball maiming font....something for everyone.

Hey, more importantly - glad you got to meet up with other bloggers again! How fun! And I haven't had breakfast yet so I'm drooling over the poppers. Nom nom nom!!

MandaPanda said...

Fonts aren't enough to make me stop following anybody (of course YOU know that I have a whole slew of other easons to stop following people. LOL). What's in the cream cheese? I'm going to make these next weekend and it looks like a great hors d'voures or something if you're entertaining. :)

adorkbl said...

I would never stop follwing you because of a silly font... but this one IS much easier to read. ;) :)

Those poppers look delish!! did you save me some?

Beth Ann said...

Dude, this is SO much better! I fought through the font for you, but this is definitely easier. :-) You are too cute.

Elizabeth said...

Dork!! I would never stop following you :)

tz said...

It looks good...the content was always good! And it's great your friends felt safe in letting your know and you were able to listen with an open heart...but really, the important thing was the picture of the food-porn, yummo.

Ronnie said...

LOL, I wasn't gonna say anything buuuut... it was kinda hard to read. O:)

RockBand Barbie said...

I guess the old font never bothered me...I don't even remember what it was. I hope mine doesn't bother people. As long as someone's font is big enough for me to read I never really pay attention to it otherwise.

Maria said...

I will admit the old one was hard for me, but it wouldn't have kept me from reading! Awesome pic!

Reggie said...

I can't remember the old font.... but now I do want some jalapeno poppers. Last time I made these I told myself I didnt need gloves and my hands burned for HOURS from the jalapeno juices.