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Thursday, February 23, 2012

On to mushies...Yippee

I actually get to move on to mushies today!!!!

I thought it might be beneficial for people to see the portions of what I have been eating.

1/2 protein shake(made with 16oz skim milk 1 scoop protein)
1 cup of egg drop soup--just broth
1/2 protein shake
3 16 oz crystal lights throughout day

3/4 protein shake
1 cup hot and sour soup--just broth
3/4 protein shake
3 16 oz crystal lights throughout day

3/4 protein shake
1/2 c egg beaters(southwestern) 2 tblspn colby cheese

I have not been real hungry this week...which is good and bad.  I know I am not getting my protein in and I know I need more calories.  Prior to tuesday it was broth and sf popcicles ...I couldn't really get a protein shake down without it hurting so I stopped doing them.
I can feel my appetite picking up today but I am going to try to follow my nutrionists plan which is 1/2c of food 4 times a day and 2 shakes as supplements...I don't think the first few days this next week I will be able to get all that down but I am aiming for it and making sure I measure it out because I really don't have a firm grasp on 1/2cup.
I did try to go for an hour walk yesterday but only made it 45minutes and I was exhausted...tried to hitchhike home but nobody would pick me up...I was sweating buckets probably not attractive--jk.
Today I am sore from walking and lucky me....TOM arrived...I haven't had that in over 2 years but then my doctor made me miss my depo shot in January so I knew it would come.  So are the cramps from TOM or surgery...really?
I did go shopping yesterday, its so warm here that Johnny needed some new shorts and tops so I hit Childrens place and power shopped...I ended up sweaty but he needed some clothes.  Today is first day back at work (I should say virtually as I sit in my recliner) already a few stressful moments and I could feel the tension in my shoulders.
I have a new friend...my band talks to me ALL DAY LONG..its so noisy.  My hubby actually can hear it and at times ask me to repeat and I have to tell him its my tummy talking not me! LOL! 
I am down another couple of pounds.  I hit 253 today so I will update my ticker.
Thats all folks.


Jazzing up Jackie said...

You're doing great, ma'am!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

congratulations! You're doing great! My brother lost 250 lbs with the lapband and he's training for a Triathlon . It is so life changing. I am so happy for you! Looking forward to hearing about your journey!