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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Caffeine..who needs caffeine?

So I am on day 4 and let me tell you an interesting thing I learned today. 
I slowly weaned myself off of caffeine and I did not experience any headaches on thursday or friday.  Then I asked my hottie hubbie to get me a decaf skinny vanilla latte on saturday morning...I was jonesing for some good coffee.  It tasted sooooo good.  but then around 11:00 I got a splitting headache and it did not go away all day yesterday....turns out my hottie hubby forgot to say decaf.  So my body got just a bit of caffeine and cried for more all day.  I can't take aspirin so I had to just struggle with that headache all day.  I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN.  I was miserable...might as well pulled my toe nails out with a wrench.
I also had my second WLS support group meeting yesterday.  It was pretty good.  All extremes yesterday.  One girl had surgery almost 3 months ago and has lost 80 pounds...roughly a pound a day.  Another lady started crying because she had surgery in August 2011 and has lost 30 lbs.  Now our nutrionist was leading the meeting and he really had to tell the lady (august surgery) that 30 lbs is acceptable within the 1-2 lb a week loss and that is normal.  The other lady at 80lbs was above normal.....I want to be above normal....don't we all <sigh>
We also had a plastic surgeon speak...I have to show you this picture.  The first picture is a bodylift and I am amazed at the difference..so dramatic.  I also can't believe the ladies arms in the net pic...and all of these pics were right after surgery. The body lift ran around $16000 the arms $6000

I also found out that I have to give myself shots for 14 days after surgery...seriously!  I can't even watch when they take my blood...I am not sure how I am going to give myself these shots!

I think I am going to have to talk hubby into giving them to me...yuck!  Also, surgery is not until 12:30  OMG how am I suppose to not eat or drink anything until the afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!! I would put more exclamation points but I think you get my drift!
Well...I think I may go have a SF jello so talk at you later!


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

OMG - you poor thing. One minute at a time I suppose. Hang in there - it'll totally be worth it.

mdlapband said...

are the shots blood thinners? ugghhhh I had to do them too. They told me to do them in my stomach, but my husband did them in my butt cheek for me. That was the least painful, least dramatic way for me to deal! Stay strong, this is the hardest part! Your surgery date will be here before you know it!

MandaPanda said...

The differences in those pics are incredible. We all want to be "above normal" but if that were the case, there wouldn't be a "normal". I averaged 1.6 lbs a week my first year of weight loss. Right smack dab in the middle of normal. Aim high but don't be disappointed with "normal."

Lisa said...

Why do you have to give yourself shots??? What is that for? I am obviously playing catch up and am lost. Blood thinners? The gave those to me in the hospital twice in my belly. I wonder why you have to take them yourself?? :(

Don't worry about the 12:30 not eating. I thought the same thing. I arrived at 7am and didn't go into surgery until almost 11. Between nerves and everything going on, hunger was the LAST thing I had on my mind.

jennxaz said...

yep the shots are blood thinners and I am suppose to do them in my stomach

Andrea said...

I stopped drinking caffeine after the surgery and haven't had any since. I like not feeling like I have to have it or feel addicted.

That sucks about the shots! I seriously would not have been able to do that! Thankfully you have your hubby to help.